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  1. Empath is probably the hottest hero in HoN. And I can't believe they brought Soapiadon without the ENTIRE FUCKING OCEAN.
  2. You're right. I obviously know nothing about HoN. And I never said anything about you not being able to do anything if you can't deny - you're pulling shit out of your ass for the sake of trying to make whatever point that you're going for. All I said is that denying makes the beginning of the game less boring in the same way that driving a manual car is less boring: you have one more thing to do and more control over the situation at hand. "they're too busy being obnoxious assholes trying to build up their self-esteem by being really good at a fucking shitty game that nobody cares about" Oh hey, look, a comment about competitive gaming in general. Surely there's no game that you've ever tried to be good at or that would make you a hypocritical ass.
  3. It's tedious BECAUSE it's so boring. At least denying gives you something else to do. Interpretation fail.
  4. Well, more precisely, it was cutting off the first bit of the recorded sample. Isn't there a way to just export a track that's already synched with the tempo?
  5. Hey, I'm working with a friend on a track and he's sending me FL project files, but I'd rather work on some sections in another DAW. When I click the disk in the bottom of the track in the mixer and hit record, it does record, but the recorded audio is out-of-sync with the time, both in FL Studio and my other DAW. Any ideas?
  6. Hey, whether you like the song (or anyone does) is irrelevant to what I said. After hearing it once, you'd recognize any part of the song again and probably sing the chorus, and I'll be damned if more than very few people on these forums can produce a song that is as aesthetically pleasing as the production on the track.
  7. The difference is Friday is actually a catchy song with high production values. With this, I'm just astounded that somewhere along the line, someone wasn't like "Okay, guys. We fucked up. This wasn't a good idea."
  8. Fanks pals. My 22nd was ridiculous and the night ended up with me passed out and covered in my stomach contents in front of 25 of my closest friends. Pure success.
  9. You need a keyboard that can send MIDI data, either through a MIDI port, in which case you'll also need a MIDI interface, OR a keyboard that sends MIDI data through USB.
  10. So those are his tastes. However, what reflection can you make about my personality change now that I prefer Mahler, Coltraine, or Bassnectar more than Metallica? It doesn't mean a damned thing about me. If I only had one meal for the rest of my life, it'd be spaghetti. Does that mean that I'm loud, arrogant, fat, and Italian?
  11. Absolutely not. Your musical taste has nothing to do with who you are. I used to buy into this - being a metalhead basically since I can remember. All through middle and high school, wearing only black clothes, whatever. Then I grew up. I go to one of the most well-known music schools in the world and I write music for work (across ALL genres). Somewhere along the line I realized that it's all taste - and just as little as your preference to seafood or sweets or ketchup or any other food taste means about *who you are*, it matters just as much what vibrations in air pressure touching your ear drums means to your personality. Huge run on sentence, so let me clarify that - taste: does it mean anything about your personality if you like ranch dressing over Italian dressing? Feel: does it mean anything about you if you prefer hard pillows to soft? Sight: Does is mean a goddamned thing about you if you prefer Greek sculptures over Renaissance paintings? None of that means dick about you, so why does the noise you prefer to listen to? I still love metal, but hey, I'm no less "hardcore" of a person if I wear a tie and button-up shirt today. My personality won't suddenly change if I decide to listen to Miles Davis all of a sudden. You can commit just as many acts of vandalism if you're wearing a Polo shirt as if you have a mohawk. It's all just people trying to make social statements through arbitrary-ass means, when really, if I prefer the sound of a piano to the sound of a 303, it just means that I like the sound of a piano more.
  12. You're still a homo, but I'm totally throwing a couple bucks at you for this album. My only complaint - you transposed up Zero-G Lemonaid! I liked the register it was at before. More mellow feel.
  13. I've seen it referring to what you're talking about - different instruments fighting for the same sonic space, though the more common meaning for "mud" in the world is too much low mids - the heavy unclarity at like 150-400hz. Different instruments fighting for the same space is called "masking." That being said, like you mentioned, on OCR many people do call masking by the name of muddiness.
  14. Yes, the REX filetype is owned by Propellerheads, and buying Recycle is the only way to create them. No, there are some other ways to do this, but to have it as streamlined as REX is very software-specific. For instance, FruityLoops has a built-in plugin called "Slicer" that can do things similarly. I don't know of any third party ones, and I don't use FL, so when I want to do this, I just take the sample and manually chop it up, then map each part of the sample to a different key trigger on a standard sampler plugin like Kontakt or the drum rack in Ableton Live. Ableton also has a built in way to do that automatically:
  15. Her glasses are broken.
  16. I would highly recommend AGAINST East West, then. Cheaper East West symphonic libraries are far miked in a concert hall, meaning there's so much reverb cooked into the samples that you're going to have to have a real hard time getting the sounds to cut through in a metal mix.
  17. It sounds like he's creating instrument tracks, as opposed to MIDI tracks.
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