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  1. Because I'm cheap, let's say $100. Here's the deal (and I don't mean to offend anyone): but I'm not looking to be incredibly serious about this as far as amount of mixes go. I know there are serious audio mixing people here, but I'm merely looking to do this in my free time. As far as options go, they don't concern me as much. As long as I can get my ideas out of the tinny MIDI sound and into an acceptable .mp3 format, I'm happy.
  2. Hey everyone. This may not be the right place to post this, but I wasn't sure where it should go, so yeah. Anyway... I've decided I want to get into the remixing scene a little bit, but I have no idea where to start. I've got a pretty good understanding of music and sound manipulation, but as far as hardware and software goes, I'm lost. I'm not proficient enough at any one instrument to be able to actually record samples from myself, so I was looking for something as "point-and-click" as possible. As far as MIDI software goes, I've been using Anvil and Finale to at least get my ideas down, but I'm looking for something a little more... "real" as far as sound quality goes. Obviously, I need the software. I don't know what kind of hardware I would need (like a Mixer), if any at all. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks
  3. Hey now... to each his own, I suppose. There were some things I liked about GU, the towns and a few of the battle aspects being a couple... but there were just too many other things that kept me from enjoying the game. Yes... these things were explained... it just takes a while to get there.
  4. Although SIGN and such come before IMOQ, there honestly is no need to know anything beforehand, really. I didn't even know about the anime/manga before picking up Infection, and everything was perfectly clear to me. I didn't touch the wiki (they generally have spoilers) until toward the very end of Quarantine. There's some pretty interesting stuff in there about the story, but nothing you need to know before playing Infection.
  5. I got that feeling from GU onward, but DS is right... The main story revolves around the .hackers of SIGN and IMOQ. The other stories (AI Buster, Fragment, etc) add the backdrop of The World, explaining Harold, Emma, the Epitaph, and where it all started. The thing to remember about this series is that it takes place both on-line and in real life. The games tend to focus mainly on the on-line part, while the manga and anime tend to focus on both. Cash cow? Maybe... but at least all of the other media holds purpose. For me, the term "cash cow" is more useable on things that are done and over with. Things people never really asked for, and hold no actual purpose or depth to the storyline. Anymore, anything Hollywood spews out are just sequels no one's looking for. Video games are turning the same way, but that's a different discussion for a different thread.
  6. I own all seven games, and have played through all of them. The first four were very interesting to me, and I enjoyed them a lot. GU is a different story. Dialogue and cutscenes are a PAIN in my opinion. Things seem poorly written and EXTREMELY repetitive. Parts that you can spend hours trying to accomplish come off as totally pointless in the end (and not the cool, plot-twist kind of way), and they really screwed with the battle system. That's what drew me to the series in the first place was the seamless battle system in the first four games... then in GU it's all start-and-stop-like, with that infernal trigger gauge. Storyline-wise, things failed epically toward the end. Anyway, I've written a couple articles about the .hack// series on my blog. The storyline is incredibly deep and gripping. I wholeheartedly recommend the first four games. Quarantine might be hard to get, as it is rare, and even used costs $50+ I've been trying to work on different .hack// remixes, as the music is very pleasing, but skipped over. That will all be changing soon, though.
  7. This is really random, but I had a thought while listening to this today about a title... I don't know if you're still looking for one or not, but here's what I thought up: Since this piece is pretty much an attempt to really define Kefka at his core (or so I feel, given its seemingly random nature), I thought the title should kind of be something to go along with that. Just brainstorming here, and it's always quantity of quality with brainstorming: God of Destruction: Fallen One. Of course, to keep it in line with your other pieces, you could translate it to Latin, which (according to www.tranexp.com) is: Deus de Ruina : Cado Unus I wasn't really expecting it to translate word-for-word, so I don't know how exact that is, but hey, I tried. Do with that what you will, or simply ignore it. Hope to hear back from you soon!
  8. Yeah, I understand... I guess what I'm just trying to explain is a different point of view is all. Sorry, I wasn't trying to call anyone out or start an argument or anything. Please, I'm not looking for an argument, but if you have something to say, at least say something that contributes to the conversation. Seriously, though... The only reason why a part of a game is "too hard" is because you won't hone your skills enough to get past that part.
  9. Well, I skimmed through and saw people claiming that if a part is "too hard" or something they should have the option to somehow get through it by cheating... Just like if a part of a movie is too intense, or a part of a book is too boring, you can skip over that. I guess that's my way of saying the only thing making it "too hard" is yourself.
  10. Yes and no... you can't maneuver nearly as well on this game as you can ALttP, and the boss doesn't actually move with you. His shield does, but Satan moves wherever he wants to, while the shield kinda sits in your face.
  11. I have never had the luxury of using a GameGenie, ActionReplay, or any of those other nifty little cheat devices. When people say, "Ahh cheats... those were the days," I have no idea what you mean. Sure, I knew what cheats were at the time, but if you're going to cheat through a game, why even bother to play it or enjoy it? Personally, I think it takes all the enjoyment out of a game if you cheat. When my aunt bought me Pokemon Silver, she also bought me a device called the "Monster Brain" I believe... it was a useful little tool for backing up all sorts of games (used it for games that could only hold one saved file on the cartridge), but it was specially designed to give you nearly 100% control over your Pokemon games. Want a Charizard that knows Surf, Psychic, Hyper Beam, and Flamethrower, all of which having 40PP, and maxed out stats? You simply change your pokemon number to match that of Charizard, and select the abilities you want it to have, and so forth. You could edit items, badges, money, literally everything! No codes were needed at all. I used that feature once, and lost all interest in my game. For me, using a cheat makes me think, "So what's the point, then?" I never use cheats to play through games... I just don't like to. The only time I use a cheat is when I've already mastered a game, and I'm just doing it to explore glitches and bugs and whatnot. Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but hearing people complain about not having cheats or whatever just makes me roll my eyes. There is no game too difficult to beat without cheats.
  12. Time for me to sink into some rather obscure games... A game called Spiritual Warfare had Satan for the final boss... he wasn't difficult, per say... it was mostly just an annoying fight. He jumps back and forth on the back of the screen shooting demons and fire at you, with a rock sitting between you and him, following your movements... so every time you try to throw something at him, the rock deflects it. I love the dotHack games (I like the first four over the last three), but there was a hard boss in the last three games. <SPOILER ALERT>: I would always die fighting Ovan... no matter how powerful I was, he seemed to always get the best of me. However, Ovan himself wasn't the only problem... his Avatar form, Corbenik, also held a big challenge for me... it doesn't help that they are one right after another either... </SPOILER ALERT> Also in the dotHack games, the very final dungeon of the first four games... fifteen floors full of Data Bugs, constantly keeping your infection level in critical condition, only to have to face off against a bugged boss at the end as well. Nothing makes me more angry than getting to floor eight, only to acheive a randomly pulled Game Over because of a critically high infection level.
  13. I particularly like the music from the Golden Sun games, and am glad to see the tracks being visited. Just echoing everyone else, the samples are weak, but I can't really help you with that. Everything sounds... MIDI-ish... and just all-around weak. As far as arrangement goes, though everything sounds good. I like the little insertion of the Fusion Dragon theme toward the end, there, and you flow into and out of it quite nicely in my opinion. Everything just needs to be... louder... fuller... yeah, fuller is a better word.
  14. I've never finished Earthbound. For some reason, it really bores me. Never played a Street Fighter game. I actually do not use faqs/guides and cheats until I beat a game. I just can't bring myself to. Once I have beaten the game once, I will then look at cheats/glitches/etc to see what extras I missed (there always are some), but I like having the hard-worked-for ending.
  15. They just need to stop trying to make Sonic "cool." He was cool. Personally, I loved everything Sega did with him on the Genesis. Then they gave him a "cool" voice and "cool" friends like Vector the Crocodile and that stupid bee. Then Shadow comes along... with a gun. And now Sonic has a sword. He's not Sonic anymore in my book. I refuse to have my childhood dashed to pieces
  16. Ah man... that is rough. I'm terribly sorry to hear that. Do what you need to, and take your time. I would say just leave the mix alone for right now, but you do whatever you want. Hope things work out for you in some way.
  17. Wow, I had the exact same thought run through my head. I've been waiting for this piece for a long time. I loved the last pieces you guys did. Can't wait to hear some more percussion in there. I'm having trouble hearing (the piece comes off to me as kind of chaotic, which is awesome). Most of what I'm hearing is Kefka's theme (and I realize that the fourth movement is basically Kefka's theme). Is this merely a remix of Kefka's theme, or is it supposed to include the fourth movement? I'm just wondering. Anyway, keep it up! Love what you guys have done so far.
  18. I don't know if this has been said or not, but I'd like to see a Final Fantasy VI (or III... however you know it) developed into a 3D game... have the music re-performed, etc... that would be amazing.
  19. As has been said, it's admirable that the guys that did this have taken it so far, but I tend to agree with Taucer in the fact that if a Zelda movie can't be done perfectly, it shouldn't be done at all. I'll say it out flat: I'm a Zelda fanboy. Laugh if you want, but I can't watch a trailer like this and not point out every tiny thing that's done wrong, or looks random. For instance, I don't think any of the characters look anything like what they're supposed to (except maybe Ganondorf and Link), and even they look... odd. Also, on a side note: anyone want to tell me who this little creepy guy is that's running around with Ganondorf in all of his shots? I didn't know Ganondorf had an adviser or whatever.
  20. I agree with Zealpath up there. It's nicely done, but too close to the original. Also, the Decisive battle especially has some interesting and heavy drumwork in it, and I must say my sub got a little bored with the piece. It just needs more umph. Keep it up... looking forward to a final release!
  21. Ultimate fail:; then... He must have worked VERY hard on copying and pasting those pictures into Windows Movie maker... And for the record, he did full-out claim the music as his own:
  22. Fisherman: "Biggest crab I ever caught!" Link: "It's a Goma!" Fisherman: "Hey, you're pretty good. Here ya go!" *sword pops out of nowhere and flies toward Link* Link: "Wow, thanks!" - Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil Impa: "Oh my! It looks like everyone has been taken to Tykogi Tower!" Man: "This is illegal, you know..." - Legend of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
  23. "Humongous gravy boat! Basketball cheesesteak! Skunks playing poker! Felt-tipped pomegranate prophecy!" -Eidon, Magi-Nation "I guess even a MONKEY can get lucky every once in a while..." -Gia, Magi-Nation "No, Grandpa! That's just some stranger who walked into our house!" -Some little girl from FFVII "Nothing can beat the sound of thousands of voices screaming in unison!" -Kefka, FFVI (Paraphrased a bit... can't remember exact quote): "The world is on the brink of destruction. Yuna! What should we do?" ...pause... "Let's sing!" -Brother and Yuna in FFX-2 "Congraturation!" -Victory message in Rainbow Islands
  24. Just make sure this doesn't happen to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWvOMEsFZH0
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