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  1. If you still have 3D Dot Heroes, I would LOVE to take that off your hands. Edit: ohshi, didn't see second page. Kill the others.
  2. I'm just going to bump in to say that Kesha is awesome.
  3. That's what I would've said to you six months ago.
  4. http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/11/04/is-the-xbox-360-kinect-racist/
  5. My workflow: 1) Get drunk. 2) Keep getting drunk. 3) Repeat steps 1 & 2 every day for five months. 4) FFFFFFDEADLINE (do everything the day before)
  6. I wouldn't recommend getting EWQLSO Gold without the close mics. I used Gold and Gold XP forever - and they were pretty disappointing. Not that they sound bad, but the concert hall is so damned ingrained in the recordings that they're not versatile at all. I've since gotten VSL and am *far* more happy with it (soundstage recordings - very, very dry sound).
  7. Consent given. (Remixer name = Kidd Cabbage)
  8. Hey, OCR. I seem to remember you guys *insisting* to Leonidus to face it, that 1v5 is impossible. http://replays.heroesofnewerth.com/match_replay.php?mid=9413988
  9. I love me some DiMarzio Evolutions for a balanced tone. Our sigs are too similar. TWINS!
  10. Sol Survivor is $5. Good deal.
  11. Wrong. "Gain" is only a relative term meaning a raise in the loudness level (with attenuation being the opposite). The word you're looking for is the loudness "level." I'm also going to point out that "volume" is a marketing term, and has no real meaning in audio.
  12. My tip on learning how to write drum parts: Pick your favorite drummer... sequence out the entire drum track to some of his songs. You'll learn the nuances of whoever your influences are this way.
  13. It's very good! You feel like PMing me the score so I can see some of how you orchestrated it? Just a tip for your conducting - try not to get so lost in the score. Especially in the beginning, you seemed pretty tunnel-visioned on the score, rather than the orchestra, so you lost them a little bit early on. You fixed it in the latter half, though. Also, tell douchebag in the glasses next to the camera to quit dicking around and pay attention.
  14. No. Modal music is modal. Atonal music is atonal. Let's sum it up. Tonal music = V I and derivations thereof. The dominant to tonic relationship is what makes tonal music thus. Modal music does not do this. Modal progressions rely on the characteristic tones of the mode to cadence.
  15. It's what the towers would have wanted.
  16. I was going to make a post sticking up for you. Then you had to post this.
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