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  1. FINAL FANTASY X SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if anyone has said this one or not, but Yunalesca from Final Fantasy X was pretty difficult. Granted, casting Reflect at the start of battle prevents her from blinding, muting, or even casting any kind of spells on you, but she has an attack that inflicts zombie status on all of your characters, and that prevent you from healing yourself. On top of that, if you do manage to cure the zombie status, she has an attack that instantly kills all non-zombied characters. On top of that, she can use an attack that confuses your characers, while she continues to slowly chip away at your HP. But then again, Final Fantasy bosses have their knack for being difficult (except Kefka. Though he was an insane madman, and had the COOLEST fight theme out of almost any I've heard, he was pretty lame as a final boss)
  2. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to call anyone a plagiarist at this point. I was looking around VGMix today, and came across an interesting forum post: http://www.vgmix.com/comment.php?mode=view_comments&band_id=210&message_id=154&type=message&template=script_comment.tpl I'm not generally one to stir up trouble, but I find plagiarism to be a highly detestable act that should be pointed out at all times. However, I'm with Joe on this one... I would like to think (and sincerely hope) that this is pure coincidence... But the similarity is far too uncanny in my opinion. There are links on his blog site to the pieces... obviously, the one from ToF is here, but you'll have to go to his site to get the other one. Thoughts??
  3. I love this game... don't have a Wii, though. It might be cool, though to play it on a later console, though. I'll have to check it out, somehow. 1492 is when Columbus started his voyage... it's also the code that activates the Sub-C so YOU can start YOUR voyage... maybe that's the connection? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1492 I don't know the entire significance 1776, except that's the year America gained its independence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1776
  4. It's 9PM here. Merry Christmas, all! or Kwanzaa or Hanuka or whatever else you may celebrate!
  5. Congraturation! A winner is you! It's always nice to hear about people getting married, for some reason.
  6. You know what you guys did to this piece? You beat the crap out of it, ripped it up, threw it in a mud puddle, and stomped it to death... and I don't think I could enjoy it any more! I LOVE what you guys did to this piece! I think it's cool how the bright, peppy mood of the original Bubble Bobble contrasts sharply with the grimy, hateful mood of this piece. This is really one of the only times negative words can describe such an awesome piece.
  7. I downloaded the ROM for that a long time ago, just to see what it was like. I never had the patience to play the three-part Bible Adventures, but I DID play Spiritual Warfare and Bible Buffet. If you WANT an excuse to remix old Christian hymns, then yeah, these games are remix-worthy. Bible Buffet doesn't have any music, really. It has jingles and sound effects... It's exactly like Monopoly for Nintendo... except every square you land on contains a two-screen dungeon you have to go through to actually claim that square. BTW, the final boss in Spiritual Warfare has to be pretty close to the top of my "Most Annoying Boss Battles In Gaming History" list... it's not hard at all, it's just painfully time-consuming and requires your character to have more agility than the Nintendo system offered.
  8. I can definitely see that... especially having to use Thunder on the Thunderbird in the room right before it... So now not only do you not have any magic for Life (or any other useful spell besides Shield), you still got to keep your health good for the final boss! and it's not easy dodging those fireballs (from a thunderbird) that are flying in every direction from the one point on it that's vulnerable. I wouldn't say it's impossible (I honestly can't remember if I have done this or not) but I'd say it's pretty difficult to beat both bosses in the same life. And if video games have taught us anything, you can be killed several times before you actually die
  9. I agree almost completely with Sir Geoffrey Taucer here. The beginning is repetitive and "drawn out." Are there not "sliced voices" toward the middle of the piece? Right before 2:28 where everything kicks in... I'm in class right now, so I can't give a specific point in the piece where they happen, but it sounds like a man over a loudspeaker or something... Awesome work, though. I'm a freak for weird time signatures, and this kicks big butt! EDIT: Okay, I've listened to it (several times) since I last posted. That voice sounds more like a man over an intercom at 2:09... and it's not really "sliced" but it's a voice, and it's there Can't blame me for trying.
  10. Wow. Love this piece!!! Time for a breakdown. Love the violin solo around 1:15 or so. This is my favorite part of the second movement of the original Dancing Mad. I have to say that at 1:36 totally caught me off-guard. That part in the original is solo organ, so hearing the totally evil timpani/horn/strings, (whatever all is there) come in added an unexpected, yet pleasant twist. In fact the whole accompaniment of that section (originally just a solo) is awesome. Do my ears deceive me, or does a horn come in just a shade early at the hit at 1:48? Timpani roll --> chime hit. Very nice. Don't ask why For some reason, when I listen to the original, and then back to this piece, where the third movement comes in here (1:58ish) it sounds a LOT brighter and happier. It may just be because it's in the higher register, where in the original, the organ starts off much lower. 2:09 where that triangle comes in... I realize it needs to be loud enough to be heard, but it seems unnaturally and unnecessarily loud. Love the chords from 3:30 to 3:37ish. Nice organ credenza (3:37-4:20ish), which I believe was the original purpose of the third movement. Starting at 5:44 to the end sounds horribly dirge-like and foreboding. Especially like the rumblings and the timpani hits along with the choir/orchestra. Love the ending. Love the piece. Great work, guys! As for the parts that sound chaotic or "muddy," I like 'em. Before I even read any kind of write-up or review on this piece (I got my copy way back when it was first completed... whenever that was) I thought that this was a perfect depiction of the violently volatile Kefka. Again, Awesome work.
  11. Ehh... maybe... Maybe it's because I've listened to the original so much more than this piece, so it just all flows more naturally because I'm used to it. Especially at 1:34 and 2:05 where it either stops, and then restarts or just hops to another selection. Those were mainly the parts I was talking about.
  12. I realize that this arrangement is a little old for commenting, but I want to anyway because I love this piece, as well as the second. First off, let me say that when the choir first came in, I felt a tingle in my ears and down my spine. Prolly because I have never heard a remix use a choir that sounded this realistic... in fact, it DOES sound like I'm sitting in the back of a concert hall listening to this being performed! However... My favorite part of Dancing Mad is the final part of Movement One... where the piece picks up with the dramatic hits and so forth... For some reason (maybe my ears are just broken) at 1:42 when the xylophone comes in to play those (sixteenth-note?) runs, it seems to just barely lag behind the beat... I mean, just barely. But then around 1:46 when the xylophone stops and the strings play a more dominant quarter-note rhythm, whatever time was lost gets picked back up... After that... well, it's just back to being perfect. Thanks for this wonderful submission!
  13. I've been lurking the site for years, and this is my first public review of a piece, so bear with me. I've read maybe the last two "critiques" so if I'm repeating something someone's already said, sorry! SIDENOTE: I gotta admit, when I first started listening to this piece, I thought... "This sounds strangely like the second movement of Dancing Mad from FF6!" then it began to build more and it was obvious that it was OWA. As amazing as this piece is, I do have some complaints... and I realize that this can be difficult with so many people working on the same piece, but there seemed to be a big lack of flow. Instead of being one, big, cohesive piece, it sounded more like a showcase of different ideas. The ideas were great, and I love this arrangement, I just wish that all of the ideas flowed together as a single piece… I hope that makes sense… Other than that, the arrangement was awesome. I especially like the percussive parts around :59 and starting at 2:05. Don’t know why… I just do Awesome work, guys and gals!
  14. Aaawwwwsoooomeeeeee.... I'm in class right now, but I've synced it to my MP3 player, so that will give me some enjoyment on my way home. Absolutely loved the first piece. If they ever made a movie for FF6 (which they should) they should just contact you guys for a "Dancing Mad" arrangement.
  15. Well, I guess this is it. I've been lurking around OCR and VGmix for years, but have just decided to join in on the fun. Soooooooooo....... Hey. I'm off to make friends.
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