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  1. I am not sure what i should feel about this ReMixanator. I was looking forward to the Pokemon album and Nights: Lucid Dreaming album.
  2. After the longest thirty minutes it is finally here. This album as a whole is the best one so far and it shows with all the incredible talent that everyone has put in to it. Congratulations people!
  3. Have i died and gone to heaven? I love this to pieces. Been playing this on loop all day and it still never loses it awesomeness. Great work you three.
  4. Is this game a download or a disk game?
  5. I might get it as well, it seems very interesting and fun to play.
  6. Well i am very excited about this. I missed playing Counter Strike back in the day when i had a PC.
  7. This is the bomb. Rap is not really my thing but this is just awesome and the lyrics are just plain fun to listen to. I want MORE!
  8. Congratulations DA you have the power.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion Schwaltzvald. It looks like so much fun:-P
  10. Valkyrie Profile was good but i found it really diffcult.
  11. If this happens i will love ocremix long time.
  12. SEGA has broken to many hearts for this.
  13. I hope this has a better story to it.
  14. Zork: The Great Underground Empire - Part I
  15. To bad it does not have characters from Samurai Pizza Cats. Other then that the game looks like great fun to play.
  16. Uncharted 2 deserves it. It really is a great game.
  17. It would be cool if they did put PS2 era titles on the PSN but i hope they put games that people want to play.
  18. This is so epic. The piano is sooo good and the whole latin feel is just so perfect. Good work:-P
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