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  1. I have put the expanded version of Zebesian Midnight on my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hrz2vq1ay94hco/Vigilante - Super Metroid - Zebesian Midnight (Full OC ReMix).ogg?dl=1
  2. From the description of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9oBX7iZKSE:
  3. Or the more well known: Cheetahman II - Main theme: Phoenix Wright - Cornered: Breath of Fire III - Forest: Chrono Trigger - Guardia Forest:
  4. Some that haven't been listed yet that I really like Order of Tyr - Chiptunez of Destiny http://videogamemetal.com/album/chiptunez-of-destiny Anything by Dubmood really, I really like: http://dataairlines.bandcamp.com/album/lost-floppies-vol-2-data027 The Aqua Kitty soundtrack (seriously just listen to 5. Kitty Rock, it's awesome) http://electric-cafe.bandcamp.com/album/aqua-kitty-soundtrack Anything by syphus, notably the Pineapple smash crew soundtrack: http://syphus.bandcamp.com/album/pineapple-smash-crew-soundtrack Kubbi - 2012 singles: http://kubbi.bandcamp.com/album/2012-singles I regularly scour around on bandcamp so they might not all be well known, there's a huge library of all kinds of chiptune music there.
  5. Hi guys, Another entry in the Symphonic series will be livestreamed on http://www1.wdr.de/orchester/planm/index.html at18:30 local time. You can find a countdown on http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20131122T1830&p0=311&msg=Symphonic+Selections&csz=1
  6. I just finished listening to the entire OST and I really like it , it's great to play it as background music once in a while. Bump because this deserves more attention/feedback ^^
  7. I haven't played a lot of games that made me cry but To the moon certainly did the job.
  8. I remember Pipe Dream being a demo for my ATI card, in fact, it appears the demo is still available on http://developer.amd.com/archive/legacydemos/pages/ATIRadeon9700Real-TimeDemos.aspx
  9. Anyone played or heard of Really Big Sky (http://bossbaddie.co.uk/bigsky/) ? I've played it for a few hours and like the intensity, reminds me a lot of hard arcade shmups. As for my favorite, probably Tyrian
  10. MIDI is also the protocol used when you hook up a synth keyboard to your computer for recording. A midi file is (well more or less) nothing more than a dump of that protocol to a file. Software can interpret midi files as sheet music, but they aren't stored as such. In essence, a midi file is of the most part a long list of: note <index> on note <index> off, note <index> on, note <index> off along with their timestamps in delta ticks on 1 or several channels (tracks). And each channel (track) has a current instrument defined.
  11. To be clear, I didn't draw that, nor is that deviantArt page mine. I did a quick search and stumbled on that and thought it would fit nicely
  12. You should look on http://www.dragon-tear.net/ if you haven't already for lots of resources about BOF if you haven't already. Also this: Yes I know, it looks horribly slapped together (and it is ). Someone can probably make something better (the subtitle looks horrible .. really) Sources: http://xcbdh.deviantart.com/art/Breath-of-Fire-2-Poster-45924219 http://www.jap-sai.com/Games/Breath_of_Fire/Breath_of_Fire.htm
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the live stream , it was the first time I saw it completely and not just pieces from youtube. I liked the fact that they added 2 not-on-program performances ^^, although I don't know if they have done that in previous concerts. I should really look into actually going to a concert next time Let's see if I can embed all the parts in the first post Edit: I've added youtube links for all pieces in the original post.
  14. Just started http://www.wdr.de/wdrlive/media/wdr-tv-event_web-l.asx live stream works for me in VLC (the one on the page itself did not) If the above link does not work you could try DSL: http://www.wdr.de/wdrlive/media/wdr-tv-event_web-m.asx 56k: http://www.wdr.de/wdrlive/media/wdr-tv-event_web-s.asx
  15. Livestream starts today on 19h45 GMT +1 on http://wdr.de/mediathek/html/regional/livestream/sondersendung.xml To see what time this is in your timezone: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20110709T1945&p1=988
  16. I'll just leave this absolutely unique creation here (of course big whoop reference to this) In all seriousness, both have a point and it's certainly not the first time someone sued someone because it looks similar or is based on the original product. I think it depends how people view it, if they see it as a reference to the original (like remixes) and there's no loss of income from the party that made the original it should be fine. If however people think the original is a derivative of the adaptation, I can understand that they won't like that at best.
  17. This year's orchestral performance (previous years were Symphonic Fantasies and Legends) is a tribute to Nobuo Uematsu: http://www.symphonicodysseys.com/ Threads about previous performances Program Encores
  18. For basic database access and quick setup ASP.NET with Entity framework is very easy to setup. This depends largely on your host though, ASP hosting requires an IIS and windows server set up, and windows based servers are generally more expensive to hire than linux based servers (unless you have a dedicated server). I recently watched tutorials on ASP.NET MVC (because I only knew webforms before) on http://www.asp.net/mvc and it's aimed at someone who has no experience with web development, database access, etc whatsoever (but still tackles more advanced topics). I might be biased though, I've only worked with ASP.NET. Side note: I wouldn't store 100-200mb files in a blob in a database, but as a file and then save the path in the database, it's a lot easier not having to take it in account on every query related to such a blob. Edit: I would also compress the files for the player server-side too, I doubt a lot of people can manage streaming 100mb files, let alone the huge amount of bandwidth requirements.
  19. Finally got around to creating a VST plugin. Took a while to understand the structure and get it working. I used the VST.NET library to implement the plugin interface and I tested it on VSTHost (http://www.hermannseib.com/english/vsthost.htm). Due to lack of other hosts such as FL I don't know if those will load it correctly too. Please let me know if it works or doesn't work and the error message You can find the vst plugin on: http://proceduralmidi.codeplex.com/releases/view/68150 Edit: tried getting it to work in FL9, it loads properly but I don't get any sound out of it. This might highly likely be due to the fact that I didn't know what I was doing (never worked with FL before, or any music related programs for that matter (unless winamp and audacity counts))
  20. I doubt that, windows has always been a 3 year release frame (aside from Vista). I'll wait to comment on it until I've seen/tried out the final RTM. They have a habit to show selective previews, specifically for hardware distributors (which this preview was aimed at), but there might be some nice things that they've worked on under the hood too.
  21. For anyone still interested, I've added support to play samples instead of GM midi and added import/export from/to otomata urls. http://proceduralmidi.codeplex.com/ I'm not certain if I play them on the correct note though Also made a small showcase video:
  22. I am somewhat reminded of Tron , great drawing
  23. This reminds me a lot of the music you'd find in Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle (especially of Tree Spirit Jurak). I love that OST, so I love this remix
  24. Thanks . I've been programming for a long time so it almost feels like second nature to me. I'm sure it's the same with composing/remixing music for you guys . Meanwhile I made a new release with more fancy graphics and 2 new cell states: I don't think I'll be adding more states anytime soon (unless it really opens a whole new box of possibilities) because the rules code is getting bigger and bigger (in nested if's). Enjoy
  25. In case anyone is still interested, I made new release with support to record a midi file, and added a few other cell states to play with. It also uses the exact same rules as otomata now (it was impossible to sustain oscillators before and multiple merged cells only rotated once). You can find it on the project homepage (http://proceduralmidi.codeplex.com/). I'll probably update if I can think of something to add or something needs to be fixed).
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