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  1. It seems there is some artifact at 0:36 and 1:36, though it could be only strings synthesis.
  2. Gureto, thanks ! Couldn't find info on that.
  3. Post - #2000 OCRemixes progressively had a new way to standardise ID3 Tags : track number, author comments, and http://ocremix.org as the album (instead of http://www.ocremix.org). While the change is great, I bet people using media sorting software (iTunes, Banshee, Rhythmbox...) are often frustrated to see thousands of old remixes alphabetically sorted in a separate album. Here are the two downsides of cleaning up the old remixes tags : Someone will have to retag track number, album and mainly comments for about 2000 remixes. The torrents we've been fightning for years to keep on
  4. I didn't want to be rude (rereading myself, I apologize for my bad-day-cruel-tone). I really understand the need for comas, that was just an unelegant way to describe the lazyness their number inspired to me.
  5. Well, I'm French and I got them yesterday. Don't desperate, everyone will check them in their mailbox before Christmas. (Eventually I couldn't resist keeping these copies for myself, instead of giving them as gifts and order a couple more CDs later.)
  6. Clairval

    Nintendo Wii

    'reminds me the N64 era, which also provided a sooooooooo small amount of goodness per year. Except that they were 25% of Nintendo games, not 2,5% as now.
  7. Thanks. I have one more question. Since ribbon microphones seem to be bi-directional, and by that more propitious to capture ambiant noise, what is their advantage upon uni-directional ones (cardioid, shotgun) ? Price ?
  8. Thanks a lot for your lightning answer. In fact, that was exactly what I expected : the best option for me is probably to borrow one of my friend's rock band studio and material. Except if you tell me that some microphones are worth being multi-bought under $100 piece.
  9. Hi people. Having been invested in choirs by the past, I never touched the hardware question further than "Wow, that's expensive for our two dozen people ! Let's be gentle with all this stuff. ". Now that I just read the ribbon microphones forum guide, what I understood is that they are a great tool for single instrument recording. Does it go the same way for vocals ? Voices being my main instrument, I wondered how many I should spend in order to live-record a quatuor in good quality.
  10. Regarding the first post, if my main (and sometimes only) instrument are vocals, should I consider to invest in an APEX 210 ?
  11. French version of the Content Policy --- ENTRE : Le(s) artiste(s) qui soumet(tent) du contenu musical (l’ « Artiste ») ET : Le site hébergeant les œuvres musicales et ses entreprises affiliées (« OverClocked ReMix »). I'm no lawyer, and I know how much the french juridic vocabulary can be codified, but wouldn't it be more limpid to specify (désigné dans le reste de ce document sous le terme d' « Artiste ») and (désigné dans le reste de ce document sous les termes « OverClocked ReMix »). Edit - I forgot : I claim here and today the opening of a campaign against the "œ" character
  12. Preordered. Having a hard copy with a cool cover is still a good deal when you want your friends to take a listening "seriously", instead of messing it with their 5000 leaked songs they don't care about.
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