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  1. Most of my family has the $50 Gets You Everything plan. they say they love it. I'm still with AT&T and I'm thinking of going to Boost. I'm paying about $20 more with AT&T after taxes and fees. I'm digging the Boost idea.
  2. 3Sparrow

    District 9

    I just had a friend of mine attempt to draw parallels between Shaun of the Dead and District 9. Advice?
  3. Here's a decent band name generator. You know, if you're still up in the air on a name.
  4. /DarthVaderNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  5. 3Sparrow

    Music: Marches

    The Russian march I listen to alot is "The Sacred War". It reminds me of the title theme from Star Wars: Republic Commando ("Vode An") A German march I listen to alot can be heard in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, called Der Königgrätzer Marsch. don't know if that dark enough for you, but it's got a beat. Seriously, I used to play this as loud as possible when I had a decent system in my car.
  6. I can't take Jake seriously anymore. Not since Broke Back Mountain. I wish I knew how to quit you...
  7. I heard they originally wanted to cast Chuck Norris, but that idea was thrown out when it was discovered that the movie would be incredibly short and would consist mainly of slow-motion footage of a roundhouse kick.
  8. QFE (again?) When TechTV was running ads for the merger, I was excited. I saw a day's worth of G4 while at a friend's place playing EQ and I liked what I saw. Then it happened. My soul cried. Babies melted. Tommy Tallarico proved that he should do less talking and more composing. I saw one great channel bow down to a Soviet-style takeover by swarms of fanboy twitch-kiddie television programs. It hurt. I started drinking heavily. We had to stop seeing less of each other and... Wait, I drifted off there...
  9. I am sick and tired of these mother-f'ing Samuel L. Jacksons in these mother f'ing movies. Lol... But seriously. Who is peddling him out?
  10. It's not an OC Remix, but I find this song works well, especially if you're looking for some fun... deep in the night... On a semi-related note, has anyone here grown a decent pornstache, pornchops, or pornmullet?
  11. Well, at least he's not planning any M. Night Shammylomninomnomnom collabs.
  12. Only thing that comes to my mind is Kefka Goes West... Dunno if that's lazy/goofy enough, though.