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  1. That's true, but I doubt that most martial artists now would buy into the philosophy that Aikido preaches. It seems to progress well in that art, by itself would require to buy into. Personally I enjoyed the techniques in Aikido, but the religious aspect got to me. I don't want to bow to any man before practicing, no matter how exceptional or gifted he may have been. Ultimately, that was part of what turned me off to Aikido. In general, I think I N J I N has a valid point. Many martial arts have their traditions, and then they have the practical application of the art. Sometimes those two things were conflated for political or cultural reasons, or to preserve knowledge of the art to a special few. But that doesn't relate to the material impact of the art: hurting others, or keeping yourself and others from harm. I don't think many people trained because they were SO into Eastern philosophy. Maybe some, but most guys I know like the improvement in strength, reflexes, endurance, fighting skill, and then to a somewhat lesser degree the philosophy. But then again there's always hardcore guys who become adepts of the art, and are very good in it, but that's a small percentage of the population.
  2. I think everyone is living with it. The problem is just that some of us are seeing complaining each nice, ad nauseum, seemingly following ANY sort of update. It's pointless to complain about every new aspect of a game you supposedly like. It's more like saying you're afraid the game will suck, and each day you get a little more evidence to substantiate your fears. Life is too short to spend worrying about something you have no control over. Enjoy the updates, or sleep or something. We could've been totally in the dark like with 99% of games out there. Some people are enjoying these updates, including myself. If you don't like it, you can do something else, you don't need to post complaints every night over each minuscule quanta of update you dislike.
  3. What's up with this? Last night's post was considerably better than almost the whole week, unless you like Dedede. It would probably be too much to ask everyone to stop whining. I like sarcasm and cynicism as much as the next guy, but these complaints are just amounting to "OH NO! NINTENDO DOESN"T DO ONLINE THE WAY I LIKE IT." We can't even play the game yet, except for a few people who saw the demo version @ E4ALL, which wasn't finished by Sakurai's admission. They're still working on the freaking game. Go judge it when it's released. Swapping out players w/ CPUs is a pretty good idea. Of course, we could have the game end abruptly... or the winner drop out and 3 N00bs win, but that's expected, right? I was surprised they came out with a new feature after so many crappy updates. You have to give them some credit for thinking out of the box. The developers ARE Japanese; it's not like they have some American expectation of gaming to live up to. Now I'm the guy whining... Seriously this thread is turning into "SMSH ONLINE IS XUCKSZZZZ!!!!! XD" We can discuss the merits of the game, but whining about one feature when, prior to it's announcement everyone was dying for the game is freaking stupid. Don't play online. There. Problem solved...
  4. Yep yep. They said something like 30-40 chars. They haven't even shown a roster equal to the Smash Bros. Melee... Perhaps Sakurai never intended everything to be shown on the site. If he keeps lollygagging like this, we may be able to discover things in the game ourselves!
  5. Ya know... Some people don't like to have secrets revealed. I noticed Sakurai said nothing about secret stages. The stage and character select screens look like the same as in E For All, so I suppose you could have stages unlocked that you haven't opened yet. I hope the instruction manual has something for people who aren't geeks. I'll be playing with live people mostly, but it would suck for things to be spoiled by somebody new to the game, or with a sucky internet connection. Otherwise I like this post... it's better than the rest of the crap for something like the last 3 weeks. Not much new, but at least it was interesting. Hmmm, at least there was some new information today. Let's hope next week is much better.
  6. Martial arts, are meant for defense or attack. Any war art could be considered 'martial', but since we don't speak Latin the connection isn't noticed. Even if you don't learn an 'aggresive' art, the point should be to defend yourself and stop or evade your attacker. It's too late to argue philosophy... but some may be useful, while some isn't really integral to the fighting style.
  7. A video would help... maybe this FS is nice, maybe it's lame, but I think Pit's at least will look more unique.
  8. The author is an atheist, snopes.com has him quoted saying that it's a sort of anti-Chronicles of Narnia. He also has an interview on www.beliefnet.com if you feel interested in seeing his POV.
  9. Maybe this would create a glitch for Samus. Zero Laser, Crystal Flash. Zero Laser, Crystal flash. (Grating crash noise).
  10. We need an AT that screams 'Slicer!' and flies across the screen, slicing everyone it touches. That would be sweet. And also an AT that comes down and breaths fire on all, burning them to shreds. That would be so awesome. And lastly an old warrior, with faded armour in an off blue tone, that destroys any pokemon and offending characters in a few swift strikes. That would be so awesome as well.
  11. Amazing how much pull fantasy movies have now, both pro and con... I wonder, if this movie is successful, will it spawn even more controversy?
  12. This is an excellent idea... Maybe I'll take a shot at it in the future.
  13. Perhaps if I had Minions that would be pertinent to know... But I don't. srsly thgh, thanks for the link. I'll read into it when I have some time.
  14. I can't complain about a guy cool enough to name himself after one of Final Fantasy 6's coolest bosses... it's like a behemoth, but BETTER. Anyway I used complain a lot. It's interesting watching people who have the habit still... though I don't wish to re-engage... much again.
  15. Thanks, I needed that. I should work harder for the next week or so (when the paper is due)
  16. Yeah, snorlax is back! Oh and Bellossom (sp?) /end sarcasm /OK snorlax is cool but... /end post
  17. LAMETH I SAY, LAMETH!!!! It would be so nice to have them tell us things that are new, not these lame updates that are admitting to showing NOTHING NEW. But then again, this is Nintendo... I'm going to have to skip out for a while now. This is beyond lame its.... LAMEMASTERY! I should probably be writing this dumb paper now anywayz.. peace out!
  18. You're in/were in the military, Dragon? What does GFT mean?
  19. Maybe the 'Three Wise Men' song... I forget the title. It would be interesting to hear a good remix of Noel... that song seems to have a tendency to be very nice or very bad.
  20. I'd like to learn that pressure point move that makes youre enemy explode on contact, and their shrapnel destroy all opposing you but... I've studied Aikido, Karate, and watched a bit of Tae Kwon Do. I haven't practiced in a few years, but I love the subtle simplicity of Aiki. I'd like to learn Capoeira, but mostly to show off... perhaps next year I'll have some time in my schedule.
  21. This thread is pretty off topic at this point... Maybe we can talk about Voltron vs. Transformers next and place odds on which will show up on Brawl first. Or maybe Ultraman vs. Speedracer, or that kid from Neverending Story vs. the kid from the Navigator. /sarcasm /dated Update in 20 minutes, yummy....
  22. Wow, I guess I haven't been playing much videogames. People LOVE the internet. I wonder what'll happen after tonights more-than-likely uninteresting post?
  23. Nintendo could buy out Vivendi with cash to spare... Take 24 Billion, pay their stockholders a little extra, and voila... a new, giant monster company.
  24. Well it the same lame friends system, but at least it looks intuitive. Just add each other at the same time over the phone or something and you can brawl then and there. I guess we have months of lame updates left... I think I can go to bed eariler once finals are up.
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