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  1. So, had I known there was a HoN thread on here and people actually played it, I'd probably triple my post count in a week. I don't really post on here and nobody knows who I am, but if you feel like playing with me, add me: KiddCabbage. And on another note, although Kraken isn't one of the best heros in the game, he's definitely not terrible. There are other strength heroes that play like intellect heroes (Pebbles and Behemoth). Early game, Kraken can have good burst spell damage and very high health, and all through the game is a good initiator for team fights.
  2. How the hell did this get so far back without any responses? I can vouch for the total awesomeness of this CD. Leg Vacuum is tits.
  3. Magfest was the greatest thing ever. I didn't really get to meet many OCRemixers, aside from the shizzies on here, Dhsu, and Larry. I can't wait until M7...
  4. Her vocals are processed to hell and back. I've heard she uses pitch alteration on her voice, and although I'm not sure how true that is, I'm fairly certain she does.
  5. Can someone give me Vocoding 101? I'm using Sonar 7, and have Waves Morphoder, and I can't figure out how to use the damn thing. I know that the concept of a vocoder is that it mixes two signals... but how, and how are each of the sounds laced into the sound? And also, how do I control the MIDI? It's an effect, not an instrument, so Sonar won't let me route a MIDI signal through it, and for whatever reason, the Cakewalk plugin manager won't let me change the Morphoder to a synth. Any help?
  6. I do love me some stealth games.
  7. I was extremely excited about this game when I first heard about it. Then I wasn't because the wait was just way too long. Then, I was extremely excited again when it started popping up again, and I saw some videos - the game looked amazing and I was more and more hyped about it every day. Now, I'm not so excited. I know a guy who played it early because he works at the game store, and he says his impressions are "below meh". The one-button fighting system is terrible, and it's more of an action game than a stealth game. There's no use trying to sneak at all when the fighting system lets you just run in and kill everyone. Apparently has terrible AI, and horrendous controls. I hope he's wrong as hell because I was really excited about it, and I love stealth games. Please be wrong...
  8. I've always wanted to know how to synthesize sounds I'm looking for, but have never known ANYTHING about theory. Hell, I don't even understand my Pro-53. I just pick a preset and twiddle some knobs until I get something sounding nice. Is there a site where I can start to learn the basics of sound synthesis? I at least want to know how to use my Pro-53 (dual-oscillator synth)
  9. It just so happens that Zzounds has the new amp, keyboard, and interface that I plan on buying.
  10. Ahh, this seems to be relevant to my interests. I think this is what I'm looking for. So, if I have those options checked, and export the audio from my drums to the laptop, it will line up in the project exactly the way the MIDI did originally?
  11. haha, I don't mean samplerates, I mean samples - timing. EDIT: And I'm assuming that if I record audio at 44.1k 24-bit WAV files, and export them at the same quality with dithering turned off, I wouldn't suffer any quality loss.
  12. I refuse! You guys sure that when exporting everything and re-importing it to the project, it will be sample accurate?
  13. haha, I know where the parts go, man, but it's not that. It's on a smaller level, where it's more about nuance. Like, I used to record and my recordings were always about 90 samples behind (I never adjusted the offset). Although the recordings were close enough that they seemed to be on time, it just never sounded very right or professional - the playing never felt like it was 'in the pocket', so to speak. Now, this may just seem like I'm being petty, but it really does make a difference. I've since fixed my offset, and I can guarantee a huge improvement just because the rhythms line up more precisely. Especially with how much compression I use on my music - rhythms have to line up right or it really messes with the compression on tight rhythms.
  14. I have, however, had bad experiences with tempos, although set the same, not lining up exactly. I mean, this was Fruity Loops years ago, but I've been paranoid and skeptical ever since.
  15. The big issue is that if I just manually took the wav files is this: I don't have my drum samples on the laptop, so I'm going to have some form of bounced audio on the laptop that I record over. Then, when I record the guitars over the bounced drum tracks, I would have to transfer the recorded guitar tracks back over. The whole issue is getting my recorded guitar tracks to line up perfectly with the original sequencing.
  16. I understand that this process may be, and probably is, different by each recording program, so I'll say now, I'm using Sonar 7. Well, background - all of my mixes are very guitar-based metal. I've worked very hard on my tone, dual miking my amp even, to get it how it is, so I'm not open to switching to line-in to fix my problems. Well, at semester, I'm transferring to Berklee (hooray), and will most likely be living in the dorms. Here's what messes me up: you're not allowed to play amped instruments in the dorms. I'll have to go to the practice rooms to play with any sort of amp, so to record my guitars, I'll have to record in the practice rooms. I use a desktop for all of my remixing, but I do have a laptop. It's apparent to me that in order to keep miking my amp, I'll have to get a firewire interface for my laptop and bring my laptop with me to the practice rooms to record my guitars. Although I'll use it for the actual recording, I will do my sequencing, mixing, and mastering on my desktop, back at the dorm (it's far more powerful than the lappy). So, here's how my process will look: -I'll sequence out my programmed instruments (mainly drums using DFHS) on my desktop. -I'll somehow get the bounced audio to my laptop (my lappy's HDD isn't big enough for DFHS or other sample libraries) -I'll record my guitars on my lappy. -I'll somehow get the recorded guitars to my desktop for mixing. Now, I need help because I don't know how to get the audio between the computers with the audio lining up just how it should be. I can't just export the tracks, I wouldn't think, seeing that I would have to manually line up the tracks, and that would hardly end up precise. Any ideas? EDIT: It also should be of help to know that I've got a 250gb external HDD that could be of use here.
  17. Is that not implying that what you're listening to can have some positive influence on your music? I find it hard nowadays to find much music with much applicable positive influence. Not like it's ever been much better for me, though. And even though I may hear every subtle nuance, it also means that I hear every problem a lot more clearly, too. Honestly, I hate my music just as much as I like it. I listen to it, and I'm like "Man, if only I did this and this and this...", but hey, that's a big way that I improve myself. Really, I'm probably my music's hardest judge.
  18. I know this topic doesn't really have much room to go anywhere, but this has been an enigma that has plagued me for a while. I know that there are a few people who listen to my music on their own accord, and I'm actually really grateful that I can produce something that other people appreciate as well, but man, I think I like the sound of my own music too much or something. Maybe I'm just proud that I actually did something somewhat worthwhile other than play a buttload of videogames, but whatever it is, I find myself listening to my own music on loop at a growing rate. It really doesn't help that my own music is the only music on my laptop, either. It's not that I'm a pompous jerk or anything, and maybe it's only due to the fact that I'm naturally going to try to make musically that stylistically suits me, but this is an observation of mine, and I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. And really, it's way hard to mix and master music when the only music you've listened to recently is your own. Nothing professional or commercial to reference your ears off. Anyone else suffer this issue?
  19. Well, I've decided to take my hand at it, so it's on its way eventually.
  20. Yeah, well... I don't have the patience to figure out the logical editor, so it's easier for me.
  21. I would like to point out that the tuna fish is the most important tool required.
  22. One thing to keep in mind about EWQL is that the samples come with packed in reverb - and I do mean PACKED. This can really make things difficult, stylistically. With EWQL in metal mixes, the reverb can make the instruments hard to mix well, and can sound pretty mushed up. Just a tip. It'd really have been better if EWQL had a way to play with the built-in reverb, but, they don't.
  23. Yeah, in Sonar 6 at least, there are ways to do things similarly, but in my opinion, a lot easier. Like, velocity, you can select the track, go to the velocity tool, and set all of them to a certain amount with randomization (so if you wanted a 60-100 range, you could set all notes to 80 with a 20 point randomization). There's also a Tendency bar for the randomization, too, so, how often it goes up as opposed to down and by how much. There's other cool tools to make things really natural, too, like if you copy and paste a drum part, for instance, and you want the same accentuation, but not all the same hits, you could select it and in the velocity tool, set it to Change - 0, Randomization - 7 or something. There's ways to really humanize all the MIDI things, like length and quantization. You can do cool things, too, like only have the effects apply to certain hits. There's a 'select by filter' option, and you can filter the notes by pitch and beat and all those options, so you can select all the snare hits on 2 & 4 with that filter and only have the effects apply to those notes. Anyways, this isn't just Sonar 7 - I'm still using 6, and I'm just ranting at this point. That I know of, there's no actual function thing, but there's ways to pull it all off, and from my view, a lot easier and more controlling, too.
  24. Aww, had an introduction all typed out and page doesn't load. I'll type up a summed up version, then. I'm Ibby. I've never been a part of the OCRemix community, but I've been remixing videogame music for a little while. I've been entering the Dwelling of Duels competition for almost two years under the name Kidd Cabbage, and even got first place last month with a huge Dragon Warrior, Wizards and Warriors, and Willow megamedley done up in orchestral metal. My music tends to end up a type of frantic metal. I play guitar and I haven't really dabbled in much electronic music. If you feel like acquainting yourself with any of my music, it's all on my webpage, which is linked through this profile, or if you're lazy, click here. Also submitted my first OCRemix a week or two ago. Wish me luck on that. Anyways, hello all - I think that was the point I've been trying to make. Edit: And God, I'm having a tough time trying to get used to having the newest posts be at the top of the first page, as opposed to the bottom of the last.
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