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  1. Final Fantasy IV has a surprisingly under remixed soundtrack for the quality of the music that's in the game. It's great to see someone remixing this game again. As for the song itself, I haven't heard anyone take this approach to this song. It has a natural, orchestral feel to the song and it works well with the epic quality and sound of the original song.
  2. Sounds good. I like the emerald weapon reference in the title. I think that it adds a little more, although unneeded, 'umpf' to the track. Great work
  3. Demon Hunter is good. They remind me of Slipknot in that they mash up heavy songs with screaming lyrics with melodic songs with clear and interesting lyrics. Demon Hunter has more melodic aspects than Slipknot does though. Three Days Grace: not completely metal but pretty heavy 10 Years: good lyrics and even better melodies Disturbed: can't remember if anyone mentioned them yet Breaking Benjamin: not really metal but good Nightwish: someone mentioned Epica earlier and both bands are goth rock/metal Scars of Life: only one album was released but great stuff Seether: another rock/metal borderline group Drowning Pool: haven't listened to all that much lately Fear Factory: a few good songs Roadrunner United: on the heavy side, "The End" is a good track Sanctity: starting to really get into these guys Saliva: lighter, more melodic metal/rock I think everyone else mentioned most of the good bands (Kamelot, Iced Earth, etc) Cronos.
  4. I'm not sure if this song is ready for the judges or not, but I don't care. I've had this song on loop on my computer on and off for close to a week. It's interesting that you chose to take a desolate and depressing theme and turn it into an ambient, mellow, and relaxing track. I find that the repetition of track works well with the ambient vibe. You may want to try reworking the track if the judges are not happy with it but I'm really thankful that I found this song. Great Job! Cronos.
  5. I really dig the lyrics and the chorus sounds really good, but sometimes the vocals peak at too high a pitch at a number of different points throughout the song, at least I think they're a little high. Other than that, great work and I can't wait for the submission.
  6. I think this is the first time that I've heard anyone make this remix quite like this. It's interesting and different from other mixes but I like where it's going,but...there are a couples points. I think that the into is interesting but there is not enough variation or rather distinguishable notes above the ominous sounding bass. I like the bass, I just think that the melody below it needs something more. I really like the final 1/3 of the track, that is where the strength lies and I think you should expand that section both forward and backward but play around with an add some variation if you do. I'm not sure why but I inclined to call this mix slow in terms of speed although it isn't really, it just appears to be so. I think that this is something to play with, maybe a slight slowdown at the end and return to the deep bass you had at the beginning at the same time. I don't know if this is actually helpful. I don't know much about the process of remixing myself, I just like music. Good luck and I hope to see this mix progress
  7. Well this is quite interesting. I'm finding a hard time picking things out of this mix to like or dislike. That's not to say the mix is bad, I like it quite a bit. However, something seems off and I'm not quite sure what it is at this point. The only real suggestion that I can make at this point is that, in my opinion, the source was sped up a little too much. This is really noticeable in the quiet, I believe 'flute', sections. Other than that, I really like the layering throughout the first minute and a bit, it delivers a real solid feel creating some good depth.
  8. When I began to listen to this mix I was stoked to find out where the mix would go after the repetitive, but interesting intro, and then I found that it wasn't the intro. The repetition of this mix is way overdone. I get bored after about a minute, hear what I think will be a change in the mix's direction, and become disappointed to hear the same similar arrangement, albeit with a cleaner and deeper sound. The other thing that bugged me is that the source is buried under the bass and the first time I heard the song I didn't know when it began. My suggestion is that you turn the base levels down a bit, get some more variation with the percussion, bring out a little more of the source tune, and maybe add a few sections with lulls in the bass so that the source becomes more apparent. Overall interesting work. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  9. I agree with Chris, this is a little too repetative. I think complicating the beat and maybe infusing a little more of the source material would benafit the mix. But I like this mix, it's unfinished, but I like it. Keep trying to improve upon this mix and if it seems as though you've hit a roadblock, then maybe ask a techno specialist to collaborate with you on the mix. Good work, I look forward to it being finished.
  10. Interesting almost western-like intro, and then bam the track hits you in the face. I don't think that the choir fits in all the well with the track as a whole, but overall the song sounds good. Perhaps the only real issue is that it seems like there are too many idea in this piece and because of time, not all of them are fully explored.
  11. I dislike the cutting in and out of the song and around the minute and a half mark but simply love the change that occurs around 2:20, brilliant. You transformed a happy-go-lucky sounding track into a really melodic and Celtic feeling song. One of the best tracks from VotL.
  12. With the voices in the beginning the track gives off a vibe like a Linkin Park song. As a remix of the source track I'm not much of a fan, but as a remix in general it is really well done and interesting. One of the better trance mixes on the site. I had forgotten about this remix. The track gives off a feel of Starcraft or another space-like game at times and has a generally unique feel. Very nice. I'm sure I hear Starcraft sound effects in there at some points...
  13. Intro is nice, relaxing, and very chill. The whole mix is chill. I don't really have any complaints about this track, it's one I'd forgotten about for quite a while, but it is quite good.
  14. Is there a point in reinforcing a point that many other people have pointed out while they were pointing out what they thought of the remix? Repetative and boring.
  15. Interesting sound, once we finally hear the source. The intro is way out there and over kill for the length of the mix. The mix itself is too repetitive and too short, not a common occurrence on my playlist.
  16. The source is a very strong melody and this remix adds to it very nicely. Now there is an ambient and mysterious feel that is present with out the unique source arrangement. One of my favorite mixes I believe and of a great source no less, great work.
  17. The mix is quite good, it actually makes this track bearable after playing the game and becoming very annoyed with the source. well done with the intro, which adds a nice echoed feel almost like certain levels from Super Mario World. However, because the intro is 40 seconds and the track itself is only 2 mins, the piece feels really short in comparison to what you built up to with the intro.
  18. I find this to be an excellent interpretation of the source track. It's mellow and mystical and yet upbeat and full of interesting effects. This is one of those under remixed tracks that is well done. Some of the sound effects sound like cheesy old effects from 80s movies and anime, but they really add another dimension to this piece, which makes it that much more enjoyable to hear.
  19. I'm not a big fan of punk music in general and this is no different. I find that the track is too fast and overlapping to make much of a statement. Not very good in my opinion, but then again I'm biased against the entire genre so what do I know.
  20. I think that the intro comes from FF7 Anxious Hearts myself but that could simply be because the tone of the instruments is similar. Other than that I really like the mix. It's well done and a great mixture of sounds, not to mention the mixture of bleak and hope feelings throughout. I really like the almost chanting-like sound at 1:22, probably the best part of the song.
  21. Why is everyone complaining about the midi-like piano, It really suites the mix well. The other thing that other people were complaining about was the dark feel to the song is not the same as the original piece. But that doesn't matter, the remix doesn't need to have the same feel if the remix is a different style from the original. Overall this mix is one of the better mixes from FF9. A definite improvement on the original, which got boring rather quickly.
  22. First of all I don't feel that this mix has improved on the original. The guitar is really all that I can comment on. It's good and fits that track quite well but the emotion that is in the original should be present because the mix is supposed to be a ballad, but unfortunately it is not there. The mix is ok and I enjoy listening to it but the original surpasses it rather quickly.
  23. First off about the comments concerning the abundance of Zeal remixes, and yes I know that those comments were a few years ago. I don't know why there is so much complaining about too many remixes of a certain song, the ones that became OCRemixes are all well done so whether or not there are a lot of them or not doesn't take away from the quality of any individual mix. If someone really wants to complain then he/she should make a remix of a lesser known or at least lesser remixed track him/herself. Better yet, OC should come up with a contest to find the best remix from a source that has not been remixed often or has not been remixed at all. If it become a success then it could become a yearly tradition and then lesser known songs will get the time to shine. Sorry for the off topic comments, on to the remix. This source is one of my top 5 favorites from CT and this remix puts a good spin on the song that speeds up the track, gives it a whole new feel, but most importantly keeps that original emotion that the song create the first time that you hear it at the end of the game. There isn't too much to critique on this song other than faithfulness to the source, which I will continue to repeat in other posts IS NOT A BAD THING. The only other thing is that the beat become a little repetitive after a while but other than that it's a great remix.
  24. Not much I can say about this song; great production, smooth sound, interesting, and different from the source. The source did not stand out to me as anything special in comparison with the rest of the soundtrack and this remix echoes that feeling. Good remix, but it makes little impression because of the less than impressionable source.
  25. One of my favourite remixes of this particular source. It has already been mentioned but the song has too much of a bass level. I recall quite a few years ago when I had to take the bus downtown to get to school and this song was something I listened to everyday for about three months, along with a few other remixes. I remember having to shut off the bass boost function on my old portable cd player because the bass had noise when it played. Overall a very good mix.
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