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  1. Despite the choice typo (drat!) there were over twenty votes on the following question: So, quite simply, has OCR taught you anything? a. Yes, indeed. b. Maybe... b. Nope. Here's how it played out: a. Yes, indeed. - 20 votes (87%)!!! b. Maybe... - 2 votes (9%) b. Nope. - 1 vote (4%) As I said, great turnout this time, with a lot of highly-regarded names offering their opinions. I can't say that I'm surprised by the result, considering the drive to improve which is fostered here at OCR. A few voters poitned out that the community is a great way to get answers and learn, which even I, as a lurker turned one-WIP wonder, have found to be true. Thanks for voting! New poll very soon.
  2. uh... yeah. oops. Thanks for all the replies, though.
  3. If you aren't already aware, there is a sweepstakes to win a trip to the Tokyo Game Show (and other prizes) through the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - The Crystal Bearers site. Click here for more info! And check out the game site while you're at it.
  4. Hey, metaphist! I just wanted to thank you for ReMixing Little Nemo's ending theme. That's probably my favorite source out of the whole game (top three, definitely) and one that I had thought about reworking myself.

    Anyway, to keep this short, excellent job. I hope we get to hear more from you in the near future.



  5. It's been a while... VG Opinion Poll #13 Prior to finding OCR, I have to admit that the extent of musical styles which I enjoyed was somewhat limited. I think it was the melding of familiar themes with different genres, some new to me, which has broadened my auditory palette. For example, I believe the only reasons I now appreciate electronic music are OCR and the Appleseed soundtrack (which I encountered at about the same time). In addition to expanding my musical preferences, I've also learned a lot about music from OCR: structure, improvisation, arrangement, etc. So, quite simply, has OCR taught you anything? a. Yes, indeed. b. Maybe... b. Nope. Vote and be heard. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, especially those of you who are Stateside.
  6. Sorry it's taken a while to post results. Watch out for whatever bug I had. Blech... Here's the question posted last time and the votes: What level of musical study/training have you received? a. none whatsoever/self-taught - 4 votes (25%) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> b. some lessons/learned a song or two - 1 vote (6.25%) >>>>>> c. played in school/a few years of lessons - 7 votes (43.75%) - WINNER! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> d. degree in music/career in music - 4 votes (25%) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A good showing this time from both ReMixers and listeners. The majority of folks seemed to have had a substantial amount of musical training. Most of the ReMixers who responded fell into that or the professional categories, which is not surprising considering the quality of music here at OCR. Kudos to those ReMixers who are self-taught, though. In total, more than half of the people who responded to this poll (out of a glorious sixteen) were ReMixers. Thanks for voting, everyone, and a special thanks to the ReMixers who participated. New poll soon. PM me if you like for suggestions, questions, etc.
  7. Darn skippy. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the ending of the website trailer. And props to Fifth Cell for cranking out weird but awesome games.
  8. Happy B-day! One year wiser, right?
  9. The first Professor Layton was great, though it almost killed my brain. This one looks excellent and sounds like it has equally great music. Looking forward to the challenge.
  10. Uh, it says there is an error with the file download. Might be the same thing Nubioso ran into with your MM3 mix...
  11. This could get interesting... Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #12 - Musical Skills <Disclaimer: Okay, it might be a little brazen, posting this on the same day that Bahamut's "Evolution of OCR" thread gets over 60 replies and 1,100 views, but I've been meaning to post it all week (no lie). This is only slightly related, for those who just came from that hotly debated topic.> IMHO, the quality of ReMixes has improved since OCR's inception in 1999. Now I'm not bashing the older mixes, many of which I love, but I think most of you will agree. It seems to me that the change is due to a number of factors, including the evolving judging process and increasingly affordable mixing technology. I believe that the site has also attracted some high caliber musicians over the years as well. That said, I'd like to know how many folks out there have musical training and what level. This would be a good poll for some of the actual ReMixers to answer (hint hint). Oh, and singing counts too. Okay, here's the question: What level of musical study/training have you received? a. none whatsoever/self-taught b. some lessons/learned a song or two c. played in school/a few years of lessons d. degree in music/career in music Vote and be heard! Don't be ashamed of your education. PM me if need be.
  12. I don't know how you get away with having so much going on during the introduction but still making it sound cohesive (and awesome). Did you add new synths starting at 3:37? They are really nice. The rhythm guitar still sounds like it gets off-beat a little between 4:41 and 4:50, like it misses a beat somewhere in there and ends on a downward strum instead of an upward strum (if that makes sense). Other than that, I would say it's good to go!
  13. Mediafire works just fine. Comments: - The solo around 2:14 sounds a bit drowned by the rhythm guitar. Also at 3:19-3:20 (I liked that note-bending bit). -The synth lead is a little quiet too (starting at 3:32). -There's a squeak at 3:50-3:51 (which might be a file glitch). -Maybe give the choral voices a little more pop at the last note? I can see Rozo's comment about things being a little off-kilter. It sounds like it's the rhythm of the guitar which starts around 1:19 and seems to contrast with the fluidity of the synth. You use the same rhythm later with electric guitar without a problem. Personally, I overlook it for the sake of the composition and the fact that it sounds interesting (but I'm no professional critic). Kind of off topic, but do you run your guitar directly into the computer, then tweak the sound, or run it to a pedal set first? Nice work, jb23.
  14. It's good to see someone take the time to really deconstruct their mix and rebuild it better than before. I dig the phazer effect. Good kick and clap, in my opinion. Has someone mentioned the snare yet? It sounds like it could use some pep (maybe a different VST/soundfont/etc). I think the reason it stands out is that the other instruments sound more realistic. The offbeat synth is great. This is shaping up really well, AD. Looking forward to your next update.
  15. It's hard to find fault with this mix... A few suggestions, though: - starting at 1:31, move the lead bass voice back to join the whispers for "the four giants" or bring the whispers forward so they all sound about the same level. That was one of the things I loved about the earlier versions (at least I thought it sounded that way). - Very good leveling throughout. - The flute flutter at 3:55 is lost behind the other layers now (though I like the repeat at 4:09). - Sweet vox edit at 4:12! Kudos on the echo too. That's all, I guess. This should be an easy "Yes" for the judges. Excellent job!
  16. Surprising opening! I was thinking, "there's supposed to be a raging electric guitar here...". It works nicely, in my opinion, and the change in mood is an added surprise. Chorus and strings could come in a bit stronger at 2:40. They get really washed out by the loud guitar before (drums too). Either that, or you could have them fade in after the guitar cuts out. From what I've heard, the Js like it when you expand and toy with the "soundscape". Very nice piano after 4:13. Good job bringing that theme in too. I can't speak to the technical side of things but I think rig1015 did a great breakdown. It's got what it takes for a ReMix. Just needs some polish. Good work!
  17. Happy b-day!

    Nice ReMix, btw.

  18. Not a great turnout for this one, but I'll blame that on exams and... the weather? Veteran Gamer Poll #11 What is your philosophy when playing a game (adventure game, fps, or rpg)? Do you hone your skills, hoard items, and/or level up so that every fight is an easy one? Or do you sprint headlong into the fray? ... what is your general strategy? Here are the results: a. Chaaaaarrrge! - 4 votes WINNER! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> b. It took some time, but now I can crush every foe with epic ease. - 1 vote >>>>>>>>>>> c. A healthy mix. - 4 votes WINNER (also)! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Well, looks like another tie. I was pleased to see that there are other hero-wannabes out there who fear not the onslaught. There were an equal number of sensible folks who probably do much better in platformers and FPS games than myself. Only one person said they were willing to work for their gaming success, though. With that kind of determination, I'd be rich by now. Too bad I'm lazy... Thanks for voting! New poll, and new format, soon.
  19. Likewise. I wouldn't have played it a month ago if the thread hadn't popped up. I'm glad I saw it! Just in time for the first CS ReMix.
  20. I dig it (but I'm a sucker for CC tunes). Not a style used frequently for the soundtrack, but one that I can appreciate. Update, please!
  21. Nice thread, SwordBreaker. I can't speak for much other than the Nintendo side of things but it would seem that a new console Zelda is due. Twilight Princess was a GC title ported to the Wii so team Zelda has been working on something for, what, 2 and a half years now? Most of the predictions I've seen include connectivity with Spirit Tracks. How about Star Fox or Pilotwings? Maybe a new franchise? And, yes, I agree that there are a few studios which have remained suspiciously quiet, though that might have something to do with the economic situation... (RIP, Free Radical Design) Can we get a new Elder Scrolls on PC, maybe Wii too (now that Bethesda's looking that direction)? One week left!
  22. Sweet, sweet, sweet update. You've tied the whole mix together with an excellent sense of timing, arrangement, and very fun lyrics (which I can't help but sing). The addition of female vocals takes it to another level. I look forward to it being posted on the front page.
  23. This is ridiculously good. The female vox are awesome (what a voice!) and it sounds like you've balanced everything out, adding little bits and pieces (including very nice synth work throughout). The new lyrics are great and I love the strings later on. Even with the unique style and lyrics, it holds true to the game. The judges would have to be crazy not to pass this!

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