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  1. That's actually very comforting. I thought maybe I missed something big, but as it turns out, I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the game for the most part. I thought the animations for quickenings and summons were a little... lame and anticlimactic... but it was a fun ride, I suppose.
  2. Point A doesn't make sense, as that's what the Sword of Kings/Treaty Blade was for (I can't remember which one was for what) But your point B actually makes a lot of sense... although I thought I remembered at some point about *spoiler* Vayne wanting to totally overthrow the Ocurrian's rule using Venat's assistance (which is why the other Ocurrians thought he was a traitor. Random though, does anyone else think "Venonat" whenever they see "Venat"? I really couldn't take anything the guy said/did just because his name was so close to the pokemon name. Maybe I'm just too much a nerd
  3. I did a few quick Google searches and didn't really find much useful... although I did find an article explaining that the idea for Dissidia came from Kingdom Hearts... that's it, though. They can have their own Dissidia game if they want. I would rather not mix Disney and Final Fantasy again, but that's just a personal preference.
  4. I was a little confused about the FFXII story, and this may be due to the fact that it's been a while since I played it. I mean, what's the point of the Occurians? Ashe wanted to defend her country against the Archadians... really, the only struggle in her mind was whether or not to use the Nethicite to do so. Vayne is all consumed with turning control of the world to men, so since the Occurians rule through the stones, wouldn't he want to do away with the stones as well? In the end, *spoilers* Ashe destroyed the Nethicite anyway, so the game could be, and should have been boiled down simply to the struggle between Dalmasca and Archadia... I know it's pretty much necessary for a Final Fantasy game to have gods of some kind, but the whole inclusion of the Occurians seemed pointless and stupidly dramatic. Honestly trying to figure this out.
  5. Terra isn't known to go swimming, especially in chlorinated water. Besides her hair is definitely green and not "tinted blond."
  6. How many people do you know with greenish hair?
  7. Aside from the odd hair color (which was changed in Dissidia) Terra from FF6, I think, has... fairly normal clothing. Nothing too outlandish, anyway. In fact, I think the FF6 characters in general have fairly normal clothing for the culture they were in. I think things really started breaking down when 10 came along, as far as sensible character creation.
  8. I would venture to say almost any Final Fantasy battle piece could go here, but I have to admit that is a personal favorite. I love the organ cadenza, and the powerful ending in the odd time signatures is kind of a picture of the insanity that Kefka has given himself to.An old standby for me is the Ocarina of Time's with Ganon. A mournful, yet hopeful piece, outlining a battle to the death between light and darkness.The theme has flips to different time signatures like that's its job. I love the quick strings and the orchestral backing... it's a shame the quality of the Gameboy Advanced could not produce a better sound. I would love to hear this piece performed by a live orchestra/choir.The pulsing percussion and choir leads in the piece in FFXII are intense and dramatic. In my opinion, a very powerful battle theme.
  9. The theme from Majora's Mask really scared me when I first played the game. It portrays such utter helplessness and loss... knowing everything you have been working to save will be totally crushed in just a few short minutes... if it weren't for the in-game reset button that is the Song of Time, anyway. The same can be said for Ruined World from Chrono Trigger (the actual piece starts around 0:44). is another piece that scared me. This stems mostly from the unadulterated chaos of the piece, and all the things surrounding the piece. It's not so much music as it is just sound.I don't know if it counts as music, but the hallucination scenes in the Chzo Mythos (Namely, Trilby's Notes) have portions where the background sounds are replaced with . .
  10. Congrats on the dream job, man! You will be missed, though... your decision is very admirable and respectable, and I know it wasn't an easy one to make (or, if it was easy, it probably wasn't a painless transition). Kudos, man. You deserve it
  11. Dude, where do you get all of this concept art? You're all over the Pokemon art discussion too! Pretty neat stuff you've found.
  12. Yes, that appears to be the most up-to-date version. I found an "English" version which required me to install the Japanese RM2k3 RTP, and change my unicode language to Japanese, but that ended up just being a mess. This is the best route to go. As for the parallaxes (parallaxi?) I find them more disturbing than anything else... and I get motion sick just by sitting in a car. I don't think they go THAT fast
  13. That would be my mistake, then... I misused the word "valid," and for that, I am sorry. I totally agree, Bleck, that it's silly for someone to complain about a dream-like game being dream-like. However, he isn't looking at it from that point of view, which is why I was trying to see things from his angle... and yeah, from a totally "gaming" point of view, it's tedious, obnoxious, and the objective is annoying. I guess I was just trying to say that that wasn't the point of the game in the first place, but if that's all he got out of it, then whatever... bummer for him. Anyway, back on topic. Bleck, I take it you've played the game... what were your thoughts on it?
  14. Assuming he's played it and given it a chance, his criticism is alright. He tried to play it, but didn't like it... I fail to see why his opinion doesn't matter.
  15. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's, so I respect it I will say, however, that I don't think the game is there... really... to be played... It's more a work of art to be looked at and heard than anything else. I suppose calling it a "Game" is being too liberal with the term... It's more just interactive art, in my opinion. And as such, with art, you get those who enjoy it, and those who despise it... but in the end, it's all subjective... so no one's view is more applicable than anyone else's. The theories, I think, are the more interesting parts of the game... due to the nature of the game and the fact that no one has been able to contact the author, the entire surreality of it is left up to ridiculous fan-interpretations... It's almost like reading conspiracy theories because they're just fun to think about.
  16. I think it does an excellent job with atmosphere... I've not played many RM2k3 games, but... even though most of the music is just 4 second loops, the scenery and just overall thrill of what the game is about was enough to keep me interested. The music is still even pretty memorable.
  17. Hey! I was just wondering if anyone has heard of Yume Nikki? It's a game for PC developed using RPGMaker 2003... It's fairly short, but pretty neat and entertaining... if you're into surreal, dark, and disturbing games... From what I understand, it's not incredibly popular, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard of it, and what your thoughts on it are...
  18. I've never cried during a video game, but I felt very emotional and relieved at the end of Earthbound... especially when <SPOILER ALERT> I personally defeated Giygas (though never having met the kids before) <END SPOILERS>. That was a nice touch... especially after the "all hope is lost" quote: "Paula's prayer was absorbed by the darkness." That just added to the overall distress of the final boss fight. Usually, the epic games such as the Final Fantasy series tends to have the same effect on me due to the length of the games.
  19. Um... well... nevermind. I used redsn0w 0.9.4 instead of 0.9.3 and it worked... I don't know why that difference was big enough to change everything. Oh well
  20. Hey everyone! I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I figure there are several people here who have jailbroken their i-devices. I've been trying to jailbreak my iPod Touch now for the last 12 hours, and nothing is working... I've used so many different methods and tools, and after every single "Downloading Jailbreak Data" I get this screen saying I must connect my device with iTunes and do a system restore. I can't find any way out of this mode. Apparently, I'm doing something wrong...
  21. I have to say I agree. In fact, that was one of the first things I asked my friends when we left the theater, and they had noticed it too. Odd, that it is second to Titanic in gross sales... As far as the movies goes, I liked it, but I definitely wasn't sucked into it like, apparently, most people are. There were a lot of logical things that made absolutely no sense, but were quickly overshadowed by bursts of color. Oh, and of course she's pledged to be married to this other guy because tradition would have that, but screw tradition, I love you. Where haven't we seen that?
  22. I have to agree a bit about Final Fantasy X. I really didn't care much for Tidus - he was waaaay too childish, and his emotional parts felt awkwardly forced in a lot of areas. All of the other characters seemed better-rounded. If I had to list the ones I've played, from worst to best in my opinion: Final Fantasy 1 (I know it's classic, but I was so bored with it) Final Fantasy X-2 (The story was utterly horrible, the acting worse... the battle system was nice, but that was it's only saving factor) Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI I would say X and VII are tied. I have my own issues with Final Fantasy VII that are far too numerous to talk about here, and a lot of X seemed random or forced. There was nothing very challenging at all about it (except <SPOILERS> Yunalesca </SPOILERS>) but that was easily taken care of. But that's a brief rundown of the Final Fantasy series for me. I'm getting ready to play VIII...
  23. Pretty much any game from my childhood. This includes a lot of obscure NES games like Startropics 1 and 2, Rainbow Islands, and not-so-obscure Zelda II. I do have to be in a particular mood to play a game to fully enjoy it... For instance, Final Fantasy III is probably one of my favorite games of all time, but if I just pick it up and play it, I might get bored if I'm not in the right mood.
  24. I think I actually took things personally from the game if I didn't get it the first time. "I'm a thinking human. You're a programmed machine... you are incapable of being "smarter" than me... I will not allow this!" That's how I got through the days.
  25. Well, I got Winamp (WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN USING THIS BEFORE??!?!) and the piece plays just fine through that. Windows must interpret something incorrectly from the file or something... eh, whatever. Thanks for your all's help (I'd still like to know why this is, so if anyone has any thoughts that would be great)
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