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  1. Deus Ex. I cannot get into this supposedly phenomenal game because I can't stand to look at it.
  2. Keep in mind that Harry Fox doesn't have every song registered, and that technically, most of the time we remix, we're violating copyright (copyright holder has the exclusive right to derivative works); just that most of the time, videogame covers and remixes are too small and insignificant for the copyright owners to really care.
  3. It's God's way of telling you that you don't deserve hearing after that.
  4. Bullshit on your bullshit. I have a bedroom in a house and that's where everything I have goes, including music. I have to find a place for both my desk and my bed, while keeping in mind that one wall is mostly covered by a closet and the other has a door in the middle. This leaves the *only* spot for my workstation in a corner with less than a foot from two walls. I'll leave this for comparison: This guy has carpeted floors - I have wood. He has more space from the wall than I can afford. And he has a far wider room than I have. All this considered, his kick drum still resonates almost twice as long without treatment in the exact same positioning. On more resonant things, like a bass guitar, all these added reflections not only clutter the sounds coming into your ears, but also cause very bad phasing issues with the original signals, completely distorting your perception of the mix, especially in the low end. Absolutely no way is hearing thrice the signal bounced back at you more accurate than a set of headphones with absolutely no reflections. So stop bullshitting out your mouth before I cram my dick in it.
  5. 1) "a decent set of monitors, even in a less than ideal monitoring situation, can give a much clearer "view" of what's going on." Less than ideal meaning an untreated room. The whole point was that his room is shitty, and untreated. 2) Acoustic traps plenty of the time cost more than the actual monitors. 3) Acoustic panels and traps can't fix everything. They'll help, sure, but when my right speaker has two walls a foot away on each side, panels don't fix it to the point that it is more accurate than cans.
  6. I disagree. This isn't always the case. In fact, since I moved, my studio monitors are less clear than my headphones because the room. My monitors are trapped in a corner, and thus, I have a lot of sound reflections coming off both the walls, and I get a *very* inaccurate bass response due to phasing and muddiness. While I agree that in an ideal situation, you would be using monitors instead of headphones, when using monitors, your room matters *as much* as the monitors you're using.
  7. I breathe music, too, since it's in the air. You can't even see it. It's a Miracle.
  8. If I may suggest something, Tensei, you need to make the ocean buyable at the PSR store. The entire ocean.
  9. I dunno. I think I heard about it on the shizz like five years back. I hated it and thought all the songs I heard were trash and left. lewl
  10. I'm just going to point out now how funny I find it that this is the only style where "nasty," "grimy," and "dirty" are good things when used to describe it. "What a filthy jazz guitar solo!" ?
  11. Ditto here, too. 20 and can hear to 22k in both ears, and high noises at night fuck me up. I was *very* surprised and relieved considering how much I LOVED Korn in high school and would get the biggest damned headphones I could and keep my CD player at the max volume. That and growing up on Metallica's black album, which my dad would blair with the speaker literally inches from my right ear. That and how many metal concerts I've been to with no earplugs (I've since started using them). When I got my first ipod in high school, I hated it because it didn't get loud enough. Edit: Oh, and add to this list, I'm a gun-owner and shooter, and I don't use hearing protection when I shoot. HOW DO I HAVE HEARING AT ALL?!
  12. I looked through my Battery 3 library today and was very disappointed to find that there were no kits suitable for breakbeats. Anyone know of any good breakbeat samples? Preferably something that I don't have to do a terrible amount of manual layering myself with.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FUZC3jTSN4&feature=related
  14. Can't stop listening to Keith Merrow lately. Fucking incredible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFE2B8o1Vnc
  15. Check out Bela D stuff. I like their Spiritual Winds anthologies a lot. http://www.beladmedia.com Tonehammer has some good stuff, too, but they're more niche sounds than general uses.
  16. Nope. You said two rhythm guitars. There are never more than two rhythm guitars at a time in the song, and never more than one lead guitar.
  17. Yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. One guitar hard-panned in each speaker definitely does the job well for me. Here's an example on the site from a few years ago that is only dual-tracked, and still has bigger sounding rhythms than the mix you posted. http://ocrmirror.iiens.net/files/music/remixes/Final_Fantasy_7_Yet_Even_More_Fighting_OC_ReMix.mp3 What about layering snares? I know people like zircon say they have like 15 drums in a single loop (which I don't even know where to start with... I'm like "Two is fine for me!"). Where does one go about picking this kind of stuff out at?
  18. Thanks for the demonstration Vagrance. I can hear the differences that the two are making to each other, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how they're really affecting each other, sonically. Another question that I have isn't just when you should layer sounds, but how do you choose which sounds should be layered together? Hear a kick and think "this needs more thump" and go find a thumpier kick, LP its low end and mix that in?
  19. So, I know what layering is. You take multiple sound files and you overlay them to create a sound with characteristics of both. I don't need anyone to explain that to me. What I need help with is knowing what/when to layer sounds. I consider myself pretty decent metal producer, but almost everything that I do is like... two rhythm guitars, a bass, and a drumkit. I've done some slight layering, but only like throwing a send on my snare and kick, compressing them to fuck and back, and mixing that with the original signal for more presence. But now I'm getting into other styles that I could use layering in, and I really don't know where to begin. Drums? Synths? Layering damned anything I could use some advice on what I should be listening for or keeping in mind. What mindset should I have when listening or thinking about it?
  20. I'm at Berklee College of Music right now, and the best advice I can give you is simple. Just do it. Practice. The more you do it, the faster you will get. Get a big honking book of sheet music, and play through each song as fast as you can. Ignore mistakes, and fix them on the second time through. Don't get used to analyzing it before you do it - just get used to doing it.
  21. What are you arguing about there? Whatever it is, I disagree with it.
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