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  1. the difference between tony hawk and doom is that hawk games never remixed original songs into MIDI like doom did, they licensed the actual tracks from the bands themselves. Bobby Prince never got permission from the bands themselves to MIDI their music. In short, its odd to me that some tracks on the remix album were allowed yet some of those same tracks were omitted.
  2. so what your saying is although 4 of the Delta tracks are remixes of original songs, the bands never posted copyright issue with them? it seems a bit odd to me because id has never been sued by any metal bands for their doom work.
  3. I know that, I'm just pointing out that the whole ban on remixing MIDI tracks taken from real music is BS. I think it should be thrown out. Doom is reason enough
  4. I think the whole ToS issue here is crap anyway, especially in this case. any music turned into MIDI for a game and then remixed here should be ok. the only ban at all should be on licensed music ripped directly like Road Rash using sound garden stuff. But since you brought the cat out of the bag now here is the full list, doom and doom 2 the tracks in red indicate the remixed ones Doom E1M1 - At DooM's Gate = Metallica - Master of Puppets/No Remorse E1M4 - Kitchen Ace(And taking Names) = Pantera - Rise E2M1 - I Sawed The Demons = AC/DC - Big Gun E2M2 - The Demons From Adrian's Pen = Metallica - The Call of Ktulu E2M3/Intermission Music - Intermission From DOOM = Pantera - Regular People E2M9/E3M1 - Untitled = Pantera - Mouth of War E3M3 - Deep Into the Code = Slayer - Behind the Crooked Cross E3M8 - Facing the Spider = S.O.D - Sargent D And The SOD Doom2 Map01 - Running From Evil = Megadeath - Hangar 18 Map07 - Shawn's Got the Shotgun = Slayer - South of Heaven Map10 - The Demon's Dead = Black Sabbath - After All (The Dead) Map18 - Waiting for Romero to Play = Pantera - This Love Map23 - Bye Bye American Pie = Alice in Chains - Them Bones Map25 - Adrian's Sleep = Alice in Chains - Angry Chair Map31 - Evil Incarnate = Wolfenstien 3D* Map32 - The Ultimate Challenge/The Ultimate Conquest = Wolfenstein 3D
  5. a lot of those old effects that you hear all over the place originally came from games in the first place. Most of the ones mentioned here are from movies, but some came from the games themselves.
  6. I'd say this is a big step up from the first album, do you think there is enough original material in Final to do a third. Also I'll keep the rest of the doom 2 tracks you missed that are based on real songs so the album can stay up lol. personally I think doom should be an exception since a good 70% of all of doom and doom 2 were MIDI versions of real tracks, about half the tracks on this album are also but I'm going to keep my mouth shut on which ones...that goes for the rest of you too. My only suggestion would have been to do something different from an old mazedude track, the whole thing should have been new I think. Still best doom album yet. oh and did I mention some of the crappy doom 2 MIDIs here were turned into something good in the album. 9/10
  7. Review 14/1522 A solid Rockno remix, soft and smooth enough to listen to several times. quality. Score 10/10 "winsauce" -TP
  8. Review 14/1522 Not too over the top not to dull simply put this is a rock remix everyone can enjoy. Pure and simple say no more. Score 10/10 "Even Scrooge McDuck would like it"
  9. Review 13/1522 I almost feel like an ass for this but I didn't like this particular mix. In the beginning the direct source riffs were too quiet and the monkey sounds were almost as unnecessary as the pump up the volume lyrics that appear in every other mainstream techno album. One thing remains for certain, everyone has different tastes and likes with style and the remixers worked their asses off without a doubt. but its just not for me...and believe me, I don't like to write a bad review, makes me feel guilty most of the time Score: 3/10 "DK banana peel"
  10. Review 12/1522 Normally, adding a sizable amount game sound effects to add to a track beat, particularly old voice sounds is something that bothers the crap out of me, however, the use of it in this track adds some serious quality to it enough to make it something I will listen to a lot in the future. Now all the mixer has to do is a doom track with some zombie and shotgun sounds for the win. Score 10/10 "tastier than bananas" -TP
  11. Review 12/1522 Work that Orchestra, work it good; this remix is so darn well done in its faced paced, adventurous tone. Loads of nice low battle drums in there make me want to get on out there and take down some castles. If you love nods to the medieval, this mix is for you. Score 10/10 "Wench Owning"
  12. Review 11/1522 Acoustic guitar, piano, soft drums and a classical setup come together to form an extraordinary mix that is smooth and playable over and over again. With the added dash of a small tech beat, this is almost at the top of my massive collection. Score 10/10 "excellent"
  13. Review 10/1522 This rendition of reunion had some pretty interesting stuff in it however its just not my bag. the guitar and synth at the end were pretty good though. The main strings and drum work here, although quality, just don't agree with my tastes. Score: 3/10 "Taste Dispute"
  14. FlamingTP's omni-review challenge# 9/1522 Now this my friends is a work of pure awesomeness, and I'm not a giant Halo fan either. This mix of the Doom engine prequel is laced with gold. Most mixes of halo origin I find have too much chant in them, but this offers smooth background nod to it without overdoing it, all the while pounding an accurate, absolutely solid rendition. 10/10 "Master Chief"
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