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  1. Dude. Meltdown 2 server. Greatest Tribes 2 mod ever. Now if only more people would play on that server... and if only this blasted fever would go away. But yes, I did used to play Tribes 2, and when I saw this, I downloaded it and started playing it yesterday (I had forgotten player counts could go up to 64 in this game - seriously, it's over 5 years old and not a single other "great" game holds the capability of doing over 32 players (well, I have seen a TF2 server that had 36 players max)). Lock and load, suckers! (did I mention I suck at this game?) THIS THREAD = WORKING? I think yes.
  2. The happy one seems more fitting. That logo is frigin' sweet. Also, I'm probably gonna hop on in like, 30 minutes. If I don't, it's cause I put too much vanilla extract in my hot chocolate/cocoa/whatever you wanna call it, and it's pretty much got the same intoxication effect root beer has on me, except several times stronger. So yes, I may actually end up playing partially... "drunk." Hooray for underage legal drinking. Oh yeah, what's the password for the server today?
  3. There's a possibility I won't be on Saturday night (I'll try to force myself if there's enough players). See, I would've gotten on tonight (yesterday at this point), but uhh... I got absorbed in Sins of a Solar Empire. It's an evil game. Very, very evil. ... then again, something tells me a lot of people won't be on Sat. night due to whatever the heck they got.
  4. Well, I'm in the server right now for who knows how long. I don't have my mic with me cause I didn't bring it with me when we made transit from Raleigh, NC to Kalamazoo, MI (yay 13 hour drive!). And my speakers suck a bit. But I should be mostly able to kill.
  5. The word? ... Bird. Or BIRDS - http://theslackerz.com/index.php?nav=Comic&Page=4 Anyhow, I'm gonna hop on in a few minutes...
  6. Sword replacing bat. That would be... insane. Or a home-run bat.
  7. Yeah, when that comes out, I'm NOT being scout. One, I hate scout fights, Secondly, Heavy/Engi (mainly dispenser) combo will pwn everything. That day will be stupid... but not as bad as Engi or Spy day.
  8. For the scout, I'd suggest maybe a bat. Spy... ... a silhouette of his head? Yeah, that one, I dunno. But it looks like it'll be pretty darn awesome. I hope tomorrow night fills up like tonight did. Fun fun... especially being invisible for an eternity. ... oh, and Level 3 teleporters are ridiculously cheap. All ya need is one, and you can get 5 people up to the frontlines within 15 seconds. So broken... level 2 should be the max extent to how fast it can recharge. Dispensers are just nice now. I wouldn't consider the level 3 version cheap at all.
  9. Lovely... by that time, I'll have to go to bed. ... nah, I'll stick around for a few rounds, so I won't be completely gone. Demoman stickies... broken apart by bullets... one of the greatest updates yet. Thank god.
  10. Well, I'm in the server now, so I'll just be reading my Ninja Handbook whilst I wait for someone to join.
  11. Well thanks to all of ye who wished me happiness (which it has been so far). Anyhow, streetninja and I are duking it out. Anyone reading this... password is bacon... join in so we can kill you too.
  12. I just came up with an awesome idea. However, it involves friendly fire. A demoman fires sticky bombs onto a scout, and the scout runs into a group of enemies, and the mines are detonated. Better yet, blast a demoman over with more stickies or something. I dub the idea as a Scout Bomb. ... also, I intend to be on tomorrow (plus it's my birthday then).
  13. I was playing on the [NO HEROES] Cashworks server, which runs the map pl_cashworks_a3 24/7, and it's a really awesome map that would be nice to add to the OCR rotation some time. http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/69298
  14. I'm not a trance fan, but I listened in anyways. About a minute listening in, I started loading up AudioSurf, and it was a perfect fit. That's how awesome it is. (The end killed me in Ninja Mono) ... that, and I'm an avid fan of the Corneria theme.
  15. Nope. Completely random computer error as it turned out - twas playing turbine and fighting off two scouts and a soldier as an engi using my shotgun and the turret/dispenser combo, and then it suddenly blue screened for half a second before restarting the computer.
  16. Come on, I haven't received the blue screen of death in over 5 years and I randomly get it in TF2?! Completely random... Anyhow, I learned a valuable trick from 101 uses for a dispenser - place it in front of a turret. Once the dispenser is up, they don't see the turret behind it. And even if it ain't up, it still takes fire while the turret blasts them over the rim of the dispenser being built. It took the enemy team a long time before they finally took the thing down, and most of the time, it was a level 1 sentry. Know that although I've been away for a little too long, I'm still ridiculously evil. I may be on later in the week, and if not, I'll definitely be more active in two weeks when Marching Band is over (except for parades).
  17. If you get enough momentum going, you can blow up a tie fighter by chucking a storm trooper into it (I'll have to check that actually). So no, it's not. I'm saying that everything falls the same speed. Oh well, it's fun that way. Also, I already found a small little bug. If you use your lightsaber x3 and then press the force button, Starkiller will do this triple lightsaber hit combo followed up by a force shockwave and pushes everything around you up (it's good for distrupting if you're surrounded). So I did this to a door and it pressed it upwards slightly. After doing it about seven or eight times, there was more than enough space under the door for three people to fit, but I couldn't go through. Additionally, after doing a charged force push, I had the door corners inside of each other. Later, once you get into the wide open area, when you enter the building with the elevator, the walls and the floor are not connected. There's actually a slight gap between 'em. Aside from that, it's really fun just going in and screwing around and trying to bug the demo and what not.
  18. Something else to note as that when I switched TFU Demo on, my sound system switched straight to DTS (Digital Theater Sound (I think)). That's right - Star Wars DTS. I don't think I've seen anything else Star Wars that has that. Ever. That aside in its awesomeness, does 50% of everything in that game blow up? I chuck an object at something and it turns out to be an explosive crate. ... which is awesome, cause then I get to see the whole DMM thing with objects. The only thing they don't really seem to have is weight/gravity. It seems everyone/everything falls the same speed. Ah well... that demo was freaking awesome.
  19. I think he's referring to how you're constantly doing revisions on this beginning, and granted, you're doing a great job making it better each time, but maybe you should try adding more in the song rather than about 10 to 15 seconds. I suppose considering the original can actually be segmented, the way you're going about it is fine. Also, in the beginning with the drums, as cool as it is, I feel like they need a little more depth to them, whether it be bass or whatever else. Honestly, it actually feels a little weak until the 0:13 mark. Whether it's intended or not, I don't know, but that's just my opinion.
  20. For the record, I'm not playing until mass heavies die down. I tried playing today, but when there were 6+ heavies on each team... ... it was kinda stupid for me. I couldn't even snipe them like crazy because there were that many shooting at me (and that many on my team getting in the way). At least on the other updates, I could plow everyone else down as a heavy. In the meantime, while this lasts, I'm going to suggest a strategy for red team on gravel pit that my friend suggested to me a while back. Point C, 1 medic, 1 engi (for teleporters/dispenser over turret), 1-2 snipers, everyone else is a heavy and is standing on the point gunning everything that comes. I'll probably be back on in a week or two (actually, school starts next week, so I'll hop on Sunday).
  21. Star Wars SFX remains. Music? ... expect something different from the norm (rock-type music should not be in Star Wars). Especially the intro... Nonetheless, it was enjoyable for battle sequences. Considering the movie was originally an afterthought from the show's production, and that with the way it played it, I'm gonna assume for now that the show will be better.
  22. Played warpath on TheVille X (they've got it 24/7), and it's pretty fun. I think TheVille II used to have beta versions of pl_dustbowl. Latest version I got outta there was beta 3. Dunno if a finished version ever came out... but it's almost as if dustbowl was originally designed for pl type gameplay. Note that the layout on the pl version of dustbowl is a little different from the original, but it's mainly better accessability to areas. Personally, I like pl_dustbowl better... probably because I don't play it as often. So I'm also voting warpath and pl_dustbowl. Can't guarantee I'll be on, but if I am, I look forward to killing you all soon.
  23. Seconded. Next on the list or right with it, either of the first two Shrek movies. I didn't really mind how cliche it was sometimes, because for every cliche moment, they made up with about 3-5 creative things. Especially the fight for that one dumpling - that was probably the best part in the entire movie. I'm very tempted to go watch that movie in theaters again... probably with some of my friends that I know will like it.
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