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  1. awesome!! Thanks for the info Ima wait for him to see if he chimes in here and if not I'll contact him myself... much obliged!!
  2. thats like mating a siberian tiger with a bloated warthog. my dad gave me vista and i "downgraded" back to XP. Vista is teh suck
  3. why refuse to support anything apple? Ive got an ipod and a macbook pro and man that stuff just works without any problems at all. But i should say that I use a PC for alot of stuff like word processing and music production, which somehow feels clumsy for me on a mac
  4. That's the thing... I was hoping to make one of my remixes part of my album which I plan on selling ... but I'm not into taking credit for the arrangement, I just feel the song so much and it's my hope that others will catch that as well. I wouldn't even mind paying royalties to whoever because I just want the song to be part of the overall album I'm doing haha no they have eluded me thus far... does that mean people there are fairly decent or..?
  5. Hey guys I'm a noob on the forum but I think I've finally found one that isn't full of angry people.. awesome! I've got a question about releasing remixed video game songs... does anybody know the process? I figure I need to contact either the writers of the music or the publisher or the developer.. any ideas? Thanks Doni
  6. lets take the best of both worlds shall we? honestly as a vinyl warrior I find that albums these days are not as much albums as they are a collection on songs that have no relationship at all (with rare exceptions). I love a solid album but putting the ipod on shuffle is a good option too. I think if songs are good enough on their own or as part of an album then they wont ever be lost to me
  7. hey guys I'm new here, so I wanted to chime in a bit... anyways for me writers block doesn't happen that often because if something isn't working I immediately drop it and start something else. Making music, writing something, whatever it is, it doesn't make any sense to bang your head against the wall. One thing that really helps if I find myself in a particularly bad drought is to disengage myself completely from anything creative. I usually will pick up a new game and roll through it or actually remove my butt from the computer chair and exercise religiously (for a week and then go back to sittin on my butt) the point is if you're not coming up with anything, thinking about why won't help, you've got to live your life and take the inspiration as it comes, if that makes any sense
  8. Hey guys I'm brand new here. Name's Doni. I'm a producer/DJ and to be honest game music has been probably my biggest influence. Megaman 2 + 3, Chrono trigger, final fantasy, soul blazer, earth bound, and more recently Okami.... it's all classic stuff. Actually game music today is mostly just garbage compared to what it used to be even considering the huge technological gap. Just wanted to say whats up and I love what you are doing here. I've actually just completed my first remix of a track called "Ode to Lisa" from Soul Blazer for the SNES and I'm going to be submitting it soon. If you want you can check it on my myspace, it's pretty cool Increase the peace Doni
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