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  1. Ahaha, Mag is over and I didn't see one OCR guy. I partied the fuck up with some Shizzies, though.
  2. I post wherever the hell I want, whenever I want, with whatever content I want. Especially at you.
  3. You could've quoted anything you've said, Luke.
  4. FaggotDome, you're going to fail this damned paper. I bet you didn't even mention the VRC6 in it. Because you're stupid and gay and stupid.
  5. Hahah, we got our posts deleted.

    Serious modding is serious. We're obviously worst enemies from that thread.

  6. Most programs have an LE version of the software. Sonar and Cubase do, and those are good places to start for linear recording/songwriting projects. For more loop-based software, look into Fruity Loops or Ableton.
  7. If I could like posts, I would like this post.
  8. To put it simply, it focuses on the different emphases of the hit, the attack and the release, and dynamically processes just those on their own.
  9. This is all that Space Jam wished it was and couldn't measure up to.
  10. This is especially true of the kick drum in metal. When you think "kick drum," you expect that it will be a big, boomy, loud thing, but in metal, the kick is mostly attack - the 'click.' Something else that might help are transient shapers. That'll help you emphasize the attack how you want. Very overlooked in beginning mixing, but a very powerful tool, especially for drums.
  11. Divine Heresy ain't nothing compared to what Fear Factory was with Dino.
  12. In his mind, he's totally thinking "Score!"
  13. Holy cow! You must be out of your mind to be giving away these deals like they're practically freeeeeee!
  14. So, this probably makes me an ass... But lately, my go-to synth has been TAL's Juno replica. It's primitive as all hell, but I love its sound, and I've been using that baby in just about everything recently.
  15. I've also been getting down with Cakewalk's z3ta, too. I like the way it sounds a *lot*, and it's very capable. The arpeggiator and effects are great, too (no arp in Massive :c). The interface is hardly very intuitive, though, and that's my biggest problem with it.
  16. Well? I'd say mine is Massive, since I know it real well and it's pretty versatile. I love how modular the envelopes are - though I'm sure I end up using those as a crutch at some points. On the other hand, I hate how the envelopes are ADSR, as opposed to AHDSR. I also have a hard time keeping my synth sounds simple, just because how powerful Massive is - most of my sounds end up way too huge and complex. So what's yours? What do you like and dislike about it? What genres and sounds do you use it for?
  17. Oh yeah. Just figured I'd say I'm confirmed for Mag. Dhsu, I'm going to suck your dick so hard.
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