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  1. Ah, good to know. I look forward to killing you soon! (or vice versa) Still gotta warmup in a 1v2 computers real fast, but no rush for the match on our part. Actually, after asking a friend that actually knows how to do a siege tank rush, I think I can pull it off. And after that comes the battlecruisers. Whee! Edit: That's why it worked... we always played on an edited version of Killing Fields for fun (dubbed Great Killing Fields) that added a bunch more resources... namely a second vespene geyser at starting locations! Now vultures with spider mines followed up with battlecruisers later... that would work.
  2. Fyi, due to not using my BNet account for forever, I created a new one and the account name is WindStrike and not Wind_Strike (no underscore). Just a quick fyi. ... also, I found that I don't know how to do a siege tank rush without getting killed right off the bat by 12 zealots. Though I do know how to lurker rush/dark templar rush, except that I'm Terran, so whatever... On another note, those are some awesome frigin' maps.
  3. Wind_Strike - I'M ABOUT TO DROP THE HAMMER... IN THE FACE OF INDISCRIMINATE JUSTICE! (<== Siege Tank... goin' Terran) I'm hoping you're putting these tourneys on weekends, right?
  4. I used to listen to Creed a bunch, and I still accept them as pretty good (I don't like half their songs though), but then I found out about Nightwish - awesomeness in a nutshell. Though I still look forward to some of the new Creed stuff.
  5. I'm all for it if cp_steel and pl_cashworks are on there or something (seeing as they're my favorite two maps... actually, cp_blackmesa is really fun too). I'm not gonna be on TF2 too much until after the end of next week, but I'll be sure to hop on tomorrow sometime relatively early (probably between 7:00-8:00pm EST). Reason being that I'm in the pit orchestra for my school's play (doing Copacabana) and we started doing 4:00-8:30 rehearsals recently, and then we're doing the shows at the end half of next week, so I'm pretty much out for the most part.
  6. Due to my brother getting annoyed at my lack of kitchen cleanup downstairs, he cut my computer off, and I was unable to join back in for the DKC2 micspam. My fault cause I shoulda cleaned up earlier. So, on a scale of 6/10 to 12/10, how awesome was the preview?
  7. I wasn't able to join in on this when I saw the HLStats page for the OCR server, but uhh... what was with all the pokemon names? I only recognized garian cause I saw him as electabuzz previously, but I have no clue who the rest of them were.
  8. Oh wow, did not know about cashworks_b3a. Play on b2 last night and the night before that. Sweetness! ... go grab that map now, cause it's one of the greatest maps ever (not to mention 40mb) - http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/download/69298 Actually, if you unzip it, it's 90. ... still, awesome map.
  9. Yay, badlands! Haven't played it in forever. I think like lists like that will be better overall. No problems with it on my part.
  10. Anyone else tried out Fortress Forever? It's essentially TFC Source with some upgrades. I personally never liked TFC... but I'm having a lot of fun with this version. Pyros are so awesome in this... http://www.fortress-forever.com/
  11. What would be evil (and retarded) is a bunch of players getting together and joining lots of different servers and constantly changing. They'd never revisit the same server in one day, but mayhaps come back to it the next day. Yeah, I could imagine that happening.
  12. Healing brushfire... ... nah, we'll let him burn. (cough cough terrible pun) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/448720 - I forgot how awesome that was and still is.
  13. Lol, scout rush on gravel pit targeting A... actually worked with a medic and pyro as backup. Took the next point and C. Second time we did it, we managed to take A and B, but some scout players didn't understand they couldn't take out the sentries at C, so we lost then. ... scout needs some nerfs though.
  14. That loophole was awesome, especially when you taunted with it. Darn you Valve for trying to fix cool graphical errors.
  15. I don't really care for rankings that much. Just so long as I'm in the top 50 and kill people (oh dear, there is someone called Windtrouser that's on... guess that woulda been more confusing if I were on right now too). And by kill people, I mean the OCRTF2 regulars as my primary source of deadly income. Lol with the mass heavies on hydro. That was too awesome.
  16. Oh that was YOU! I think I was one millisecond behind, because when I was shot, I thought I activated it, and then I realized I had died. Ah well... I think my worst attempt at ubering was when I was carrying the intel... except you can't uber while carrying it. Fail on my part.
  17. So I noticed. Also, I suck at ubers (charged 3 ubers and never got those off). I got some others off, but that's about it...
  18. Make a list for every single memorable video game quote ever. Do a barrel roll. Do a rick roll. Do a duck roll. Do a katamari roll. ... Do my homework. Work on ZCURPG to make up for the lack of updates (that'll never happen). Write an overdue episode of RZCU, be it a main storyline one or just some side stuff. Stop sucking while playing the clarinet (and start blowing?). Eat cake (eldest brother's birthday). Write a frigin' story (haven't done that in a while) about a bunch of stereotypical characters doing nontypical things. Let's call them idiots. Pull up a thread regarding what "it" is. And now for my motivational efforts for you all. ... Get a life. You'll find those in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  19. Ooh, Well, Goldrush, Steel... I like that lineup right there. Any chance cp_badlands might get added to that? Or does no one like that map? (I feel like the only one that actually enjoys playing on that map... though I haven't played it in months)
  20. Eh, I was doing ok... that was pretty funny when I was engi on Goldrush and teleported to the back and set up a sentry, though it was ineffective in that some people didn't die. Oh well, still fun. GGs everyone who played. Also, I'm afraid to play with everyone being scouts now. Very... afraid.
  21. If the Force-A-Nature causes a crazy recoil, does that mean you could triple jump? O_o Also, people are on. Join in.
  22. Well, in the case we don't like that map design, you could make another or a variation for the fun of it. Also, due to recent modifications to my desk space and whatnot, I now have a 22-inch widescreen monitor over my 19-inch widescreen, so uhh... that'll be nice for when I start getting the server filled in 2 to 3 hours (somewhere between 8:00-8:30p.m. EST... hopefully). EDIT: Stand on the freaking point you moron! (means get on TF2)
  23. And with that update, it therefore limits the remaining updates to the Double Barrel Shotgun (lol, killed by recoil... I wonder if I can recoil myself into a spy that was about to backstab me and get him killed too), and what appears to be a new map type with both a red and a blue cart (see the background of the BONK! drink update).
  24. I... am not... playing... until that dies down a bit. Hyperactive scouts running around the map and probably getting past turrets... ... this will be the worst game ever. EDIT: Wait, I lied. Setting fighter squadrons in empire at war to spawn two to three times per second is the worst (lol, 1000 fighter squadrons - LAG!). EDIT2: Ok, LOOK AT THE BACKGROUND IN THAT UPDATE. Is that both a red cart AND a blue cart? O_o All I know is that I don't know what that map is.
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