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  1. I like cataloging and would love to hear everything ocremix has to offer! So once there is a way to tag songs on their profile, count me in!
  2. The song was called, "Jazzy Blue Day". It was supposed to be my first blues song that would follow the 12 bar structure. I was at home on my keyboard, when I was trying to play angel island zone act 1, it struck me! I should just remix this song into jazz! Ah... but it had to be original... I wanted it to be original. So I kept playing with the chord progression and some key notes looking for a tune until I finally found it! The absolute moment I heard myself play the keys correctly, the entire rest of the song followed. Except for the transitions, I suck with those. I brought it to my piano teacher... "You realize that this isn't a 12 bar blues anymore, right? It's 16." I didn't care, I wanted to work on this song right here. 2 weeks later, we finished it. Teacher said that I should copyright it immediately. (If I knew how to do that, I would) BONUS: Several months later, I started playing it on the practice pianos in college. In the middle of it, a random kid stormed in the room and asked, "Dude, what song is that from?!" "Oh, I composed it myself!" "What!? It sounded so good out there! Dude, you're going places, my name is Bryan!" "My name is (Insert name)" "Aww, man, it's stuck in my head! I gotta go, so I'll see you later!?" That was my first random person who instantly became a fan! Woohoo! https://soundcloud.com/halden-ryker/jazzy-blue-day
  3. Hi everyone, i'm a newb. So much a newb, I kept a draft that was ready for email to the submission address so when I finish a song, it wouldn't take too long. For some reason, yahoo mail decided to send out the drafts that I had... Those were not good songs, here's a tip, wait a week before you listen to it again. Sounds totally different. Well, here's hoping that they don't judge that. Anyways, i'm really interested in this website, first on my homepage tabs, it also took me around 3 years to actually post something in this topic. Well... Lost my train of thought... I hope to get good at all the mastering of tweaking that's involved, I just don't make samples sound good right now.
  4. hammersound.net soundfonts.darkesword.com soundfonts.it
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it just takes a long time to get a hint on the rendering process in fl studio. Here's is what I've figured out from many MONTHS (yes months, it took me that long) of searching. First, Set the file to WAV then do 16 bit or 32 bit, 16 seems like it doesn't like loud notes, my suggestion is 32 because that recently has gotten me to places. Next is the wrap, cut, and leave bar. WRAP: if your planning a loop to be done in fl studio for say -a flash game menu- Then pick this IF you want the reverb to stay while it loops(pretty much not sounding cut when the song restarts) CUT: No reverb at the remainder here, just like starting the song all over as if it's the first time listening to it. Pretty much, the song will end abruptly if you don't put a no-note. (I had to come up with something) Leave Remainder: This is for songs that are full and don't end by going straight back to the beginning. You want this choice if you want your songs to end like they do on OcReMix. no-note-(working title): This is for songs that end on the line. a no-note is a note that doesn't play, yet it's there to just end the song in a drifting way. You put it in the beat ahead of your ending, then change the velocity to 0%. Simple as that. Quality Linear: Very Low quality, but downloads very fast. Use for quick touches. 6 Point Hermite: Is just a little slow than linear, yet it has better quality. Use this for listening to the song without the long wait. 64-point Sinc: This is for higher quality and slower downloads. An interpolation method for sampler channels. 128-point Sinc(ocremix quality): This is slow, and conveys great detail. 256 - 512: SLOW AS HELL! even if it takes hours to render, just hang on, IT IS RENDERING. Go play Xbox or something because these are VERY HIGH QUALITY AND VERY SLOW. Quality options Dithering: If there is a high point in the song and you chose 16bit, then this will take care of it for you. Alias-free TS404: This works for Alias, I don't know it's agency but it works for the song somehow. HQ(high quality)for all plugins: Of course your going to pick this. You'd be retarted if you didn't. Disable max poly: This is for many notes playing at once. It will stop distortion from happening at the time, and will "keep it clean" Options Split mixer tracks: A good guess would be that it splits the channels to be played separately, as if rendering only one part of the song, except you did it all at once. Save ACIDized: For the file to be used in further production in Sonic Foundry's ACID. Save slice markers: For further editing if anything was sliced. Delay Compensation: Enable PDC. I have no idea... Google it and you will get government funds. Last important thing If you have your song on the playlist (the thing with the long squares that puts the music from different patterns into one) make sure that your :Pat: Is off and on :Song: If you have everything setup lie a midi would be, then pick :pat: :Pat: stands for pattern and :song: stands for the playlist with all the long square and the long list of pattern selections. pattern1 pattern2 pattern3 pattern4 pattern5 and so on... It's THAT whole rig plus the thing above it.
  6. I'm a noob too, but all the stuff of tutorials I saw were complicated and overwhelming. So I tried to simplify it.(maybe I should have put pictures)
  7. That is just too different I think now... maybe I should wait a month before posting once, listen to the song, know what is wrong. I figured out AUDIO. you sneaky people put it in WAV then converted it to mp3. I'm gonna make a forum on that.
  8. I'll figure out audio somehow http://rapidshare.com/files/178509920/The_Darkness_of_Light.mp3
  9. Every time I try to continue something When I get an idea, I put it down in fruity loops. I listen to the put down and it comes up something else, that's when I get an idea to do something else. My General problem explained, is that when I work on something, I get another idea, and another while working. I have a library of, like- 24 waiting songs to be completed. This remix though. I want to stick to it. What makes me sad, is that I told my god-brother about fruity loops and now, he is completely better than me. Problem #2 (Quality) I try to get the quality perfect, but I got emailed back that it wasn't. I set all the settings to high quality in fl too. Anyways, i'm working on it. I'm not giving a new mp3 out yet though. (^That is a lot of whining)
  10. dude, that already happened, like for example, The theme of Mirror's edge is Still Alive. The theme of Portal is Still Alive. Search Still Alive on Google and you get Portal's Theme
  11. What can I say, I heard this the first time hearing static white noise in the background while everything was playing, but once the rest came in, that all disappeared and told me that it could have been on purpose to show oldness in the area playing(hope I'm right or i'll be hunted) The rise was far beyond impressive! Pretty much, almost everything collaborated together as of 1:44 the drums seemed a little cut off when the switch happened. Now just because he used(awesome) dated sounding tones does NOT mean it isn't a good song. You have to pick carefully with the tones though to make sure you don't blow anybody's ear off. Scratty411, You chose wisely. The ending is just perfect timing to show that you just got beat dropped. (no offence Beatdrop, your fantastic) This last sentence is very weird but I can't find this mix fantastic or impressive as of it being much, much better than that. "This remix is orgasmic" Previewed post 8 times before creation
  12. whatever type of searching you did, I'll do one right... now! 5...4...3...2...1...........? you came up
  13. I use these compressors all the time to copy and past into the sounfontts file contained in the fl studio file location program files/flstudio(x2)/data/patches/soundfonts they are a compressed format off tons of sampled or created sounds that are easily read in flstudio or any program that takes em' If the file looks like a violin mess(then copy and paste to your soundfont file) if it's something else, then your going to need to searh for example, a sfark file opener.(you should get a few matches, look at the promising ones) they are free.
  14. [Also, I might be wrong (and probably am), but to the people addressing the sound in the beginning, I'm pretty sure that's what you hear on the last stage of the game, right before fighting Robotnik (Eggman?). ] If that's Eggman, then the other laugh is Sonic mocking him. Damn good ReMix, One of my favorites ever! Impresses me everytime.
  15. I stick to Sonic heavily I just don't think he's fast enough in brawl. It's kinda hard for me to learn anyone else, except Meta Knight. I guess I like characters that attack fast and hard. Heh, what am I saying, that's adrenaline speaking out of slow-motion. Nice match by the way. In melee I just kick ass with Samus.
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