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  1. I managed to find the midi of this on VGMusic earlier this week, and through googling I found that Blue.Nocturne had submitted it to OCR as well. I emailed him for the mix as I found it in the approved-but-not-yet-posted-queue... it makes me glad to see it here so soon after receiving it through email. I love the arrangement, it's extremely good and sounds awesome even with regular midi samples - before getting the mp3 I made an mp3 of the midi so I could put it on my mp3 player...
  2. This is awesome material... I'm getting all nostalgic about the good old days, playing GE with my friends... Then our N64 joysticks died on us.
  3. I remember listening to this when it was just a WIP from Audix. I loved it, played it almost daily for a month, and then kind of forgot about it. When it showed up on the main page I noticed Tweek had added some melodies to it and liked this new version even more. Then it sort of fell into the fog of forgetfulness again until I was cleaning my desktop and noticed it sitting there. This is such a beautiful tune - I particularly love the piano, which moves my heart and pushes me to tears. Great work, definitely in my top-OCR list.
  4. I chose Sam because, well, I was looking through the avatars available and just happened to stumble upon him. That, and I've always liked him - he's always calm but deadly sarcastical/cynical, something I wish to be at times too. Oh, and trench coats are cool.
  5. Bought a black t-shirt and donated 10$. Keep up the good work pretzel!
  6. I'd guess that's in Swedish SEK, not in USD... it's about 3,361.42$ according to xe.com
  7. Wow, this is really nice! I had some of the soundfonts, but the ones I did extract and the flp file had no encryption, nor did the flp have any trouble opening the files (all my soundfonts are in the soundfont folder in FL) Thanks =)
  8. Just so you know, in case you grow tired of OSS, you can download the FL demo as many times as you want to. So nothing stopping you there from trying it out. The only limit with the demo is that you can't save stuff in flp format, only render it.
  9. Well done! I loved how the images went together so well with your speech
  10. This is what I meant. Thanks a million for a very thorough explanation! *goes off to play with reverse delay*
  11. Bear with me on this one - I'm new to both FL Studio and the computer music business in general, though I'm starting to get some hang of it. I'm wondering how I'd go about to recreate the sort of wave-y or fluttery effect that you can hear in this sample? Not necessarily the exact sound per se, but the effect. (And yes, kudos to those of you who recognize it from DKC2's "Stickerbrush Symphony")
  12. On sort of the same note... Shenmue 3! I've been waiting for ages now :/
  13. You have my deepest condolences... I never got the chance to meet Reuben, but I love his music. My thoughts are with you.
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