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  1. Agreeing with Spakku on the didgeridoo and Nubioso on percussion. Excellent choices. I have to say, though, I read your comments before listening and was expecting bricks all over the room. But the transitions strike me as natural for some reason (maybe I've listened to enough Led Zeppelin, HoboKa?). The mix itself is great (as is to be expected). I only heard one problem: there's a little glitch with the strings at 0:12, 0:19, 0:38, and 0:50. I'll agree with Nubioso that the strings can get to be a bit much but the overlying elements successfully push them into the background. The string instrument which replaces them at the end (the shamisen?) is very nice.
  2. Indeed. With the choral voices in the background it reminds me of Metroid Prime for some reason... Definitely keep those. Anyway, I just started playing Cave Story and didn't know what would come of taking on Balrog's theme when I first saw the thread. But I think you have something here. The chippy version of the theme would work just fine as an opener (maybe with a brief throwback at the end? agreeing with DragnBreth again here), but the meat of the mix should be metal. As Gario and Rozo have said, this (and all OC ReMixes these days) needs interpretation. Originality is key, whether it's in soloing, arrangement, or blending of themes. Dressing a source up in a different musical style may have worked in the past but, as you've sensed, OCR has much higher standards now (which is a good thing, judging by the quality of new ReMixes). This has great potential. Update?
  3. Right, it sounds like it gets a little off in a higher register. It might just be that the soundfont/plugin wasn't built to go that high. Whatever brass instument you are using from 2:29-2:35 sounds clean, though. Overall, I like the improvements you've made. You've used a brief theme and constructed an impressive concerto which is dynamic but retains the mood of the original. Very nice.
  4. There is a lot of potential in this soundtrack, including some uncharted territory. So far no one's touched the Transylvanian, African Mines, or the Himalayas themes. What you have so far is solid. Blending in other themes, as solos or melodies, will certainly spice it up. And Rozo makes a good point about the style. Looking forward to updates!
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. It is quite obvious that this is quite epic. I can tell that you've put a lot of energy and passion into this mix. If it's not OCR-worthy, I don't know what is (and haven't a prayer for my own mixes). Review: The piano is a great way to tie the whole mix together. I enjoy its use in the intro, as well as the different elements which creep in subtly (drums at 0:25, for example). It's a very good intro, as a matter of fact, staying creative and interesting enough to make you feel like the music is going somewhere, not just repeating the same phrase over and over (maybe only increasing in volume or number of instruments). The synth which joins the guitar around 1:12 adds another layer to the sound, filling things out. There's a little guitar glitch at 1:35 which you may not even bother with, seeing as it's small and natural. Excellent guitar soloing 2:00-2:25. You've really expanded your repetoire for this bit. Okay, I get the heebie-jeebies after 2:25. It's all minor and scary and I get the same feeling I do walking into Flash Man's lair with very little energy. It also makes some of the other parts of the song (also minor) fit better. More great soloing after 3:00. For some reason it's strange notation and the continuous drums remind me of 70s experimental rock. It's also in line with the unique synth solo in the latest Chrono Trigger ReMix. Did I mention the chorus yet? No? Well, it's another great element which ties things together. Very nice chippiness starting at 4:23 (but I'm a sucker for that sound). The rhythm guitar sounds a little rough around 4:45. Introducing the piano again at 4:50 fills what was a kind of blank spot before. I'm still get totally psyched when I hear the death sound and wall of rock at 5:03. You balanced out the dueling guitars very well. The synth at 6:15 is great, a very successful variation from the electric guitar. The ending/outro is just fantastic. I mean, the guitar blends gently into beautiful choral voices and piano. It sounds just right with that ominous low synth and sound effects. Phew! What else can I say? Awesome.
  6. Seriously! I backed out of a WIP and I thought the forum had disappeared! Nice change, though. It does make the WIPs seem a little bit higher on the musical food chain.
  7. You know how they say a song can transport you somewhere? I tell you, I listened to this and I was in Phendrana! And, man, is it cold! Anyway... this is excellent. I may not love it as much as Tables, but I really like the ambience you've (re)created. The dynamics of the mix are beautiful and very natural (though I was afraid it was about to end around 0:55). I must commend you on the use of percussion throughout, particularly the hand drums starting at 1:17. I'm having trouble coming up with anything to criticize... Great work so far! And sweet title, by the way.
  8. And you do a great job, spanning a variety of games. A question for you, though: do you find it difficult to work on multiple projects? Or is it better so you can work on different mix when you get stuck or bored?

  9. The Conduit is set to be the big Wii game of this summer. Not only is it a highly praised FPS, but it contains many cool features made specifically with gamers in mind. ACIDplanet is hosting a remixing contest for the game. The winner will receive prizes and be included on the soundtrack. Details here. (Should this be cross-posted in, or moved to, the Remixing forum?)
  10. glasfen

    Gamer Shame

    Very brave of you to admit so much. And, yes, wikis are deadly when it comes to ruining a game.
  11. Yeah, okay, I can hear that. Excellent suggestion! I second. It is quite ethereal.
  12. Interesting theory... I'm getting back into N64 right now and I can see your point. There are only a few series you can test this with, though (Mario, Zelda, Pilotwings, Starfox). That's one of my favorites specifically for its difficulty and the skills necessary to reach the end (and survive). Grrr.... stupid Clinger Winger level... Was that meant to be impossible?! Uh, yeah. Still can't beat that one either. Yep, a basic plot was all it took and there you went, off to face the forces of darkness, be they mushrooms, monsters, or machines, often armed with little more than a pea shooter or, more often than not, nothing! Thanks for all the replies, guys!
  13. Yeah, that game hurt. Badly.
  14. The second-to-last chorus is great, particularly the contrasting soloing in the background. My only suggestion for the last chorus would be to change the levels of the two main guitar solos so that one is clearly different from the other (starting at 4:15). Either that, or have them play back and forth, switching the dominant one (like a rock battle).
  15. Nice. That kind of interaction is lacking in the Zelda series. Also: Hilarious.
  16. You must be brushing your teeth. This is brilliant! Heck, it could be in a nearly "present" time period (maybe Victorian). The Legend of Zelda: The Mystery of Mudora I am reminded of Eternal Darkness...
  17. 10! Excuse the confetti, please. Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #10 I recently embarked on a mission. It's really nothing glorious (though some might think so) but is more of a quest for personal fulfilment. I've played dozens of games in my life and, like many gamers, left most of them unfinished for various reasons. In several instances, I simply grew bored with the game. In others, I wasn't willing to frustrate myself into insanity just to complete the game. So this is my mission: Complete all the games I started (and can still play). This has led me to a conclusion regarding gaming history (yes, I'm getting to the poll). It seems that the older games (NES/Atari/Genesis/C64/etc.) are harder to beat than more recent games of the same series, style, or genre. That's my opinion, but what do you think? Generally speaking, old video games are: a. more difficult than new games. b. just as difficult as new games. c. easier than new games. Vote and be heard! PM me for anything else. Oh, and thanks for looking!
  18. So, how's everybody doing? Here's the last poll: Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #9 ...The Wiimote broke new ground for controllers with its motion-sensitivity. Now, whether you agree with waggling or not, this has become the new "it" for console gaming. But here's the question: What's next? What will define the next generation of gaming as the new immersive technology? a) Virtual Reality helmets the return of the Power Glove! (or something like it) c) full-body motion capture d) nothing, this is as far as it will go e) something else (feel free to elaborate or invent!) Here are the votes: a) Virtual Reality helmets - 2 votes (18%) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the return of the Power Glove! (or something like it) - 4 votes (36%) - WINNER! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> c) full-body motion capture - 2 votes (18%) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> d) nothing, this is as far as it will go - 1 vote (9%) >>>>>>>>> e) something else (feel free to elaborate or invent!) - (18%) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Surprisingly, folks seem to like manual manipulation over the more high-tech visual and kinetic input. I guess the helmets, full-body suits, and virtual worlds will have to wait. We like our controllers! Either that or the other options are too foreign to contemplate. Thanks for voting. New poll in a few minutes. That's right. No, seriously, go look.
  19. Actually, if you look here, you can see that Miyamoto has proposed a specific chronology, as has Eiji Aonuma. The whole thing is speculation until the loose ends are tied up, but that's part of the mystique. I think Spirit Tracks will add in a little modern flavor. Maybe that's the direction they're headed.
  20. Wah ha ha! That's too funny. And I know exactly what you mean. It's odd how the act of brushing one's teeth can lead to inspiration. Spoilers, ho! I was actually thinking about your first point the other day. I believe that Ganon being found out as a traitor (referenced in OoT by the dying guard in Hyrule Town - poor guy), is hastened by both Zelda and young Link as they are aware of his true nature. This then leads to Ganon's botched execution seen in Twilight Princess. On the issue of the windmill, I don't believe there is any evidence to prove that it's possible. I think it's just an inconsistency which works for the sake of the game. That's a time-loop which could never happen. From what I've read at Zeldapedia (yeah, I admit it), Ocarina splits into Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, depending on the state of Hyrule. From playing the game, I had assumed that the events of Ocarina were simply fixed by Link restoring the power of the sages, defeating Ganon, and everything being sent into the past again. I never saw any reason to believe that Majora's Mask was a separate Link. Actually, it's OoT young Link, still in some distant part of Hyrule, who is warped to Termina. It's been a while since I played that game, and I won't spoil the ending for you, but post your thoughts afterwards. Thanks for the mental (and dental) stimulation.
  21. I've been listening to an old version of this for a long time. I really like the changes you've made (xylophone, strings, flute). Maybe the strings could be a legato to give them a more natural feel? Anyway, I just wanted to know if you had worked on this recently. I really dig it.
  22. Any updates to this one, Nasenmann? Btw, I like the Danger portion of the song, reminding me of Shnabubula's take on the source, especially 2:10-2:15.
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