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  1. Correct. The naming mechanism is: Team Name - Artist Name - Track Name (Your Maverick Theme in Sigma Theme X-X).mp3 Everlasting Peace - DarkeSword - Rainy Days (Storm Owl in Sigma Fortress 1-1).mp3
  2. I do believe I'm going for our team this week. I haven't started yet. I feel it's going to be one of those 'start on Friday night and work on my song all day Saturday and hope for the best' kinda weeks
  3. Yeah I'd agree. I can work with this. I'm looking forward to seeing what I come up with now too lol
  4. Oh no, now there are expectations for me lol I gotta go look up Volt Kraken now cause I think he was my third choice.
  5. So is the first round starting tomorrow? Or next Sunday (August 2)?
  6. Holy crap, I just looked at the Roster Spreadsheet for the first time and realized just how many awesome people have signed up!
  7. Quick, create two alter egos and enter the competition. Your can create 10 songs and collaborate with yourself! However if I see two new forum users, RopeLadder and ZipLine, I'm going to be on to you...
  8. Team SuperiorX/Gario/Amphibious is going to go with the team name "Sigma's Enigma"
  9. Izzy NOOOOOOOOOO Glad to see you're jumping in though NutS
  10. Thanks! That's what I was assuming and I don't imagine I'd be bringing anyone in anyway. I just wanted to ask and clarify so we're all on the same page.
  11. Hey Shariq, can you clarify what you would consider a "session musician" or a "performer"? Would that only include someone I ask to contribute a live musical part (e.g., guitar solo, trumpet solo, vocal performance, etc.) that I had written? Or could that encompass digital instruments or sequenced solos as well? I just want to make sure I completely abide by the rules in case I were to include someone from outside the compo. Thanks!
  12. I prefer this Sunday night to Sunday night. I like having the week to plan and then the weekend to work.
  13. Yes, I could probably do this if you give me about 6 months to get my personal life fully back together, end my musical hiatus, and to ponder how in the world I will ever top the pinnacle of musical excellence that was Temporal Duality. Because of course, I will need to at least match, or preferably, outdo myself. If someone trustworthy and responsible were willing to co/assistant-direct, that would certainly help. Ever since we finished Temporal Duality, I had considered doing this exact project, however I needed a break and the time did not feel right. I love the name Dimensional Duality too and I would want to keep that. EDIT: I'd want a reliable co/asst director because I spent an inordinate amount of time on Temporal Duality (partially due to my own desire to nitpick to perfection and to start and complete it within one year [which was insane I might add]) and I simply can't devote that much time anymore. Having done TD though I think will help immensely as we had a good process down and having been through it once now, it should be easier the second time around. EDIT EDIT: Sonic 3D Blast came out in 1996, so if we started it late this year / early next year we could get it in for the 20th anniversary too. Starting it later this year might help the bottleneck of other Sonic related projects the folks above mentioned too. EDIT EDIT EDIT: And dammit if I'm going to do this I want Joshua Morse to do a track this time I could never get a hold of him back when we were doing TD.
  14. Oh shiiiii... this is gonna be gooooood. But you posted the signal after he already signed up
  15. OK, so I do believe that The Beat Masters are getting back together to continue our reign of terror (musical excellence?). We may or may not change our name to be more Mavericky. So yeah, me, Gario, and Amphibious. They'll make their picks soon!
  16. OK, why the heck not: Izzy Glow/Shining Hotarunicus (X5) Chill Penguin (X1) Squid Adler/Volt Kraken (X5) Boomer Kuwanger (X1) Rainy Turtloid (X6) I'm finalizing my team here over the next few days.
  17. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.... I probably don't have time, but I really want to do this and I really need an excuse to get back into making music. Let me see if I can round up a team and I'll come back here and post my picks later. Shariq, are you limiting the number of teams at all, or is it just however many people sign up?
  18. If Sir J somehow does not become famous, then the human race has failed.
  19. This is the stuff legends are made of. Jordan is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: I've had this song on repeat all afternoon...
  20. Oh nice, that is spiffy! Thanks for sharing Shariq!
  21. Loving the new forums, great work guys! I think it's already been called out, but I am really missing the function to show the newest posts first, which is what I always used to do on the old forums. Having to go to the last page to see the newest posts is a little annoying, but no biggie. I also miss the link to OCR Artist Profiles being part of the forum account, as I also used that all the time to quickly look at people's music without having to search for them (or wonder if they were an OCR Artist or not), but it sounds like guys are working on that. Nice job!!!
  22. Awesome track Wes, I remember loving this one in the WIP forums. I don't recall that synth solo at the end though, must be a newer addition. I love it! The instrumentation has a really relaxing vibe to it, but that faster paced percussion really keeps things moving forward. Well done!
  23. I'll come out of retirement for this. I haven't made anything in a year and I need to. I prefer late spring or summer... hopefully I'll have time Edit: also, Amphibious, Gario, and I should team up again so we can continue our victory run
  24. Hell yeah! All of the Sonic Booms on TD rocked. Dustin really nailed the genre here, this track takes me back to all the 90s and early 2000s punk rock I listened to in high school hah. Well done!
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