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  1. y u so dum bra

    it da beast

  2. I would be here if there was something to do.

  3. I thought you died, bro.

  4. what are you talking about i was never a newbie

  5. You called me "dum"

    I just answered you here to confuse you.

    Mission Accomplished.

  6. You, Sir, are the one that is doltish, not I.

  7. buttercup says you're the werewolf or something

    whatever that means


    i fucking was and im sure i ate her at some point

    also she is bad at probability math tell her that

    -Sigiled General CE

    Message delivered icon_war.gif

  8. Omg don't link to remod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I swear I've seen you post before in other threads...

    You had that sig with gum from JetSetRadio I believe.

  10. didn't you have a 2006 join date?

  11. FR

    I have magic powers

  12. Your new avatar scared the crap out of me

  13. Mission Accomplished

  14. FR

    Be my friend please.

  15. It's supposed to be a secret. OK not really.

  16. FR stands for Frustration Raptor.

    I don't mind it being pronounced like fraa though.

  17. You don't like Morrigan?

  18. It's a message thing so people can say "Hi" or whatever.

  19. FR

    Ha ha this message thing is awesome. I'm finding people I've never even heard of.

  20. On mine too.

  21. OK got it. Deleted judo ant von deed or whatever.

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