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  1. Okay, I've never played the series before. Should I be excited to see it on the Wii? Any seasoned hunters out there? For information: http://www.nintendowiifanboy.com/2008/09/17/famitsu-serves-up-monster-hunter-3-screens-deets/ http://www.capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/3/ - in Japanese
  2. Thanks for the link, Maco70. You have given me hope!
  3. I actually e-mailed NOA a few years ago to ask if they would consider releasing a N64 controller adapter or similarly shaped retro controller for the Wii. They responded by politely stating that they did not have such a product in the works. Too bad. Ocarina of Time on GC controllers (playing the Master Quest) was no fun with the C-stick. I imagine it's similar on the Wii-retro controller.
  4. SMB1 and 2, Contra, Rygar, A Link to the Past, Mario RPG, Starfox, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, Eternal Darkness, and... Wii Sports? I'm kind of surprised that the GC barely made it. I haven't seen any full games that I'd like to replay on Wii yet.
  5. Wow, you actually have a VirtualBoy? I have never even seen one in the flesh- er, plastic. Hats off to you, sir!
  6. I loved Little Nemo as a kid, even though I could only beat it once. In my opinion, all the LN Remixes are great. This one may not be that catchy, but I felt like it fit in with the story-telling spirit of the game (hence the voice). I was inspired by these tunes to play the game again (and beat it) and to read the original comics by Winsor McCay (check your library system). Go Jazzflight!
  7. Maybe a cockroach? That would fit in with the series' symbolism.
  8. I see you're a man after my own (three) hearts. I tried that in Majora's Mask and got crushed. Have you ever attempted Mario 1 with your toes? I think I've made it to 1-3 before.
  9. Ah, Goldeneye. Hours and hours of hilarious Soviet fun. Tell you what, I'll trade your Mario Kart for my Ocarina of Time. ...What? No deal?! Nuts.
  10. Great song and great purpose (feel better, bLiNd!). The first chorus left me unnerved (fittingly, I suppose) as it seemed like there were tones missing which later presented themselves in the second go-round. Crazy good.
  11. You would think I'd be sick of this song after listening to it so many times (often repetitively). Nope! I'm sure everyone before me has praised it to bits. Ditto. Rock on Mr. Salzman, rock on.
  12. What with readily available emulators and Virtual Console, I am curious to know how many people out there still use the previous generation consoles. I am fortunate enough to have a SNES and N64 with a small library of games for each and I feel like there's something special about playing old school style. Maybe it's just nostalgia. Also, especially in the case of the N64, I can't bring myself to play those games using the Wii retro controller. No C-buttons? Zounds! (though I do love the Wiimote for NES games) Now, if only I could get my hands on a copy of Pilotwings 64...
  13. Yeah, they do well for a broke, discredited researcher and a fugitive living in a studio that doesn't even belong to them (when is Isaac's rent up anyway?). What ever happened to the Irish girl? She's just flung to the deadly future and forgotten? I guess there's not much hope for since they didn't save Charlie either.
  14. I agree with nohero on the science aspect. It was probably better off as a mystery. The Star Wars source of the "force" revelation was similarly disappointing (to me, anyway). Still, I'm glad it's back. Something to look forward to on Mondays. Is it just me or has Maya's English improved dramatically?
  15. I'm not sure what to think yet. How many times can some of the characters come back? Though I did like the Linderman twist. Oh, and nice ending too. Why didn't I guess that before? Hiro/Mohindir/Peter... what are you doing?!
  16. As a "commoner", ouch! (though it is true) But I know what he means about the creative process. It would be the same in any medium, be it a novel, movie, etc. Whether you're making something entirely original or, in this case, using a source for inspiration and/or substance, the joy of creativity is a big part of the reward. If OCR rejects your tune, well, that's their prerogative. You can tweak or overhaul it to meet their standards but, if that results in a remix that you no longer enjoy, what's the point? If it gets posted, great. If some people like it, wonderful. Others may not. Different strokes, folks. Creativity is personal expression and as long as you're happy with the final product, even if it doesn't make it big, congratulations on a job well done!
  17. As of now there are only two remixes on OCR? ...why so few? I'm sure if more people had played the game we would see it receive the kind of attention it deserves. Personally, I'd love to hear a harmony or star salzman take on it.
  18. About five years ago I heard Bladiator's "Oh, Say Can Yoshi" mix on The Mushroom Kingdom online radio. After a bit of research, I found OCR and decided to tune in. I guess I finally signed up in the hopes of submitting a remix or two. Maybe in the near future... Anyway, this site is great. I think I listen to OC remixes more than "real" music... is that weird? Keep up the good work, djpretzel, et al.
  19. bLiNd, This may be my first post, but I am a long-time listener to your excellent remixes. Glad to hear that you are home and doing better. I wish you a swift recovery!
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