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  1. in reply to when vista will not suck, the answer is quite simple: never. To all of you out there who dont have vista, i hate every last one of those damn mac commercials, because its all true.
  2. lol!! i could totally see that. This mix is like if a haunted house were to suddenly open up as a club, like this is what they would play. lol btw knives nice use of the scratching in this mix. is that live production? I for one like the synths used. The violins have that early final fantasy feel which is definitely working. That gritty synth doesnt sound anything like a guitar to me, but i like it. Im a fan of using a flanger or some kind of oscillation to give a synth that extra flava flav. lol any how i think some counter melodies to the violins would also add some depth, but then again might muddle the composition. Definitely intrigued to hear more!
  3. lol ok guys not that bad i was exaggerating awweee and im touched you guys care so much ;.; lofl
  4. Thanks! thats great advice. you definitely had me figured out i usually just set velocity. Ill definitely set up automation for the string volumes. One other thing ive noticed in reason that i cant seem to understand is that with staccato strings, each octave gets louder even at the same velocity, so often my staccato parts end up unbalanced, with too much treble on top. Not really sure what to do about that. I even tried setting the high velocities down and the lower octave velocities up, but it STILL gets the same effect! I dunno i must be doing something wrong. Maybe just setting up different treble and bass tracks is the key. And btw believe me this song is waaay from over. I anticipate at LEAST 4 minutes by the end. Ive got some guitar parts mulling around in my head and i really want to build the string parts, which are fairly undeveloped. A lot more counter melodies coming out in that direction. Thank you for the helpful feedback! well i can understand why you dont like it. It fools you with being only an orchestral peice, but thats exatcly what im going for. Imagery is a big deal to me and let me paint a picture of what im going for. Kratos, both blades flashing wildly in the air of some ancient empire, surrounds himself with the remains of his dead battleclad enemies. He looks up at you and starts walking towards you, when all of a sudden the camera zooms into his eye and fades thousands of years later to the image of the blade of a helicopter, where about the song truly turns form. The helicopter just lands and you see kratos step out calmly, built of future weapons, muscle and uniform, stepping with precision and ruthlessness to meet the figurehead of an opposing force. Havent got past that. but anyway thats how i build songs. its usually not that detailed but its a narrative technique i use to make a song interesting. Basically, with all the built tension, shit is gonna hit the fan, and thats why i plan to bring in guitar to this mix. I want it to be futuristic but not overbearing, yet in your face. I dunno, ive been able to get my own songs to jive pretty good. Cant wait to see what you guys think!
  5. ok... can anyone tell me what the hell a snax n jackson is, and why I am one? It sounds like a bad porno flick lol
  6. is that why you have that picture for you signature then? just curious.
  7. *3...2..1..go!* *gets ? cube* *uses lighning* *squashes mario* *hits penguin and falls in water to come out as ice block* *why do i always slip on a friggin bannana after that happens??* dang 4th place i guess i gotta try the level again. you know what? thats ok because this song rocks!...well ok in a smooth its a jazz christmas kinda way lol
  8. wow this guy should remix the silent hill soundtrack! in fact someone get this guy to do it! I dont remember this track from the game but who cares its awesome! Its like the madison project meets the pixies meets videogame world, and its cool to see such alternative music on OCR.
  9. this mix kind of affectionately reminds me of tetris. My only gripe with the song was that some of the percussive usage seemed misplaced. However, the artist may have intended that specific effect, my belief when using drums specifically, not just sound effects is, that if your gonna bring in drums, Youd better "BRING" the drums kinda thing. No matter what type of piece it is. It could be a jazz piece, it doesnt matter. Percussion is repetitive by nature and is the foundation and consistency of any given song. If thats offbeat, the listeners gonna be offbeat. Other than that, interesting take on an arcade favorite.
  10. ive never played this game, and im reviewing it as a point to convey how the song affects me. The vibe feels like im about to play Dead or alive on a Beach level of some sort. Its got a really cool vibe, and i especially love the sound effects. Some pretty neat time changes too. The greatest aspect of this song though is its euphoric value. I definitely feel like ive been taken somewhere else, like the world of some anime or something. (Sorry for the vagueness) but definitely appreciating this song. good work.
  11. wow this guy has skills... no sorry lets make that skillz with a z. Im seeing in 16 bit color again and its a beautiful thing! Whats really cool about this track is that the panning of the tricked out sound effects makes it sound like a paddle hitting a ball and making it bounce all over the place like a really difficult level. Really crisp clean sounds that give the feel of arcade simplicity that is very appropriate. *busts out the SNES emulator and arkanoid rom*
  12. lolol yea i tell ya. im insanely new to this world of forums and i cant believe i started off with that big a bang! lofl and hes not that good at taming lions! ha!! lol
  13. wow guys i just realized i think im addicted to this f*ckin site. I think ive been on this website this past week more than ive been on world of warcraft! and let me tell you. for anyone who knows me thats sayin something! school has suffered, homework has suffered even GAMING has suffered. The reason i say that is i think thats the best kind of love i can give the judges. Its really because of the founders and sustainers of this website that it remains the vibrant community it is, whether or not you agree with the standards. I can respect that commitment because im actually in the process of undertaking a similar project based in a real interactive community of my own at cal state northridge, which is a college club. anyone at cal state northridge interested please msg if interested btw much love to the site and its judges! *not trying to be a kiss ass*
  14. sure man my aim is linked. ill log on right now
  15. hoboka i dont know if your familiar with reason (which i still use 2.5 by the way ) but i have close to 8 redrum machines (which are sampling devices) to produce each individual type of drum. I have a patch for: The booming orchestral drums(that are actually slightly crunchy and would actually sound a little out of place if heard on their own) A snare drum sampler which is using about 7 samples The rock esque drums are actualyl 2 sets of samples, one for the bass ad toms and one for the cymbals. I have one for the techy sounding treble that pans and is really technical lets see what else... I dunno theres a whole bunch of stuff lol thanks for the feed back guys. Im mostly concerned if anyone thinks if this wouldnt pass the judging panel. Any kind of details that you thought needed work or were off? thanks again:-P
  16. ok, you guys are gonna think im crazy. I too think that the brass sounds incredibly terrible in reason, with the exception of SOME of the french horn patches. To be honest i have a little secret that works for me, and makes it a little more convincing if you really need a good brass sound. ok heres why your gonna think im crazy. Ive found that using a STRING patch actually works as a better sound for BRASS if you apply the right Scream device to that string patch. Mess around with it until you get the desired sound you want, and then layer it under one of your real brass patches. If done right it gives the brass the right amount of crunch and makes it less wimpy. And being a former trumpet player, nothing is worse to me than a trumpet that sounds whimpy! lol
  17. i wasnt talking to you, i was talking to the people on the first couple pages.
  18. you know i have to say that 2high 2 furious thread did get a little ridiculous. I was one of the original posters who got off on a tangent (read it and you can see i apologized). Furthermore, i was just throwing around ideas that i felt were constructive criticism. Anyhow, it was crazy to see where that thread went and it was a little ridiculous. People really started using it as an excuse to hate, and boy that being the first thread i ever POSTED in, way to start off on the right freakin foot! Anyway im a little more accustomed to this site now and can honestly say that what they have goin on here is a cool deal. DJ Pretzel is one cool "dude" (i dont think he liked it when i called him that before) but my hats off to you guys, im looking forward to what you think of my music. and for christ sake for THOSE OF YOU OUT THERE WHO WANNA JUST HATE ON THE JUDGES GET A NEW THREAD TO DO IT. Lesson number one i learned the hard way, KEEP THE POST IN CONTEXT!
  19. sounding good! What program do you use btw? are those all midi synths? anyways very good composition and dynamics, time changes, and key changes. This song has it all! I have the sudden urge to climb a water pipe and snipe someone from the top of a tower.
  20. I'm pretty excited about this mix. Its got a lot of work (obviously being in this forum) but i cant wait to start making guitar tracks for it. When im done, its gonna be laden with subtle heavy metal guitar parts, in a 300 movie esque sort of way, and i cant wait to hear what it sounds like! Ok so basically the reason for this mix is this: Its been a lot of time since i played god of war, and i remember how the final narraration explains how whenever man was at war, Kratos would be there watching his every battle. This mix is ALL about what Kratos would sound like if he were to come down off mount olympus in 2007. Arnold Schwartzenegger eat your figgin heart out! anyways i hope i do the song justice. Tell me what you guys think! its here because im a noob and havent got a song approved before. (My first OCR mix "The Wisdom of Gagazet" is currently in the judging process) so this time i figure ill preemptively get everyones opinion on this one to avoid rejection. Enjoy!
  21. ok i got a newbie question. in fact its uber noob. how do i know or how can i check on the status to see if my songs been accepted/posted? i see the judges decisions thread but i dont know if they just add to that thread or post a new one or what. be a good citizen, help a noob today.
  22. the composer is very talented to be able to orchestrate that kind of electronic chaos and make it sound really good. All the elements of the song really collide into each other, which is very enjoyable to listen to.
  23. you know some people might think that everyone is heavily biased towards listening and making music for the final fantasy series, but listen to this track and i think its easy to see that it is done for good reason. A story like that is more than a game, its an experience. I know it sounds dumb but its true. If i die and there is a heaven, i will inevitably be thrown into that world which is so beautiful. I look back on that game with so many fond memories, its hard to shake. This track reflects everything about this game that is marvelous. Moreover, its like revisiting the entire game in 5 minutes because of how well balanced in diversity it is. It has the positive and negative in powerful contrast, with all the spirituality of a Hayao Miyazaki film. All i can say is thank you for the trip into memory. From a technical perspective, the dissonance between notes is outstanding, as is the tender attention to percussive dynamics. I agree with the writeup, indeed it was like watching someone draw a perfect circle. I want this played at my wedding. To be honest, i really might *listens to it again*