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  1. This is my favorite on the album. It is so enjoyable to listen to and the intro is great.
  2. Playing Demon's Souls still. On my third playthrough but this time i am going to try and get the trophies for it.
  3. Me like a lot. I can not get enough of this. Hope to see more.
  4. The armored spider is a bit tricky, i mostly killed it with arrows. As far as grinding i use soulsucker and that ring of avarice and i can get over ten thousand souls. I have to try Disgaea 3 considering i liked phantom brave.
  5. Thanks for the link but i have that song worn out shoes already.
  6. Anyone finished Demon's Souls yet? So far i have nearly finished for the second time, so of the black phantoms i have come across online have been tough. Going to play it for a third time soon.
  7. Well it is about time. ZOE 1 and ZOE 2 where excellent games.
  8. Halc you are getting really good. I can not stop playing every morning, the song is just so addictive. I want more.
  9. This gets my two thumbs up. The song was fantastic from beginning to end.
  10. I have to admit this really is my favorite track on the album. This really tells a story, i can not stop listening to this.
  11. Seriously this rocks. Loved every second of it.
  12. Ziwtra you are the man. This is just a great mix and that into was the best, the violin was fantastic. Good work as always Ziwtra.
  13. This mix is very entertaining and relaxing. I just love it. Good work.
  14. Well this was a surprised. Seriously this is one sexy mix.
  15. Now this is a breath of fresh air. Well done.
  16. Well i beat Old King Doran in Demon's Souls, totally owned him:<
  17. I enjoyed the second game so this should be good. I was hoping the third would be set in Russia.
  18. I mostly use a claymore or a great sword.
  19. I would wait till you are much stronger. If you invade someones game and lose to them your soul level decreases. From what i have experienced storm of shrines is really the main place that black phantoms try to kill people online.
  20. Managed to a black phantom that tried to kill me online and leveled up my soul level to 103 so far.
  21. Fantastic work from Star Salzman as usual. Everything entwines really well.
  22. What do you think of Demon's Souls so far?
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