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  1. Does AeroZ ever stick to a specific style? Or is his a style of its own? This is a litte more constrained than those ReMixes of yours which I know by heart. It's tight and efficient, very sparse on the general swagger I feel when listening to Turning Terrors or Inspector Strago. That's a good thing here and a demonstration of your musical range. I agree with Gario that it sounds a little muffled, which just leaves me hoping that some kind of sweet solo will break through and blow my mind. But it does give the song a certain character (agreeing also on the old school OCR sound). Great work. Update?
  2. Takin' on Rozo? Gutsy. Okay, Mr. Perpetually-Inspired, I don't know how you do it, but this, too, is awesome. Maybe a little repetetive in the beginning (some of your killer soloing would spice up the melody), but once the chorus comes in, it's just incredible. The rhythm guitar progression is tight and very edgy. I love the use of sound effects (as in your LoZ mix). Drums around 2:45 are very dynamic and sound great without being distracting. It sounds like there's a little too much going on when the chippiness begins around 3:12 (but maybe that's the point?). Ha! Death sound to bring in the main instruments again = sweet and hilarious. Great work. Do you ever run out of ideas? Seriously, how do you do it?
  3. So no plans to submit here? I would love to hear this played live. Very soothing and expressive (I hadn't noticed the volume change around 3:00 before).
  4. I'm still hearing some kind of percussion between 1:04 and 1:14... I agree with Rozo about interpretation. You might want to alter the volume of the piano in places to give it a more human feel and emotion. As for the snare drums, I was thinking about short drum rolls. Maybe mix some in with the snare hits? I think it would separate the sound and add diversity. The ending is nice. It's not really tied in to the rest of the mix very strongly but I like the concept. Good work!
  5. I'm assuming you mean either Dreams Come True or For You. Bravo for including lyrics! I'm an afficionado, seeing as my other musical skills are limited. And there are no opening lyrics in a number of excellent ReMixes (Prayer and No Hope leap to mind). Okay onto the mix. Right of the bat, this is better quality than I expect from a WIP. The music is solid, firmly rooted in the source but very unique in its sound. Feels a little like zircon's or AeroZ's work in places, in my opinion. Excellent rap. I love ReMixes with lyrics, especially when they relate to the game (a la Freedom of Zero, The Incredible Singing Robot, and Little Mac's Confession). Great rhythm and inflection. The chorus is sweet. I agree with BlackPanther on the stuttering. Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of awesome.
  6. I guess the question that's at the forefront of my mind is this: Do you want this to be an official ReMix? If the mix is just for your own enjoyment and you posted to share, then that's fine. You can call it done whenever you please. But if you want to submit it to the judges for posting on the site... that's a different ball game. I would think (correct me if I'm wrong, folks) that most of us have offered suggestions to make your mix OCR-worthy. If you want this to be an official ReMix one day, here's what you should do: 1. Listen to ReMixes of the same source, genre, style, and at random. 2a. If you believe your mix is as good or better than those out there (particularly newly posted stuff), as far as production, compositional value, originality, and adherence to the spirit of the source, then by all means submit it. 2b. If you don't think your mix is up to snuff, keep working on it. It's great that you posted in the WIP section so you could get feedback. Use whatever comments you think will get your mix ready for submittal. 3. Submit to the judges when you are certain you've got a winner or find yourself trying to perfect it by nit-picking tiny issues. Again, the WIP section is helpful here. 4a. Congrats! Your mix made it! 4b. The judges liked it, but not enough to post. Fix it. 4c. The judges didn't like it as much as you would have hoped. Re-evaluate your mix, starting from the ground up. If you're still passionate about it, take their advice and make it better. I apologize if this is preachy. This is just what I've gathered from reading the polls and site info. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
  7. Very cool intro. I like the smash at 0:23. It's a great transition into the dance beat. The piano sounds beautiful, too. Can you bring a little more of that in (maybe a few rapid descending rolls right after)? The starlight synth at 2:05 and 2:18 are great. I wasn't sure about the new transition at 2:23 but, after hearing it through (there's that piano again!), I totally dig it. It segues really well into the main theme. As for the ending, maybe hold that last note out a little longer as it nears silence? Overall, excellent.
  8. Okay, I just refreshed my ears by listening to the source. I think you have an interesting variation on the original. This has plenty of potential. I notice that you have a little bit of soloing around 1:00 and 1:40. The rest of the song could use improvisation too, which would keep things from getting overly repetetive. I mean, this is battle music, it's bound to be repetetive, but a ReMix, in my opinion, needs plenty of originality (a la Fire Cross, to stay within the series). I think the mix would also benefit from expansion of the sound (spread it out and make it louder). Some of the parts are more interesting parts (solos) are masked by the rhythm guitar. Just my two cents' worth. Update?
  9. Are you looking for free soundfonts? Will this help? I apologize, I'm a noob at electronic music.
  10. Very cool. Hope this generates some decent data. It's made me a little self-conscious about my gaming...
  11. I am replaying Chrono Trigger, this time on the DS and I'm determined to beat it. I got bored the first time around too. Anyway, if you are looking for good RPGs I can help you on a few platforms: DS: There are a lot of RPGs here, including re-releases of the original 4 Final Fantasy titles. For something completely different, The World Ends With You is stylistically unique but (I found) challenging to grasp. N64: Limited options here. The best in my opinion is Paper Mario. Some people like Quest 64 but I got tired of leveling up to beat it. Hybrid Heaven is an interesting blend of fighting/adventure/rpg. PS1: Final Fantasy VII-IX. Seven is ridiculously popular, not without reason, I found eight more appealing for its story, and nine has great characters. Chrono Cross is another option, with great music (see ReMixes here) but a pretty convoluted story. Vagrant Story is in my must-purchase file. Here is a pretty decent list. X360: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I played this on PC and clocked way too many hours to state without embarrassment. This game is huge. It will swallow your summer (or whatever season you play it). Plus, there are a bunch of add-ons and hundreds of mods. Fable is quite popular too, from what I understand. If you are looking for another Dark Cloud (action RPG), I would suggest Vagrant Story. Of course, if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, go with Oblivion.
  12. This sounds like I think it would have in an early Final Fantasy game. I agree that the orchestra needs more depth, perhaps additional soloing around 1:30-1:45 and later (trumpet?). Any thoughts about bringing in a piano to fill things out? I like the bells. Kudos for successfully reworking an already awesome theme.
  13. That new clip is great stuff. It reminds me of the opening to Game Over's Zelda cover. Is it just me or is there a wall of awesome sound waiting to strike just after the clip?

  14. Nope. This is the right direction at the right time. There are several Zelda overworld WIPs out right now (and many ReMixes), but this is the most stylistically divergent. I totally agree. In that regard, this is on par with djpretzel's take on the Zelda Lullaby (in my opinion). More creativity, while remaining close to whatever source you choose, is something very special in a mix and really helps it stand out. Looking forward to updates. Any way you could post a downloadable version?
  15. And it wasn't in the budget. So how about a VR helmet with IR sensors, as well as a few on one or both hands? I, too, have thought about this leap in gaming for a while, but can't figure out how to incorporate movement without a controller, balance board, or treadmill. Maybe they'll just stick some brainwave sensors to our scalps or input into our brains (I can see the adds now: "Nintendo Mynd, apply directly to the cerebrum!") I like. Very nouveau-tech.
  16. Video Games Live will be at the Greek Theatre (LA) on June 4th. There is a promo for presale here, but you need to get your tickets today! This could be a good meet-up for West Coast OCR peeps.
  17. I think you're on to something here... Is this going to be an orchestral piece? I agree with NDN_Shadow about the samples, but I like how you have deconstructed the Starfox themes (and the Star Wars bit is just plain fun).
  18. Okay, the intro is different from the rest... but it doesn't sound too strained (to me, anyway), particularly since the same feel comes back later in the song. The parts are distinct but sufficiently related to flow into one another. Granted, I don't have the knowledge to help with the technical aspects, but it sounds great! Also, I think ocremixfan makes some excellent points about originality and personality. All in all, I think you have a very mature mix at this point in time.
  19. Agreed. In line with IsolinearMoogle's thinking, there are parts of the level where percussion enters. If you could fade in something catchy but relaxed and fade it out later, I think you'd keep the listener's interest subconsciously, and they would come away from the song thinking, "Wow, that was really chill but it had a great beat too." ...Something like that anyway. I really like the improvisation around 3:13. That is what is missing from the rest of the mix. You could throw more variation in, sparingly, to break any monotony. This is very nice, and not just because it's one of my favorite tracks from the game. Great work. Update? Names: Aquavescence Hydrosonic Therapy Dreams in Blue (too bad submarine dream is already taken)
  20. My pleasure. Always great to here an original take on a classic. As far as percussion, what you have is sufficient. It seems that a lot of people either have very static percussion, or go way too far trying to be creative. I think you handle it well, considering the style of the song. There's a little percussive noise around 0:59 (marimba?) which I didn't pick up on at first but adds structure. Now, if you were to repeat the overworld theme bit from 0:43 to 1:21 later in the song, I would suggest adding marching drum snare rolls as part of the background (maybe changed, more positive, or with more layers?) motif. You've got a very nice mix going here.
  21. Number nine... number nine... ...Ahem! Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #9 Gaming has come a long way since Pong and the advent of digital entertainment. I remember playing Sub Hunt and Ski on a green and black screen TRS-80. Those games loaded from cassette tapes. Then we got a NES and I graduated to games in color with controllers! It seems that we are now at a point in the history of gaming where the major aesthetic obstacles of video and audio quality have been addressed. I mean, look at some of the 360 and PS3 games out there now (not to mention PCs)! Sure they're not 100% lifelike, but what's the point in getting any closer? You might as well go paintballing or join a live roleplayers' club. The main focus in immersion for this generation of consoles is the controller. The Wiimote broke new ground for controllers with its motion-sensitivity. Now, whether you agree with waggling or not, this has become the new "it" for console gaming. But here's the question: What's next? What will define the next generation of gaming as the new immersive technology? a) Virtual Reality helmets the return of the Power Glove! (or something like it) c) full-body motion capture d) nothing, this is as far as it will go e) something else (feel free to elaborate or invent!) Vote and be heard! PM me for anything else.
  22. Suh-weet. Awesome fusion of elements. I don't have much experience with jpop/rock outside of Dragon Ash, Lareine, and The Pillows, but I think I need to add these guys to the roster. Great work!
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