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  1. Somehow I missed that this was posted last summer! I really enjoyed this track and how Liam pulled it together there as the album was wrapping up. It turned out great. And I swear Blake's sax playing on this track is some of the best I've heard
  2. Long time, no post. I was cleaning through my hard drive today and found an old WIP of Sonic CD Tidal Tempest US that I had started to make for Temporal Duality but quickly ran out of time and inspiration for. I was planning on just expanding on the original arrangement (which already has an 80s/early 90s old school hip-hop vibe) and getting a vocalist to lay some bars down over it. I think it would have been cool, but oh well. A lot of the stuff in this demo is merely placeholders, but you get the point. Figured I'd share with you guys! Remix: https://app.box.com/s/lngbb9suoc0jqxggz9913pc52dev2wau Source:
  3. Nah, I didn't tweak anything. I opened it up with the intention to, but then I decided against it. And thanks, I loved your Darkwing track from this round too!
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it! This is still one of my favorite songs that I've made. Oh and Black_Doom, I must have a thing for unknowingly naming my compo tracks after existing OCR songs, because I did it twice in the WCRG 2013 (Lights Out, Circuit Breaker) and once during the WCRG 2011 (Under Construction) as well lol
  5. Thanks Peter, I appreciate it! It's good to hear some new stuff from you. I've been eagerly awaiting your next original release, as I really loved Singularity. If I ever direct another OCR album project here, I'll need to convince you to do a track for it On topic: I listened to this track on my nice quality studio speakers finally, and oh yeah, I'm still digging this I really love the guitar playing too. It's cool to hear you getting back into that and incorporating it in this track. Well done!
  6. Oh wow, I'm really loving this. I've always been a big fan of your music and this certainly doesn't disappoint. I'm listening on a pair of subpar earphones so I can't really comment on production, but it's sounding really good to me! Nice job! Also, I clicked this thread link from the front page thinking "a song title that is all lowercase, I bet this is a melody thread".
  7. Awwwww yeeeeeeeeah, so glad to see this up on the front page (almost missed it there in the huge flood tho)! I've been jamming to this tune for quite some time now since I stumbled upon the WIP thread. Jordan is his masterful self here as usual, and Brian's lyrics are siiiiick. Well done, bravo!
  8. I think I am one of the lone remixers in Ohio
  9. Spooky scary skeletons! I love this track and I love the ZR! Keep it up you guys!
  10. Congrats on the post! I loved this track during the compo, definitely one of my favorites overall! That Darkwing Duck source was funky as hell too, it was a lot of fun to work with
  11. This album is stellar. Hats off to the three of you. I knew this was going to be good, but daaaaaaaaaamn is this good. I'll be listening to this for a looooooooooong time!!
  12. Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeah, I'm beyond ready for this. I know it's gonna be goooooooooooood!!!!
  13. Oh wow this sounds like a lot of fun... I've been out of the loop here for a while though and unfortunately don't have the time to compete in anything any time soon. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this tourney though and will try to vote! Also, I gotta say, I LOVE the idea of the doubles tourney too. This was an idea I toyed around with for this past SZRC (ironically the exact same format too - having partners compete together using the same theme) since we always had so many people wanting to do collabs. I'll be interested to see how it turns out here. Good luck everyone!
  14. Oh man yeah, I love this track! Awesome vocal work by DiGi and Bekah. I love the minimalist instrumentation too, it really fits the vibe and vocals perfectly. Back when we were doing Temporal Duality, DiGi said he was working on a track with Palp and that's why he had asked him to do "Extraordinary", so I'm glad to finally hear what this track they were working on was . Nice work everyone!
  15. Yeah what I was trying to say in my PM was that during the album review, that revised edit Jordan whipped up had no complaints, so I can't imagine it having an issue with the panel when it gets there. I think the queue might just be a bit backed up for now.

  16. Tried to respond to your PM but for some reason I keep getting an error :P I haven't heard anything about the track since TD released. I think you should be good tho :)

  17. Cool! I'd be curious to see the vote tallies when it's all said and done. What kind of turnout did you have on voting in the polls, just curious?
  18. Oh hell yeah. Killer job, love it! Do you have a download link by any chance?
  19. I've sort of been on hiatus the past few months dealing with life, but if anyone is looking for a collaborator, I might be down for helping out with a track when my time frees up a bit in a couple months.
  20. Very nice! Loving the sax here; so smooooth. The piano is spot-on too and the whole atmosphere is very ethereal. The mixing is nice and crisp too. Well done
  21. Cool idea! Thanks for hosting the special radio show featuring the top SZRC tracks! I'd encourage everyone to vote and tune in for the show in June!
  22. I found out about this album when I got halc's Club Kong album a little while ago. I ended up buying it as part of the bundle on loudr, and I absolutely love it. I've been playing through it constantly for the past couple months. Your arrangement and production quality is top-notch! I've always been a fan of your music and am glad to see you around here on OCR more. Keep up the good work!
  23. Oh boy, I certainly DO NOT have time to direct any albums right now . Temporal Duality took up an immense amount of time, as does any album when it's done right. With that said, a Sonic 3D Blast album that covers the Genesis and Saturn soundtracks sounds awesome! I always enjoyed both versions of that game's soundtrack (although I only played the Genesis version). There are a lot of really good & relatively untouched songs in that game that are just ripe for the remixing! Best of luck to anyone that undertakes such an endeavor, you'd have my support for sure!
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