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  1. (emphasis added)WHAT? Seriously? It sounds so convincing, though...
  2. Yep, it's been about that long for mine too. You make a great analogy, btw. I can totally relate. I think OCR needs a "Get Your WIP Done" support group, or something like that. But I'd probably be too lazy to post... Seriously, though, I think the community part helps a lot, especially when you get feedback and realize that there are twenty people waiting for your next update. That's pretty cool.

  3. Cool, and thanks! Looking forward to hearing the completed Majora's Mask mix and anything else you might have in the works.

  4. This was the first ReMix which made me do a double-take and one of my earliest favorites. I couldn't believe what SGX and Sephire did with the source and it still blows my mind that they managed to contort it so much but keep true to the original. Excellent mix, and still one of my faves.
  5. Nice. I thought it would be a bit too repetetive, but it's very dynamic. I love the organ and choral voices. Lyrics would be excellent. I'm sure you'd get some interested vocalists if you asked.
  6. Yeah, that's a tough call. I'll bet on originality, particularly since everything else is grade A. Hope things work out.
  7. All excellent reasons for option A, in my opinion. I squeaked my way through Earthbound and Secret of Mana but stopped at the end because I would have had to countless battles to beat the game. So maybe it backfired... And I agree that Chrono Trigger is pretty easy at high speed, especially if you manage properly. A game which forces you to take it slow: Final Fantasy I... or II... or III...
  8. Well, you've definitely got my vote on a Mario RPG or World mix. And CT needs more metal mixes! Looking forward to them.

  9. Okay, not my best guitar work or singing, but it's still a WIP, after all. Known (technical) issues: - There's a bit of fuzz in certain parts. - The guitar overpowers the vocals after the opening. - I'm still tweaking the levels now that I'm recording both at the same time and using a decent mic. - Some clipping for the source. - Microphone noise. Rough as it is, I wanted to get some feedback as there are some changes since last time, particularly at the end (with a little improv). Still to come: violin! (and better performance overall)
  10. Well, I can't really fault you on it because I do the same thing in my WIP. On the musical dialogue between Link and Zelda, is there any way you could work her lullaby into the oboe part? What you have is very similar (is it just modified and I'm missing it?). "Oh, you know the rest." = hilarious.
  11. That's ridiculously impressive. I don't think there is any fault (are there any?) worth starting over.
  12. Thank you! I totally concur. I was thinking I should have left option C out as a general/overall philosophy, but you could be middle-of-the-road. Personally, I tend to run into the heat of battle in most games, which is why I don't do so great in fighting or FPS titles.
  13. The others have pretty much spelled out the main issues with this mix. As Rozo said, you do have some interesting arrangement/improvisation going on. I wouldn't say it needs more of that. It might need a little less of first bit of the source as NDN_Shadow implied. There are a few areas where you could drop those five notes out entirely without compromising the mix (1:40-2:00, 3:30-3:49). They almost make it too busy in places (1:15-1:40, 2:00-2:22). I do like what you did with it around 2:32. Keep the guitar and high-pitched synth starting at 3:30 but ditch the other elements until 3:49 when they make a nice return with improvisation. The ending is great, and a perfect time to bring back those five notes (very simple and enjoyable). This is a good use of the source. It's a different feel than those mixes already on OCR.
  14. Agreeing with those before me. I loved this theme in the game. You've definitely upped the ante for piano performance with this one. Amazing emotion and complexity without losing the source. It really speaks of a mastery of the instrument. Excellent! Don't tell me you did this in one sitting.
  15. Sage advice, as usual, from Gario. If your problem is compositional, try removing the one part that's bothering you from the track entirely. The disassembled mix might give you a fresh perspective on the importance and the role of the missing element. If the problem is technical, I think you're handling it right by learning everything you can. Hoping for success!
  16. Beautiful. I still love the jazzed up melody at 3:15. Excellent percussion near the end. Everything sounds very solidly managed and produced. Great work!
  17. I have not yet begun to poll! Veteran Gamer Poll #11 What is your philosophy when playing a game (adventure game, fps, or rpg)? Do you hone your skills, hoard items, and/or level up so that every fight is an easy one? Or do you sprint headlong into the fray? Certain games make extensive use of stealth, diminishing opportunities for reckless heroism (Beyond Good and Evil, the Metal Gear series, Splinter Cell, Second Sight, etc.). Let's leave those out of the equation. Think of games that give you a choice. For example, my battle cry for Zelda 1 was "Fight to the death!" and was particularly inspiring when entering a locked room of Darknut knights. Granted, I could have taken my time and snuck up on each of them, but rampaging through the dungeon was that much more fun. Heck, you could even say that dashing through a Mario or Sonic game is pretty dangerous (and requires some sweet skills to do with precision). So, back to the topic, what is your general strategy? a. Chaaaaarrrge! b. It took some time, but now I can crush every foe with epic ease. c. A healthy mix. Vote and be heard! PM me for anything else (except legal advice).
  18. Congrats on the wicked awesome ReMix, Will! Inspiring, to say the least, and the first of many, I'm sure.

  19. Actually, I finally found a decent mic and am re-recording it now. I hope to use my brother's keyboard to input some violin as well (unless I can find a real one...) so I should have an update this weekend. Once that's posted, I'll probably start on another. I have a lot of ideas, mostly for semi-obscure games. Which reminds me, I gotta give you credit for taking on the big themes (LoZ, Mega Man, FF) in a big way. I'm assuming you'll do Chrono Trigger next, right? j/k But whatever it is, I'm sure it'll rock.

  20. I was surprised to hear the second half take such a leap from the first. But I really like the narrative style! The mixing in the second half is excellent. While the rap style is different, it is just as sweet as the first half. My only thought on the lyrics is that the use of the word "force" twice in a short span might sound a little awkward. Maybe that's just me... You make it work, though. "'til I get my hands on the force of three, the holy trinity. Struggling against the forces in my darkest hour..." Nice work, Nubioso! Looking forward to another update.
  21. Very well constructed. The guitar parts are distinct and each is impressive. Excellent layering. Frankly, you could keep the percussion as is because it isn't the driving force here (of course, some variation would help with the judges). The style reminds me of Mana and makes me think this would do well with (Spanish) lyrics. I could help you out there if you're interested... Great work so far!
  22. I thought I'd get bored with the intro really quickly, but it kept my interest, unlike most songs with a similar style.I like the fade out and very minimal restart. The layering and instrumentation beginning at 3:12 are sweet. Very mellow, overall. Excellent work. I don't know that I agree with Gario on the lack of source, but he would know better. Really, my only suggestion (since you seem happy with the overall feel --> I would have said to punch it up with rhythmic variation) is to use a violin sample/synth/plugin that sounds more "live". I think it's great so far.
  23. No problem. It helps that I think your mixes are awesome and generally cover sources that I know. And I agree on the feedback from people outside your inner circle. Definitely a good thing (if constructive) though it can be tough to hear. Thanks for posting on my one (for now) mix, by the way. Keep up the great work.

  24. Interesting techniques, Sweedrix. I appreciate the explanation of your process as I'm just getting into (re)mixing myself. Percussion is really the weak link for me.

  25. Last time, on VG Opinion Polls... Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #10 ... Generally speaking, old video games are: a. more difficult than new games. b. just as difficult as new games. c. easier than new games. Here is what you thought: a. more difficult than new games - 17 votes (94.4%) -WINNER! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> b. just as difficult as new games - 1 vote (5.6%) >>>>>> c. easier than new games - 0 votes? ... Well, this seems to confirm my theory that older games are harder than new games. Granted, I've known a few masters of gaming in my time who weren't troubled by anything 8-bit, but it's good to know that you're not alone your struggle. Thanks for voting! New poll soon, maybe this weekend. Chau, for now!
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