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  1. (yay double post!) http://synthr.wolfenhex.com/2006%20-%20Ep%204/SynthR%20-%20The%20Last%20Prophecy.mp3 (It's a free download offered by the artist's myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/djsynthr) This song is frigin' hard by itself (I can beat it Mono Pro Ironmode, but Ninja Mono... only with Ironmode off). Then add a good ol bank cam to it, and it gets... I shortended it and I still got screwed over. Actually, 4lane on this is really really awesome. Combining those two however, makes it disturbingly hard. ... and if you want a super point challenge, add [as-4lane] [as-nogrey] [as-caterp] to see how many points you can rack up. Also, the fins don't work on 4lane, so you might as well Ironmode it to make it even harder to get everything (after 4 minutes, my score was over one million and I missed a heck of a lot of them).
  2. I wonder... think it might be possible to stun an engineer hiding behind a turret? O_o Actually, I'm gonna be a pyro... and I'm gonna airblast them back at you. Waaaiiit... AIRBLAST BALL! Lol, that'd be frigin' hilarious to actually get a bunch of pyros on each side and one scout that throws the ball.
  3. Yeah uhh... I will definitely start off Saturday's game EARLY and get as much time in that day on TF2 possible so that I can get through the scout madness without wanting to really play TF2 (at first, I thought I could gun 'em all down with a heavy, but as long as baseballs are flying around, that ain't happening anymore). And as some of you know, I hate scout fights (I'm afraid to know what it'll be like with over 9000 scouts on at once).
  4. Thank you Vimk a lot for finding that (I was looking for it but never managed to find it myself). Sidewinder, eh? Hmm... looks like I'll have to try some of that stuff out after school today. And I don't know if you have this track or not, but the second track of the second disc of the Advent Children Soundtrack has a twist about one second in. Having bank cam on then makes it... very... confusing (first time I tried it, I died within 5 seconds because of how crazy it was; second time, I got past it and barely beat the blasted thing).
  5. Yeah well, that's the downside to this option. Gotta go through individual files and change the titles and yeah... it gets a little annoying. But it's still fun. I made a "Bank Cam Mode" folder, copied music files into there and added the [as-bankcam] extension. On another note, I tried the Necrofantasia thing (that video) on Ninja Mono Ironmode, and yes, it does go at ridiculous angles that makes some lanes go offscreen. Also, I lost within thirty seconds cause I'm not too good at the game.
  6. (lol at the end of the video for actually getting through it) This is an example of what the bank cam mode in Audiosurf is. You can activate it on any song. Right-click the song, go to properties, click on the Summary tab, and then find where it says Title (not the Album Title though). Add the extension [as-bankcam]. For example, SongTitle [as-bankcam] (with the space).This'll really adding banking to songs that are really fast or intense. To the slower and more mellow type music, it actually can bank a lot, but it won't turn perpendicular to the original track (Barrel Roll (which is awesome) only banked on the build-ups, and after that, it was just the normal track - no, I haven't tried that many yet either). ... fyi, I don't know if this matters as I don't know others very well, but I am using Windows XP. Whether it impacts finding that "Title" to the song or not, I know not. Anyhow, it's fun to try it out... though I advise against playing on Bank Cam Mode too long (or else your neck may hurt too much from twisting to try to adjust to it all).
  7. Fyi, I'm gonna hop on in probably an hour, give or take some minutes depending on when people eat cake at my house. Just a heads up.
  8. Tried the game for an hour or so yesterday and it was pretty fun. Once it got past about 10 players in the server, it got pretty stupid, cause half the people had guns and the other half were slapping their way to a failure. Plus there was the issue where when two people spawned in the same spot, one of them committed auto suicide (happened to me a bit). Then I went to a server of only two or three other people in on Egypt, and I kept running around and finding no one a lot of the time. I've only tried deathmatch so far. Also... camping the armor is kinda cheap. Until you run out of ammo...
  9. I've been managing my time recently so that I try to get on the OCR server every Saturday night at about 8:00-9:00pm EST to get it going soon after. It's pretty much the only night I can get on the OCR server (maybe Fridays too) since school kinda prevents me from getting on any other night. If I learn something really frigin' cool, then I'll play my clarinet over the mic again, but until then, no more clarispam from me (... that sounds like an actual product).
  10. Eh? My apologies - I'll keep it down a bit more in the future (and since my knowledge of winning/game over themes sucks, I'll stop with the clarinet playing over the mic too). ... yeah, the [MEXICO] guys owned us. Badly. Actually, I was on their team, and then Reset and I switched to the other team. Also, pyros + airblast + point E = fun.
  11. One, it was 50 health. Two, heck no. Don't give the health back to the pyro and the backburner. It took too long for a heavy to kill one at point blank (I died most of the time shortly afterwards). Also, I watched Kung-fu Hustle last night. Awesome movie.
  12. You don't wanna hear the STOP! YOU VIOLATED THE LAW in chipmunk. It's... . . . Yeah, I just described it the best way I can. Also, Super Medic would be to uber charge every single person on your team in a 16v16. Also, I had a dream with a really weird map and teams of 40 each. It was frigin' scary seeing all those demomen and whatnot. Somehow, I came in with a Mortar Launcher from Tribes 2 and wiped them all out. EDIT: Oops. I uploaded it. http://www.mediafire.com/?zzwycknzzuz
  13. I've seen a few of those before (I've got a small compilation on my computer, though I don't feel like uploading it right now). Lol at Hydro. Also, lock and load, suckers! (on right now... oh yeah, and anyone who joins now will get a free Hydro achievement![/advertising])
  14. Right now, I'm wishing the engineer achievement pack was already out so that I could just gun down everyone single one of those scouts. Ah well, I'll just get someone to build a dispenser and I'll sit next to it as a heavy or vice versa.
  15. No clue what that is. The crazy effects I've got come from my sound system (yay Creative Labs and whatever the crap this thing is called... 7.1 surround sound system pwns btw). I just set it up real fast ahead of time and it'll typically work for all music and videos I play, but when I load games up, it doesn't favor me anymore. That was still awesome for the time it worked yesterday (it was a no heroes server... has all the "double kill, triple kill, dominating" effects on... you know how funny it would be chipmunked). Actually, if someone wants to know what something would sound like chipmunked, I do have uhh... well, just bother me for something and I'll link it later.
  16. I'm going to be retarded and turn my chipmunk sound effects on. So when I hear you guys talk, you'll all sound like chipmunks. And then I'll keep my mic on so that you'll hear what you sound like. Originally, these effects wouldn't work in game, but I managed to get 'em working. Also Brushfire, that... whatever that "STOP!" blah blah blah is will be frigin' hilarious chipmunked (all chipmunk really is is raising the pitch by a 7th... I can have it altered up and down an octave and anywhere in between). EDIT: Ok... that was the one and only time I got it working. Fail.
  17. Bug them for an exception? So long as it's godly enough to permit it. I know vgmix.com would love to have some more love too. (love to have more love... *head-desks*)
  18. Just an fyi, you'll only see me around Solofire's Meltdown 2 server (unless it's undergoing fixes like it has once). And then I often go shocklance, chaingun, spinfusor and cloaking pack and screw a bunch of people over (someone has learned how to spot me, but half the time, it's too late). Occasionally, I'll head in with a mitzi blast cannon (Meltdown 2 mod) instead of a chaingun. I also go in with an Assault armor using chaingun, spinfusor, starburst cannon (Meltdown 2 mod), tether missile launcher (I forgot if this is actually in original Tribes 2 or not) and some sort of pack. And when the map changes to Sanctuary, prepare to see turrets start popping up in your base about ten minutes into the game.
  19. How to be absolutely retarded in the meltdown server - you can have up to 8 spider clamps and up to 8 landspikes (map was Sanctuary). So I made a teleporter to get behind their base (there was a mountain in the way of seeing it). Then I placed a standard inventory station right next to their wall. From there, I started placing spider clamp turrets on the interior of their base and next to their generators. So uhh... they couldn't repair the generators, couldn't change classes, and as a result, it took them forever to kill the spider clamp turrets. I stopped rebuilding them after a bit of time, though I nuked the base later. There was only myself, someone on the other team, and six bots when I did this (I knew the person on the other team, so it wasn't too bad). Also, you'll see me around as [OCR]WindStrike.
  20. http://kotaku.com/5131846/leaked-star-wars-battlefront-3-gameplay-footage Regardless of the low quality footage taken, it still looks frigin' awesome. http://kotaku.com/5132851/free-radicals-star-wars-iii-battlefront-iii-is-dead Handed over to Rebellion, developers of Battlefront Renegade Squadron. I would've liked to have that ground to air to space free flight... looks frigin' sweet in the video. And then there's something about there being a Dark Obi Wan and that it is confirmed, but I don't feel like looking that up right now.
  21. Twill take a little while, but I think I'll reinstall Orange Box and the like back on the computer now.
  22. Well, the server was down the last time I was on (6-8 hours ago), so I don't know if it's back up or not. And I'm not referring to the Developer's server that only has 5 slots. So I tried some of the other mods (Revolution 2 and Fury)... and I have to say that Meltdown 2 pwns them both. Period. (Mitzi Blast Cannon mode 5 = Annihilator. HERE COMES THE SUN!!) Then I figured out how to fire the nukes and missile swarms off (they take a while to set up though, so if you're playing with low players, it might not be quite worth it). On the other hand, they were awesome (I didn't realize the nuke would fire that fast the first time I used it, so I kinda blew myself up along with everyone else). Also, the Goon server is too crazy for me and I personally don't like how so many players were voice spamming (it got straight out annoying). Then there's a few retarded players there that decide to take aircraft and block the way to the inventory stations (if that was one of you people, I apologize - it was kinda funny actually. Though I was forced to ctrl+K (suicide)). At least it's fun in that there's always a lot of people on both sides.
  23. 1 - I got a fever recently. 2 - I got back into Tribes 2 recently. 3 - I gotta reinstall Steam/Orange Box. I should have plenty of time this coming week though.
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