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  1. Making revenue is okay for OC ReMix because they wouldn't be making any profit. (All the revenue goes to hosting and promotion.) Anyone else re-uploading OC ReMix songs to YouTube and monetising would implicitly be making profit of the songs.
  2. Yes I did. Did you read my post at all? Once again, from the Submission Agreement: It's not hipocritical at all. By agreeing with the Submission Agreement, the submitter licenses OC ReMix to distribute their music, but as long as OC ReMix doesn't make profit. So any revenue OC ReMix makes goes into operation and promotion. Also, they aren't allowed to permit others to make profit when using any music downloaded from OC ReMix covered under the Submission Agreement. For the record, up until now I thought that OC ReMix simply isn't allowed to sub-license, but actually they are. But the sub-license agreement also specifically states that it should be non-profit: Anyway, please understand that even if OC ReMix monetises and generates revenue from their YouTube uploads, it doesn't mean it's making its making profit. Also, the FAQ answer you quote seems to be contrary to the precise wording of the license agreement (probably for simplicity's sake). If you're distributing OC ReMix songs and have ads on the site to help pay for hosting costs, this wouldn't constitute profit and would still be ok. However if you're making more money with the ads than you actually spend on hosting & bandwith costs than you're making profit and you should remove the ads. Now if you upload OC ReMix songs to YouTube without changing a thing and enable monetisation, you're automatically making a profit, because you're not incurring any fees for the distribution of the music so you can't justify any revenue from the song not being profit. That's why simply uploading OC ReMix songs and monetising just isn't allowed for anyone except OC ReMix. However if you're actually adding to the video (by making an OVA or using the music as background music) you're actually allowed to monetise. From the Terms of Use: I hope this clears things up.
  3. Mostly because it would be The Right Thing. But actually I already mentioned ease of sharing and recognition in an earlier post. Because they do make a fuss? I don't know man. I'm just basing that from what I've seen. I've never submitted any Square Enix game arrangements anywhere myself though, so I really wouldn't know for sure. I've uploaded several gameplay vids from Final Fantasy games and they would get content ID tagged but still allow the videos to stay online. If you've seen other cases please enlighten me. Like you said, that's about others (not OC ReMix itself) using music from OC ReMix elsewhere. And indeed, OC ReMix does not have explicit permission from each artist to relicense their work. So they're not in the position to license you to make revenue of anything they distribute. And that makes sense, because the Submission Agreement clearly states: "YOU retain ownership and copyright of all original material submitted in this fashion to OverClocked ReMix." So the agreement does not allow OC ReMix to relicense songs submitted to it. However it also states: "This license explicitly prohibits OverClocked ReMix from distributing submitted materials for for-profit endeavors. All revenue generated by advertising presented in the context of submitted materials will be used for costs directly associated with the operation and promotion of OverClocked ReMix." So that's why third parties should go to the original author for licensing, because the Submission Agreement only covers distribution, not relicensing. OC ReMix is, however, allowed to make revenue. However, any revenue they make goes straight into paying for operation and promotion of OC ReMix. The reason I believe OC ReMix probably is making revenue from their YouTube videos is because I sometimes see ads when playing OC ReMix songs on YouTube. Considering YouTube content ID matching will not be able to automatically match fan arrangements, and assuming OC ReMix has not enabled showing ads for unmonetized videos, it means that the revuenue from those adds go to OC ReMix. It's not a lot of money though (a very wide, inaccurate approximation is about $1 per 1000 views) and they have all the right to make some revenue because they have hosting bills to pay.
  4. Why? Just upload it to Loudr and they do the rest. Is there anything else involved? Could you elaborate? From the submission policy: "Any money we make from posting content is used strictly for operation & promotion of the site." So yeah, any money made from streams would simply go to operation & promotion of the site. Says it pretty clearly, and all submitters agreed with that.And doesn't OC ReMix also already make revenue from their uploads to YouTube? Doesn't the same reasoning apply? Not sure about the US legal code involved here, but could you explain why making revenue (read: not profit) would make the application for non-profit status down the drain? What about any revenue from YouTube?
  5. First of all I'd like to apologise. I never wanted to even insinuate that you guys aren't doing a great job. Because you guys _are_ doing a great job. I probably should have formulated that differently. (Or not at all.) I also realise that you're all volunteers, and I respect the effort that you're putting into this (or the fact that you're even taking the time to read and respond to my posts, since I'm a relative outsider). What really gets to me, though, is the apparent "all or nothing" mentality of these responses, as Liontamer mentions. (Thanks Liontamer!) It's been stupid of me to not point this out specifically, but I never intended for _all_ of the OC Remix catalogue to be put on streaming services. Maybe some day, if possible, yes. But surely not initially. I was mostly considering the album projects. I mean, albums like Voices of the Lifestream would be pretty safe bets as they are easily licensed through, for example, Loudr (only one game per album for most of them), and from what I've seen Square Enix doesn't really make a big fuss about fan arrangements. I mean, OC ReMix could start out posting just the albums on streaming services every week or month or [insert random timeframe here]. Starting with either Kong in Concert, which, from what I gather, would be easily licensable, or Relics of the Chozo if it's possible to license it. Or, of course, if you're feeling adventurous, just upload it rogue. (There are plenty of Super Metroid fan arrangements on Spotify already, so either they got successfully licensed or Nintendo just doesn't seem to care. But I assume OC ReMix respects the original copyright holders sufficiently to not post unlicensed songs.) From there you just continue on, trying to get as many albums on there as possible. That _would_ constitute a moderate amount of effort. So yeah, baby steps. Just having a handful of OC ReMix albums on there would already be awesome. I would never expect anyone to undertake a complete "get all OC ReMix songs on streaming services"-project in one go. That's would be an insane amount of work. But I can't stand it when people just write of an idea all together without exploring all the options. There is almost always room for concessions. Just keep in mind this is not a black or white situation. I still believe OC ReMix could and should extend their songs to Spotify. Also, let me make this clear: this has nothing to do with convenience for me personally. I have both an iTunes Match and Apple Music subscription. So every time new songs or abums come out on OC ReMix I just download them and drag them into iTunes and I'm set. I have all OC ReMix songs available to me where ever I go and I can listen them alongside all the songs on Apple Music, so I don't even need to switch app to listen to one or the other. The colleagues, friends and loved ones that I wish to share music with, however, aren't all as proficient with their computer or smartphone as I am. Neither can I expect them to pay for an iTunes Match subscription, or set up a Plex Media Server, etc. Practically all of them use Spotify, however, so if I just send them a link to an album on Spotify the barrier for getting them to listen to these songs is greatly reduced. Also for a lot of fans like me it serves as additional confirmation of their music tastes not being just this obscure underground thing. This may sound ridiculous to some of you, but I am sure others can understand. Anyway, I really think we're getting off on the wrong foot and that is too bad. Part of this is obviously my fault because, frankly, yeah I have a big mouth and I can come across as quite arrogant when talking about subjects I'm passionate about. But I always try to push my vision of the best solution for a problem, until someone corrects me, then I re-evaluate, and push forward again. Being passionate like this works better when in personal conversation because people can better judge my reactions and I can quickly correct myself, but on forums I tend to get a hard time. So _please_ take my comments with a grain of salt. I'm not really as arrogant as I seem to be. And I really admire the artists and volunteers that put their free time into this community. So keep up the awesome work.
  6. Sorry if I came across overly critical. It's mostly been the lack of a good explanation and also lack of sleep that was frustrating me. My apologies. Also, thanks for the informative response DarkeSword. That being said, Spotify, Apple Music & co. are full of fan arrangements. Actually, I've become so used to finding and listening fan arrangements of games on Spotify that the idea that licensing would be an issue didn't even cross my mind. And there are publishing services like Loudr that actually take care of the licensing part for you. So I think that with some moderate amount of effort it would very well be possible to release the OC Remix catalog on streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music. Where there is a will there is a way. Oh, and I'm actually quite familiar with copyright law, and I realize that unlicensed arrangements are somewhat of a legal grey area. But if your idea is to keep flying under the radar to prevent being noticed I believe you're really still not staying true to your mission.
  7. Sorry for bumping this really old post, but I want to kinda make a statement, so bare with me. Also forgive me if this has been discussed in some other thread on this forum. I did search a bit, both here on the forum as on Google, and didn't find anything on the first few pages (except for this topic). Anyway, I remember reading this exact thread back in 2010. Now it's 2016 and there is simply no excuse why these songs wouldn't be available on Spotify, Apple Music and/or any of the other hundred streaming services out there. The Submission Agreement specifically states that OC Remix is free to distribute the music where ever it wants. And the income they would make from the plays on these streaming services would go to the operation & promotion of the site. So, seriously, why hasn't this happened yet? Is it some philosophical or religious choice? Are you trying to make a statement? Or are you guys just plain lazy? Whatever the reason, I thought the mission of this site was to appreciate and promote video game music as an art form. But by ignoring what is quickly becoming the most popular channel to consume music for tens of millions of people, you're really missing out on a big opportunity to make good on that promise. Also please don't underestimate the discoverability of music on Spotify & other streaming services. There are many, many indie music artist that I would have never found if it weren't for Spotify. (Marc Papeghin, Rare Candy and Brentalfloss being a few prime examples of mine) So, time to set this record straight. Or at least give me a satisfying reason I can't listen to OC Remix on Spotify yet.
  8. One of the best composers of all time, and my favorite artist. My last.fm profile says it all: http://www.last.fm/user/yogarine The only composer that with a few simple tunes can make me long back to 20 year old games and want to relive those moments all over.
  9. I found this page on their site: http://www.spotify.com/nl/work-with-us/labels-and-artists/ "The quickest way for a new label to get its music onto Spotify is to contact a record label or aggregator that already has an agreement and delivery process in place with Spotify. We have a complete list of aggregators we work with." Here you can find the list of aggregators: http://www.spotify.com/nl/work-with-us/labels-and-artists/aggregators/
  10. Over a year later and still no OC ReMix on spotify. That's a shame! What needs to be done to get OC ReMix on Spotify?
  11. Howdy. I've first come into contact with OC ReMix when I somehow read a newspost about VotL. I was really impressed by the album and have been around here as a lurker ever since, checking out the other albums, looking for new albums, listening lots of ReMixes and discovering who is who around here. So now I've decided to become little more active in the OC ReMix community. I'm also playing a bit with creating ReMixes, though it will take a while until I'll actually learn to produce something that most people here would want to listen to... I'm a developer/programmer and have very little experience in producing music. Not that I don't know anything about music (I did have basic music lessons so I can read notes, etc, albeit with difficulty...), but I don't play any instruments, nor do I have any experience with software like QBase/FL/etc. Right now I'm fiddling with LMMS (http://lmms.sourceforge.net/) which is very basic but it runs on Linux (my primary platform) and is easy to learn. So someday perhaps something good will come out of it. So a big hello to everybody! And everyone responsible, congratulations with this wonderful community and keep on going!
  12. Congratulations guys! I'm sure you to will do great together! /me wonders when Pixietricks jr. or Zircon jr. will be announced.
  13. Listening now... Wow. OC ReMix at it's best... Great work guys. I'm glad to see that Zircon hasn't messed too much with Flying Heaven, one of my favorite tracks. Also glad to see you chose for the MP3/FLAC combination.
  14. Downloading now... Just one thing: Whoever's responsible for it should update the date of the album entry at http://www.ocremix.org/albums/ so that it shows at the top of the list.
  15. Well, analog noise / low sample frequency is quite a different kind of noise than compression artifacts. And compressing audio with analog noise, will make the compression artifacts even worse. Most console games developers don't compress their sound effects or music, they just save it at a lower bitdepth and/or sampling frequency. That means that there aren't any compression artifacts. So there is a very good reason to also have a lossless version of music even if it contains a lot of sound effects from console games, even if these sound effects are apparently of low quality.
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