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  1. I can't believe no one posted this up, yet... Zero Punctuation: Painkiller
  2. I don't have a link to an actual song file, but I do to a video file, and it's not an OCRemix, but Appalachian Springs by Copland has a very dramatic hit. I know it's fairly slow for most of it, but if you start at about 4:20, it picks up and around 5:30 the dramatic "punch" comes in. BTW, I miss BLAST.
  3. What I would like to see is a FF3/6 movie. 'nuff said.
  4. I'm still waiting to hear about this Zelda movie... we've already established that neither of these trailers are what was originally being referred to. Honestly, I don't think anyone could make a Zelda movie that would be widely enjoyed.
  5. I hope you intend to make it longer Anyway, maybe it's my extreme love for bass, but you're missing a lot of it, it seems. The strong point of the original was to have to dark, brooding chords as kind of a dirge for Termina. Right now, it just sounds really "thin." I do like what you have done on it... there's just a great big hole where the depth should be.
  6. I'm going to have to politely disagree with this point. I feel that playing the actual games in which these characters star is what gives you the sense of nostalgia and all that. I've not played a SSB until this one, and I enjoyed it, only because I was already familiar with most of the characters and their backstories... You can't get all of the characters' histories from a game like this, and I feel the true nostalgia and appreciation lies with the games featuring these characters in their own worlds. But that may just be a point where we see things differently
  7. I enjoyed the tracks... if I listen to anything long enough, it grows on me anyway, but a couple of the tracks really stuck with me. If anything, just for the nostalgia of playing the game, and being young... not having a care in the world... *sigh* Those were the good ol' days...
  8. I think some of us need to realize that these are opinions... They are neither right nor wrong, and, quite frankly, who cares what IGN rated the game at? I know people that hate Ocarina of Time, yet it held the title of best videogame for quite some time. My point is, people have a right to dislike or even just express slightly negative thoughts about Sonic Heroes (or any other game for that matter) if they want for whatever reason they want, and same for liking it.
  9. Sonic's already an animal... And I vaguely remember something about "everyone's favorite video game character" already transforming into a wolf:
  10. I like how the video on page three actually includes the scenes with Link sneaking into the castle from OoT. Anyone ever notice how Zelda's always too late?
  11. 2:03... is that supposed to be Link about to use Din's Fire, or is it supposed to be him screaming like a little girl, pounding his fist into the ground angrily?
  12. You know, that IS true. I can't imagine how the storyline would be played out if Link never talked (of course, there are times in the games where a character will ask Link a question, and the character will say, "Oh, so you think ..."). And if he DID talk, I'm not entirely sure what he'd say... of course, that's why I'm not writing the script! As to why Malon isn't cuter, I'm sure there are a lot of us that have asked that... but she's the girl of farmer Mario, who's mother has yet to be seen (as far as I know), so right now, we just have to go with that.
  13. I have given up on all of humanity. D: I thought the Mario Bros. movie was horrible... The Zelda video games changed my life... We can't have this kind of crap floating around. Link looks like a monkey Zelda looks almost like she was just ripped out of a video game (ie FAKE) A Ganondorf... well... you know. And since when was the Triforce just sitting there in the open? This movie reeks of horribleness... PLEASE LET IT BE AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE!!!!!!!!
  14. I got five seconds into that game and realized it was going to suck majorly. Don't get me wrong, there were some things I liked, but the game was waaay to hypey and some of the missions were downright ridiculous... like, "The world's falling apart... I have an idea! Let's have Yuna put on a concert!!!! That will make everything better!" I can't believe I actually spent time in-game trying to sell tickets for this concert. FFX-2 is like Barbie's magical dress-up... with less Malibu resorts and fancy cars and bikinis... ... oh wait, I lied about that last one... ANYway, what I'd like to see come out of Square's revisiting of their earlier titles is a FFVI movie... but I tread carefully there because anytime someone makes a movie out of an awesome story, they make it suck...
  15. Okay, after listening to it a few more times, I have to admit, I totally lied. The string hits never seem to get old to me... At first they did, mainly because I was having a hard time following the overlaying synth (it sounded familiar, and I was having a hard time placing it with anything I've heard before... I assume it 100% original stuff?). After a while, I was like, "Okay, I know you're there, shut up for a minute" but then I realized I was talking to a piece of music, and decided to just give up on everything, due to the fact that I'm crazy. Naw... that whole last bit never actually happened. So yeah... the mix is good! Great work!
  16. Hey hey! Happy Birthday, girl! Edit: This is my 25 post. yay.
  17. This is kind of a hard track to remix, since there is like... five seconds of source material, so props on going down the path less traveled. I really do like this piece. Because of the lack of great source material, it leaves you open for your original stuff, and you exploited that opportunity very nicely in this piece. I really do like the intro, regardless of how long it is. My only complaint about it is that the transition from intro to main feels a little loose and/or garbled. Also, the string hits do get a little old after a while... but I'm not sure what else you would do with them, since that is pretty much your only fairly audible tie to the original piece... Love the ending! You get more props for going down the path less traveled and making it look cool.
  18. This is my first post in the WiP forums I really love the original of this piece. Your remix sounds extremely promising... However, it just feels extremely empty, as well. As has been said, the drum work is a little too quiet for my tastes. You might want to add a bit more complexity to the drum work as well. I really like what you've done... It just sounds... repetitive and empty at this point. Make the dramatic moments of the piece really grab the listener, and vary the repetitive parts so that they don't sound so repetitive. Maybe this is a better way of saying things: the remix doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. I've been listening to it this whole time on repeat, and I... well, instead of listening to a whole piece on repeat, I feel like I'm listening to the same minute and a half of the same thing over and over, and then it comes to a stop, and then repeats. Nice work, so far EDIT: Also, I swear the strings come in a shade late at 145... Every time I listen to it, it catches me off-guard, but when I repeat the same five seconds over and over, it doesn't sound as bad as I initially thought... Maybe I'm too sensitive??? I don't know...
  19. Video game music has always been important to me. Seriously, as a kid, I would put a tape recorder up to the TV speaker and record the background music, without playing, just so I could listen to it later on my "super-cool" walkman. I remember the first time I ever heard a video game remix. It was actually my junior year in high school. One of my friends had a mix CD he let me borrow that had a Zelda medley, and an 8-bit Mario medley on it. After that, I scoured the internet to find more of this stuff... However, I came up with only a handful of pieces... I'm not sure how I didn't run into OCR for the first few months of my searching, but somehow, I didn't. But when I did, I had found my music heaven. I think I listen to video game remixes more than the "popular" music of today (I sound so old). It's safe to say not a day goes by that I don't listen to OCR music. Awfully long post for such an easy question, I know.
  20. As has been said, the fade-out leaves more to be desired... It sounds like you've got some strings playing predominantly through the fade-out, though, which makes me feel like the piece was taking me somewhere, but then disappeared and left me by myself... I'll get over it, though. I would be up for having this piece completely finished to a definite ending someday. You did a very nice job, and I think, had it not been for the deadline, it would've been longer and better!
  21. Wow... I've not seen this much immaturity since middle school. It's obvious you two have differing opinions on the matter, and neither one of you is going to convince the other that your way is better, so drop it. I'm all for this thread being locked.
  22. http://bluebomberimo.deviantart.com/art/WII-ID-72303513 I guess the kid's art is useful to some extent. Unless Ian Ogley is some sort of pseudonym, we have his name.
  23. From IMEEM's ToS: So, does IMEEM know about this kid, or are we just fighting some stubborn pubescent emo? If we want to do something about it, give it to the people that can do something about it.
  24. Aww, dangit... right before I was about to post my long-butt flame... Well, I hope he reads the message I sent him anyway.
  25. I agree. Stealing is stealing. It's one thing to be four years old and take a toy out of the store because you thought it looked cool. The kid is still punished for it, but the situation is understandable: he's four. He doesn't understand that you have to pay for stuff if you want. But this is different. This guy is 14. He has stolen work and claimed it as his own... Not only that, but then he proclaims that its his over the internet! So if you have a problem with the fact that he's "young" and "doesn't understand" or whatever, at least flame him for being stupid.
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