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  1. Personally, I like it. I think you should work with it. The only thing that didn't seem like it belonged was some of the cymbal, it overpowered the lead at the end.
  2. Update: I played with my tracks a little more (limited resources have hurt my sounds), and I think it sounds more natural. http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=5846460&key=135123AA-8
  3. I'm vaguely disappointed by the Landmaster's stills. Maybe it'll be more impressive in execution.
  4. [bump] C'mon, even if just for composition. Anyone have anything to say at all?
  5. Pezman: No, you're not. There's all sorts of things you can do, with a little creativity. What random shit do you have lying about your place?
  6. I think it's likely that Captain Olimar would be in Brawl... if he weren't the size of a quarter. It makes me sad, I wanted to see him in there. I'd love to see Dedede in there as well, come to think of it. Even if they just wanted to clone Kirby, skin him differently, and give him the Falco makeover, it would be more than doable.
  7. Halloween always has and will be my favourite holiday. This year, I'm pulling 4 costumes for the day of and the parties after the fact: Master and Crazy Hand [black clothes, white gloves, and I'm going to make a Final Destination out of cardboard or something to hang from my chest] Boo! [Paper plates with faces for the win] Shoop Da Whoop [Actually going to make a black hood with the face, and charge my laser all over the place] Bowser [Humanish, since I'm too broke to build a suit] It's going to keep me entertained.
  8. I want a Yoshi-Kebob now. I'll definitely help him catch the little bastard.
  9. ...still waiting on Falco, Game & Watch, a random Animal Crossing kiddy, and Sonic... On the whole I'm very happy with the new additions and modes in Brawl. I think I'm going to kill my GCN controller on it.
  10. Hey hey hey, look at that, I seem to be new here as well. Go me?
  11. Well, it's my first time ever re-arranging anything here, and I'd like some feedback. It doesn't feel finished yet to me, but I'm not sure what's missing. http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=5824060&key=605F18DF-9 Thanks.
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