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  1. Round 2 matchups are up!

  2. I already had this conversation on DusK's Facebook post but I didn't know it had carried over here too... But basically, whatever, I wouldn't let what is being said over there ruin anyone's day. People will always find something to complain about no matter what. Those kind of people aren't worth my time and I won't concern myself with them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you don't need to be a jerk about it and put others down; that's never cool. What I especially don't appreciate though is someone on the album feeling the need to put others down. Get over your ego and realize you don't know EVERYTHING. None of us do, there is always room to learn and grow: as a musician and a person. To an extent though I'm disappointed we're even having this discussion, because it's just giving attention to those people that seek it. We're better than that. Everyone who worked with me on the project should know how much I appreciated everyone's hard work. I like to think we had a really special and tight-knit group of people that really strived to make one another better and to create the best damn tribute album. I also think we accomplished that. I won't lose any sleep over this cause for every negative comment in that thread, I've seen 10x as many extremely positive and gracious ones. Stay humble and classy, my friends. Nah, the most hilarious part is when they accused you of having an overdone, stereotypical French "accent". Hmm... maybe because you are French? That and the fact that nearly half this album roster was made up of relative "OCR newcomers" or people from outside OCR, so that argument holds no weight.
  3. Cool! I'll update the tag to say "feat. Level 99" for the final zip file I'll put out at the end of the competition.
  4. I was curious about that as well! I was guessing it was Stevo (Level 99) since she mentioned he was helping her write lyrics. Can you confirm Beth?
  5. OK - The Sonic Bracket Round 2 tracks are now live. Go get em'! Voting is open! This was a really solid round of entries. Great job everyone! 7 entries were submitted. Sir_NutS advances by default (again)
  6. OK - I'm having some issues encoding and tagging the Sonic Round 2 music on my laptop... I'm working remotely and am away from my main computer. I'll have the Sonic Round 2 mixes up later this evening when I get back home. Sorry for the delay guys. Robotnik Round 2 match-ups are live though, so you guys are good to get started.
  7. OK - the Robonik Round 2 match-ups are official now. The first post graphic is updated with the match-ups. Tracks are due next Sunday, February 23rd at 12pm (noon) EDT. There were quite a few voting discrepancies this round. Quite a few people didn't vote in all the match-ups. Please remember to do so, so your votes count! Thanks! Sonic Round 2 mixes will be up soon.
  8. Yes, sorry, I got your track and Hakstok's. 7 entries were submitted. No DJ Max-E.
  9. I need to tally the official votes still but it looks like the Robotnik Round 2 matchups should be: - Tuberz McGee vs. Garpocalypse - TheGuitahHeroe vs. therex - Flexstyle vs. urdailywater - Phonetic Hero vs. Arceace
  10. I'm away from my computer at the moment and will be getting back later than expected due to weather, so the Round 2 tracks may be up a little later than normal. I'll try to post the Robotnik Round 2 matchups here at noon. I still need jnWake's track. DJ Max-E will unfortunately not be turning in a mix.
  11. I have 4 tracks so far and need the final 4 from DJ Max-E, ladywildfire, Ivan Hakstok, and jnWake by the 12pm Noon ET deadline Feb 9th. Good luck finishing up!
  12. I like the way this man operates OH MAN! I completely forgot that came out today. Since my mix is done, I know what I'M doing now
  13. Robotnik Round 1 stream of consciousness reviews: Tuberz: I love the lead guitar work throughout the piece. It’s got a great energetic driving feel to it. Well done. Source integration was really nice too. I was a little curious how you’d get these themes to fit together, but the arrangement was put together nicely. Mixing is a little muddy here, particularly with the background instruments and some of the rhythm guitar parts. That’s the only thing detracting from this otherwise very enjoyable song Sterling: I know you struggled with integrating the sources, but good job still attempting and turning something in. That lead instrument you were working with had a cool sound, nice. The soundscape is pretty bare throughout the track though, particular as the song progresses. It could also benefit from some more solid and steady percussion. Keep at it! Gar: holy crap man, didn’t know you had this 80s groove in you. I’m digging the vibe here totally. I can’t help but picture your dancing Robotnik image you posted right before the songs went up whenever I listen to your song now, hahaha. I love those little guitar flourishes and the backing synthesizer stuff. Totally rad. The arrangement felt a little bare at times, I kept expecting either a lead guitar (or a sax, like someone mentioned would be awesome) to come in and play a really song lead melody (e.g., 0:47, 1:40, etc.). Or vocals (OMG yes?). Arrangement could probably be tightened up to around 3.5 minutes too, things started to drag a little after that. Awesome work! DusK: another completely unexpected entry in this matchup. I was expecting you both to bring the metal. I’m totally digging this tho. The driving strings really give a sense of epicness to the arrangement. It fits both sources quite well actually. Piano breakdown was really cool too, although the piano itself sounded a little dampened/muffled. A brighter piano sound would fit better I think. Nitpicks aside, this track was a lot of fun, nice job! TGH: Nothing short of what I expected from TGH. I swear you have this genre mastered or something. Great source integration, nice instrumentation, and stellar production/execution of the dubstep elements (and the whole thing overall). Really fun track. Eino: Man, I love the classic rock vibes this track gives off. The mixing sounds a little muffled; but I think that actually HELPs the vibe of the track, cause it actually gives it an even more ‘classic’ feel/sound. So whether or not that was intentional, nice job. You also did a really nice job integrating the sources and the guitar work was well done. Cool piece! Therex: Love that intro. That crunchy bass works in the intro, but it started feeling a little off as the track went on – it didn’t quite seem to fit the otherwise very crisp/clear instrumentation you were using. Some big house pads seem like they might’ve been a better instrument choice there (outside of the intro), as they would’ve kept that ‘big’ sound but wouldn’t have had the crunchy after-effects. That dubstep-ish breakdown with the Sonic SFX was a lot of fun though – really dug that. Cool stuff… overall I really enjoyed this! Dom: I know I already talked to you a bit about your track, but yeah I’ll echo the others, your lyrics are really cool and witty. Nice job. Just need to continue working a bit on your delivery – put more “oomph” and emotion into your vox. Also there are some clashing notes in the arrangement too – so continue working on that. Solid effort! Theshaggyfreak: This song has a lot of charm to it. And for some reason really makes me think of a Mario Galaxy game (can’t quite place why). This sounds really good for using stock Kontakt samples too. I’m a big fan of jazz stuff overall, so I’m happy to see you go in this direction, and I enjoyed the arrangement. Fleshing this out with some live instrumentation would be awesome! Flexstyle: Wow. This is the most sappy OC Remix related track I’ve ever heard Awesome job integrating the sources, awesome instrumentation, and Jason’s vocals (and vocal processing) are spot-on. Not really my style genre-wise, but I can’t help but enjoy this track!! Urdailywater: This entire track has a really cool vibe. I love the synth work and the piano and how they worked off one another. You arrange the sources quite nicely – the Spring Yard integration was quite clever. Nice job! BlackPanther: I love the downtempo chill house vibe for Chemical Plant. It suits the source really well. I was totally grooving to this until the end. There were note clashes with the Spring Yard bit at the end that didn’t sit well and felt awkward. I know you were really short on time for this, so it’d be cool to see you clean it up over time and integrate the sources more and flesh this mix out. I think it really has potential! Phonetic Hero: this track is downright funky sexy. Aquatic Ruin has never sounded so cool, haha. Not much to say here, awesome arrangement, awesome instrumentation, sweet breakdown section, and nice solo by Mr. Briggs. A shame there was no track for this to go up against! Chernabogue: Aww yeah. This is one really nice orchestral mix. Wing Fortress was made for this. I really really enjoy the percussion work here – awesome job. I really like how the arrangement evolves during the piece, while still retaining parts from earlier in the mix. Well done, very enjoyable! Arceace: This track is HEAVY! Dat kick and dat bass. Damn. Another great arrangement here, with some really nice instrumentation choices. I really like that lead synth and that wub-wub bass fits the soundscape perfectly. Good job not overdoing it. Two very different mixes in this match-up and both are really really enjoyable. Nice work! Nice job Robotniks!!!!
  14. To piggyback off Rexy's out-standing voting reminder post from the other day: Flexstyle still has 2 matchups to vote in (Gar/DusK, Chernabogue/Arceace) urdailywater also has 4 left (Tuberz/Sterling, Gar/DusK, therex/Dom and his own) Shrackattack has only voted in the Chernabogue/Arceace matchup so far and would need to do the other 6 for that vote to count wch090 is missing the Gar/DusK matchup evktalo is missing the urdailwater/BlackPanther matchup I'm going to try to post my reviews of this round tonight as well, as I'm going to be preoccupied most of this weekend. There may be a slight delay with getting voting results and Sonic Round 2 music up on Sunday, but I'll try my best to be timely.
  15. No problem! Thanks! I hope you've been busy making crazy awesome stuff :wink:

  16. Yeah I'm trusting that Maxie will get something turned in though. He was really amped about going far in this compo. Yeah Ivan, how is your track coming? I was expecting to hear some jabbing at how you're going to get revenge on Amphibious from the SZRC 2012. I think we've heard from everyone else. Me, halc, and Amphibious are done, and jnWake and ladywildfire seem to be making progress!
  17. Hopefully Maxie is able to make progress too, since it sounded like he hadn't started yet as of Wednesday. We can't have deez NutS advance by default again!
  18. Awesome album Drew! This was very enjoyable, nice work. Swept Away and Da Mines were my favorites. I like this loudr distribution platform too, I paid a little more and got Club Needlemouse by RobKTA (which I didn't even know existed until right now!!) too
  19. So I'm done with my song. I ended up getting pretty creative with the source usage, much more so than my first track. The style is pretty interesting too - branching out a little bit more for me. I hope everyone else is making good progress!
  20. I hope all the Sonics are making good progress on their tracks! Mine is coming along fairly well Why were there 5 bass channels?! All your bass are belong to me But yeah you're definitely getting better and better Gar. Your song this round was slick. I'll comment more when I give my full reviews later this week.
  21. Aww yeah I've loved this track since I heard it on Ruku's soundcloud page. Good stuff!
  22. So I wrote the bulk of my arrangement today I don't quite know what exactly it is, but I think it's a little something like this: We'll see how it progresses during the week, but I'm glad I got a solid barebones arrangement done today.
  23. yeah I've seen one for that zone and Windy Hill. But no Sky Road Thanks! Yeah, I can pick the key and chords out myself, it's just a pain in the butt and takes up time that I wouldn't have needed to use if I found a midi. This does make me want to play Sonic Lost World tho now cause the music is pretty cool
  24. Yeah Sky Road is pretty tricky. I gotta admit, I usually use midis for reference when I'm first starting out on my mixes for competitions like this. And given that Sonic Lost World is so new, there are no midis for the game, so this is really pushing me outside my normal routine. I have no idea quite yet what my mix is going to be, this shall be interesting!
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