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  1. fun, nice, cheerful, simple, and rather orginal, it also has that feel of nostalgia, well for me that is, you don't hear much simple and fun arrangements around ocremix as of late well besides halc stuff. keep up the work, looking forward to an update.
  2. you are a god, seriously this is neat, very plat, can't wait till the next update
  3. pure fun, gosh been a while since i heard a track on ocremix that put such great emphases on enjoyment, fun, orginality, and did i forget to mention fun? =D fits the summer mood so well, and yay for nostalgia. great work guys
  4. cute and fun indeed. ahaha this is really nice. not sure what i can comment on, but i guess you could try playing around with the notes and add in some of your own variations. love your voice =D
  5. been wondering whatever happened to this mix when i heard it on the wips forum. the arrangement is fantastic, and the production is pretty solid. has a nice melody to it, havn't heard mixes like this for a long while. congrats on making oc artist, its indeed a very promising start. I'll be looking forward to your future submissions. =]
  6. dude you gotta update this man, well after your done with manoria =D
  7. Absolutely magnificent, beautiful, stunning, and much more than words can describe. I love celtic music and your voice just goes so well with the mood. I listened to your other pieces as well and I have to say you are a natural =] I'm looking forward to more of your works and future submissions. I give this a perfect 10 out of 10
  8. oh nice, been waiting for some chrono cross mixes, the productions is pretty solid. The guitar part that comes in a little past the middle is good, but maybe you could replace it with a more heavy electric guitar tone or sitar =]. arrangement is pretty decent but as of now it seems to rely a bit too much on the orginal source(or so i think). the eq is great. overall pretty neat mix you got here, can't wait for the next update.
  9. Hey the music is tight, thanks for sharing =] edit: wow this is really good stuff haha
  10. ether is pretty much on spot with everything. especially that breakdown at 1:11 with the "airy-sounding synth" as ether states. I was digging it for the first 3 secs but then it has that paused as ether mentions and it kinda killed it for me, maybe you can maintain that airy vibrant longer so there isn't any pause inbetween when it repeats or you could vary it a bit more but still maintain that chill like melody. Oh and it would be cool if you bring in the airy part again around the three quater mark. looking forward to an update. keep up the good work edit: oh one last thing i want to add, maybe you could lower the bass just a little so you can bring out the sound of the violins more (or is it cellos?) but that's just my preference, i'm not all that big on bass.
  11. so i guess i should change the topic to guy uses old computers to make music physically? O_O
  12. so i just found this video and thought i shared with the community. awesomeness would be an understatement ;3
  13. From the company that brought you Jade Cocoon, Crave Entertainment. any remix or interpretation would be greatly appreciated =D it's a really good melodic - new age/celtic track. it's really enjoyable =] Edit: here is another one i requested months ago. this track is awesome
  14. this is sick. man you gotta finish up your wipSSSSS, you are like the next big thing to happen to ocr haha. the production is definietely there. arrangement wise and interpretation is definitely on par with ocr standards. the only minor problem i have with this is the drums, could use a little more variation and just a bit of attack, other than that really good work here. edit: btw the beginning to 1:24 what theme is that from? sounds really nice
  15. the definition of what a hardcore gamer is varies from person to person, there is no one true answer, somebody already mention that. as for the the gaming industry, i've been a gamer since 1996, my first game being donkey kong country for snes and games have come a long way, but i have to say its just not as fun as it use to be. games of today has declined in gameplay and storyline of course this is my opinion. they just don't make them like they use to or maybe the gaming compaines just seem to focus too much on making profit (which i know that's what all businesses want) to actually make an enjoyable and fun game. they just tend to focus on more flashy stuff like graphics, or killing, gore, violent language,etc, honestly when was the last time you actually enjoyed a game because it was fun? today's game all target what the companies think gamers want like fps... gaming companies will unlikely take risk into doing something innovating because of the fear that it will become a failure. i think that game companies that actually make games for fun would probably produce better games than companies that focus on making profits....like think about it, wouldn't you be more happier working at a job you like, wouldn't that make you want to work more, have more enthusiasm instead of working at some crap job you feel like quitting but your only working for cause of the pay, which you probably won't even bother to give your all...actually better example would be when your in college and you choose a major cause it pays more....honestly your more likely not to try as hard as you should. its the same for game designers....they rather make a game thats fun and not just cause they think it will make them money, unfortunately if the idea doesn't seem presentable to a wide audience then their boss is gonna say no....the ironic part is that it might be a groundbreaking game, but gets turned away cause the boss doesn't think it will appeal to what the majority of the audience wants which happens to be mainly flashy stuff...or the younger gamers who don't know a damn thing of course i don't mean all of them. edit: wish i could reword this better, at the moment its just not coming to my head, sigh* i think what kitashi is trying to say is that, game designers are being diverted away from focusing on the storyline or gameplay because of the amount of work it takes to put into the graphics.
  16. unfortunately i would really like to comment this on full, but i'm in a bit of a rush, so i'll definitely come back and give more feedback. =] glasfen pretty much hit the spot on this one. i would like to add that you could have a little variation here and there, it doesn't have to be too much, i can say that this mix is pretty promising and i would definitely like to see this up on the front page. Edit: Alright, now that i've got some time on my hand, i can give a better feedback. I like what you got going on the the intro, its a good way to start out the piece, very nostalgic like. Your transition at the 25 sec mark was flawless very vibrant as glasfan stated. I like those bells your using or is it a xylophone? (i'm no good at determining what instruments are what >.<) you may want to bring those out a little more its kinda low to hear during the 1 minute mark. i like what you did after 1:30 with your own material. i could definitely see maracas working in this theme. i think you could also add a percussion like congas. i guess the only issue i have with this piece is that you need more variety of melody but you know that already (its not easy to mix a relatively short piece like this one which is also repetitive). this is a really enjoyable piece to listen to, reminds me of the golden age of gaming, you really capture that feeling of how games use to be enjoyable and its fun gameplay and not the flashyness or the graphics... i'll be looking forward to your updated version. 2nd edit: okay now that i'm listening to this on my headphones, i just noticed you have a drum in there which you should probably bring out a little more since its hard to hear that, i didn't even notice it when i first listened to your piece haha.
  17. As the title states, I am looking for some recommendations of new age mixes from the site or any mixes that are very melodic. -Thanks in advance =] edit: or something that's chill example: Vurez's mix Mega Man 6 'Flurry of Frozen Fury'
  18. this mix is sweet, very nostalgic, definitely an interesting take on it, though i feel that at 2:11 was a bit out of place, it didn't seem to fit into the track at all to me but its not really a big deal. the ambience on this track is sick. wish they made more mixes 9 out of 10
  19. oh man this brings back memories, very nostalgic for me, cause this was one of those track i would constantly loop for hours when i was in jhs. has that 90's feel haha for me that is. the piano and the bells go well together sounds like a christmas theme. i could definitely see myself chilling to this mix while gazing out onto the stars. man they don't make mixes like these anymore, very special 9 out of 10, man i being completely bias xD
  20. electronica with melody = epic win this mix is very dreamy like and is an interesting take on an over mixed track. 8.5 out of 10
  21. i could definitely use this for meditating. i love new age stuff man so i'm going to be totally bias in this review >=] i love how you started out with the flute very melodic with that atmosphere behind it. the percussions are nice gives that tribal feel to it. though it gets repetitive i have no issue with it. this piece is very relaxing, i sleep to this sometimes =] good productions and arrangement. 9 out of 10
  22. this is sick....great productions, arrangement, god everything... the organ at beginning was tight, and every transition into the next music was good. the part at 4:16 and so on was killer man, def loving the sync. i don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said, fantastic job. 9.5 out of 10
  23. this mix is sick....the production and arrangement is really good, i love the flute that comes in ever now and then, but what is that instrument being used at 1:25? its sick.....never heard anything like it, and if it was a bad sample it sounded pretty good cause it seems to fit in so well. i guess the reason why i liked this piece a lot is because the constant change in instruments used to play different parts. i would recommend this to anyone. 9 out of 10
  24. i dig this track especially the fact that i love the orignal version, the harmonica was an interesting choice, and i have to say it seem to fit well into this concept. my only problem was that the drums could've had a little more OmpHHH to it. other that that good stuff, 8 out of 10
  25. this mix is my all time favorite out of the album, its so dreamy like, (nostalgia kicking in), i have to agree with OA, everything in this mix is so well thought out, the instruments and arrangement just seem to compliment one another, everything fits sooo well, the piano solo was nice, very melodic, and when the guitar kicked in, instant win.... the musicbox at the end was really a good idea, wish there were more mixes with musicbox in them. 10 out of 10, its a must have
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