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  1. Leave it to Jake Kaufman to compose one of the most epic things on OC Remix in ages. There is a layer of irony I'm sure wasn't intended. But I'm glad old rivalries and grudges have been tossed aside. The result was well worth it.
  2. I see you visited my user page. :D

  3. Final Fantasy IX is like this as well. Same song played in variations.
  4. Glad it's not just me that's having a hard time with this one. I still like the theory that it is the end theme though. I forgot about that. Need to go home and listen to it again.
  5. In Mario is Missing, in the Super NES version, each location has a remix/variation of a song from Super Mario World. They're all easy to identify, except the song used for NY and LA, posted, (hopefully without violating the rules) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlzflqOSTdU&safe=active I've never worked out which tune from SMW this was supposed to be. Does anyone else know? It's bugged me for years, and I figured this to be the best place to ask. Incidently, it also happens to be my favorite from the game.
  6. I've noticed the one's on their website, from reading the readme, is actually version 2.00, rather than 2.1. Figured I'd see if anyone here has them.
  7. Interesting mix, but I think sending an admin PM was a little much. Please save that for important stuff.
  8. I'm looking for a decent USB <---> MIDI adapter. I had one (M-Audio Midisport UNO), but it was a piece of shit. I want another one, but I want a good one. I hear these things tend to be laggy. Got a suggestion?
  9. Thi is trend I've seen almost everwhere. People are getting older, growing up and moving on. It's sad, but it's life. Many of them now are in college, and/or have full time jobs and careers now, bills to play, and some even have children now. Coupled with the ever increasing amount of assholes, retards, n00bs, and general immaturity, it's no surprise forum activity everywhere is dropping.
  10. I think one of the things that makes this show successful is that the people in it genuinely look like they're having fun.
  11. I saw the lost GH3 thread in 08.
  12. I wasn't just refering to the musical aspect of the project. I should have expected this from this forum. Few people here seem to have gotten past their 16th birthday.
  13. Here is the link to the project in question's forum, and the specific music thread. Then pay attention please. They're not looking to remix the songs, they're looking to remaster them. I'll agree, the MIDI rips aren't ideal, but their the best most of the current participants can come up with. They are hackers and coders, not musicians. If you want an example of what we're lookign for, check out Darkesword's Special Stage entry. This is a good example of what they want, as oppose to say, the remix. They're not saying the remix is bad, it's just not what they want for this. Again, remasters, not remixes. Even though I haven't really contributed anything, I'm personally disheartened by the lack of enthusiasm for this project from this forum. I know alot of endeavors haven't worked out in the past, but jeez, talk about raining on the parade.
  14. That would be the intended goal of every aspect of this project, good sir.
  15. Well, it could have been worse. VII for 20.
  16. Or listening to shitty music.
  17. I still think it's a joke, though it could still be an interesting way to test the market waters. I personally would like to see a Zelda movie done in with traditional 2D animation, though it'll never happen.
  18. http://www.paulkidby.com/news/index.html Since I didn't see it here already,so I though I'd share. I hope he hangs around for a good ten more years in a healthy mind, but I know that's a stretch. Yes, I know it's three days old. Blame Slashdot.
  19. Moogle!


    `Nice job on Lucky. I loled.
  20. I'd be interested in hearing some remasters of the old school Sonic games myself.
  21. I agree. I would like to try some good Sonic fangames, with particular bias towrds the old school.
  22. I was quite fond of the Animaniacs SNES game sound track.
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