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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first round track from the SZRC. It's a remix of Metropolis Zone (Sonic 2) and Hot Crater (Sonic Advance 2)! This version is slightly revised from my compo entry based on feedback: I replaced the snare sample, tweaked the percussion a bit, cleaned up some harsh frequencies in the lead, and toned down the reverb a little on the two leads. I'm thinking of subbing this one. Thoughts? "Urban Renewal" Remix (rev 2 - 03/21/14): https://app.box.com/s/ig4lj1oxic6r84on7o91 "Urban Renewal" Remix rev 1: https://app.box.com/s/fojnh41aaaxe774jzsuu Original SZRC Mix: https://soundcloud.com/superiorx/urban-renewal Sources: Metropolis Zone Hot Crater
  2. I haven't read this whole thread in THAT much detail, but in general I'm LOVING all the suggestions here. I know I've often personally been curious about "hey is there a remix of X song from X game" and I'll search the database and come up empty-handed, but almost certainly there would be something in the Workshop forums if I dug long enough. Having an easy way to integrate the Workshop into the main OCR database (searchable by artist, track, game, etc.) sounds amazing. I do like the important distinction of having "FEATURED" mixes that passed the judges panel and then having just "WORKSHOP" songs. I know sometimes I just don't feel like polishing up a mix enough to sub it, or with compo tracks (e.g., SZRC, WCRG), I could post em' up in the Workshop and get feedback and still have it be integrated into my Artist page. Plus I feel like the Workshop forums have dropped off a bit lately; there just seem to be less people using them and less people giving feedback, so maybe this will help revitalize them a bit! I'm excited to see how OCR continues to evolve and expand! Keep at it!
  3. Yeah I was really confused by this too, especially since it sounded like you and Will were saying different things. He said lyrics would be provided and you were saying to make up your own I think I just jumped to the conclusion that this was going to be like the old VOCR compos where the compo host created an instrumental VGM remix and then the participants had to write and sing their own lyrics on top of the instrumental. That was seriously such a cool idea at the time and I'd like to see something like it again. Regardless, this'll still be cool.
  4. I generally have few issues coming up with ideas. Where I might struggle is then executing on those ideas to the extent I want to. Getting everything to sound just like how I envisioned it.
  5. hahaha NO WAY! This is awesome. I was actually JUST thinking about something like this a couple weeks ago. I don't know if you guys remember (or were around back when) zircon and Jill did the VOCR Vocal Remix Competitions, but this sounds exactly like them. I remember them being a ton of fun back then, so it's awesome to see something like this make a return!! I can't do vocals (like at all), but count me in as following the compo for sure!
  6. OK! The first post has been updated with the Sonic Bracket Round 4 entries from ladyWildfire and Amphibious. It looks to be an exciting finals! The Robotnik Bracket Round 4 finals are set between TheGuitahHeroe and Phonetic Hero! Tracks are due next Sunday, March 23rd at 12pm (noon) ET! 32 have entered, now only 4 remain. Who will be this year's SZRC Champion?!?!
  7. You know you've only voted in one of the two Robotnik Round 3 rounds this week, right? Make sure you vote in the other so they count :wink:

  8. Just a little over 24 hours until the Sonic Bracket Finals are due!! I hope ladyWildfire and Amphibious are making good progress!!! We still have 24 hours to vote on the Robotnik Bracket Round 3 tracks too! We haven't had a ton of votes at this point, but I'm honestly a little surprised both match-ups have been so one-sided thus far in the voting. I really enjoyed all 4 tracks this week! Nice job to each of you.
  9. Soooooo glad I didn't post myself on that Map of the OCR Community now... I just KNEW there was an ulterior motive!
  10. For some reason I found this very funny. Don't let my competition death be in vain! hahaha. I'm glad it sounds like you both have some good stuff in the works though!!
  11. I hope Amphibious and ladyWildfire are cooking up something good this week!!!!!!!! Well I may have exaggerated a bit, but regardless the last round (Sonic Round 3) was the first time the vote actually counted
  12. Lol. Wch090 has only voted in one matchup every single round, so since we only had one matchup last round it was actually the first time his/her votes have counted. People need to vote in each matchup for the round!
  13. Ohio is a lonely wasteland where only I exist.
  14. I know we already talked about this via Facebook, but just so everyone understands, I completely get where that sentiment may come from. I like to believe these compos are for fun and people don't overly concern themselves with the ultra-competitiveness of them (nothing wrong with some friendly competition for sure). I do feel really bad about bowing out like this, but like I mentioned earlier, things have gotten exponentially more busy/stressful for me at work these past couple weeks and will remain so for the considerable future. Plus on top of family commitments this upcoming week, I was legitimately questioning the amount of time (if any) I'd be able to spend on a mix this week. I don't think it devalues the fairness of the competition at all though, because any subsequent opponents would still have needed to beat me or Jordan; if anything this seems more fair than me potentially giving Beth a 'free pass' if I wasn't able to turn in a track. Exactly. The last thing I wanted to happen was to turn in a half-ass track or no track at all for the Sonic Bracket finals. I assumed Beth would prefer to go up against an opponent who will certainly submit something (and submit something more substantial than I would have been able to). And I assumed the listeners/followers of the compo would prefer this as well. Not to mention, the matchup between Amphibious and I was neck-and-neck regardless, so either one of us deserved to move on, in my opinion at least. But yeah, enough jibber-jabber. I'm not going anywhere and will still be 100% dedicated to finishing up hosting the competition, I just know I wouldn't have had the time to make any more complete arrangements within the timeframe of the compo. Thanks everyone for understanding! Let's get back to the music now
  15. OK! Robotnik Round 3 music is up!!!!!!!!!! Sonic Bracket Finals are due next Sunday, March 16th at 12pm noon ET! I'll respond in more detail to my decision in just a minute, but wanted to get the music up first, cause it's goooooooooooooooood
  16. Ok, I finished tallying up the Sonic Round 3 votes. I edged out Amphibious by 3 votes, but I'm going to let him move on in my place. I'm sorry to bow out like this, but above all I want a solid match-up for the Sonic Bracket finals and I'd hate to have to drop out altogether or turn in a half-ass track this week due to my time constraints. The compo (and ladyWildfire) deserves better than that. Like I mentioned earlier, I already talked to Amphibious and he was cool with whatever I decided and he'll be much more likely to turn in a solid track for this round than I would have if I advanced. With that said the Sonic Bracket finals will be ladyWildfire vs. Amphibious! Preparing the Robotnik Round 3 tracks right now. All 4 submissions are awesome!!!
  17. Hmmm, it looks like a lot less people voted this round, unless everyone is waiting for the last minute I'm in a bit of a dilemma, because between my work schedule and family commitments next week, I'm legitimately worried about my ability to make a track. I've talked to Amphibious about possibly moving on regardless of how voting ends, because I don't want the Sonic Bracket to go out with a whimper. But we'll see how things go this last hour and then I gotta make a decision. I've got all the Robotnik Round 3 mixes so far except Pete's, which I know he's finishing up
  18. Nah, I just know how little time I'm going to have next week if I do advance We'll see what happens!
  19. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping the champ moves on to the next round to fight for everlasting sanic I'm so pumped for both the Robotnik Round 3 match-ups! From what I've heard, they're gonna be goooooooooooood
  20. About 2 more days left until the deadline this Sunday! So far I got TGH's track. I'm looking forward to two action-packed Robotnik Round 3 match-ups! There is still plenty of time to vote on the Sonic Round 3 match-up between Amphibious and me too! Right now it is neck-and-neck!
  21. Definitely! That was my intent! I forgot where exactly I read it, but I think Marble Garden is one of the Sonic 3 tracks that MJ did work on. I always thought it sounded like an MJ song, so Jive and I wanted to take that and exponentially make it even more Michael Jackson-esque hahaha. Joel did all the vox; that particular line is actually "frictionless-ahh" heh. The lyrics are in the mp3 tag and the text file too, just FYI! thanks!
  22. heh heh, I'm glad you guys sound like you're going to bring it this week I know the feeling though; the proverbial shit has hit the fan for me at work, so if I do manage to advance this round I'm not sure I'll have any time to work on something next week. It's too early to call that though, my battle with Amph is neck and neck! I hope things are going well in the Tuberz vs. TGH match-up this week as well!
  23. Posting track comments is so much easier / more manageable when there are only a handful of tracks ladywildfire: I love the subtle fade-in / build-up intro and that Aqua Planet melody sounds exceptionally catchy here. I really like the reverb heavy guitar too - it sets a nice atmosphere, which is really completed by the your vocal entrance. I really like the various vocal glitching processing stuff you did starting at 1:00, that was a really cool idea! The middle section was a nice change-of-pace too. Nice build-up back up to that final section too. That harpsichord (?) thing was another nice instrument change/switch-up. This is such a fresh and fun mix overall. Really nice job Beth! And who is this mysterious mr_n00b? He did a great job with the guitar elements! Amphibious: I love the intro. The high-pass filtered percussion elements (at least they sound that way) on top of the electric piano bits sounds sublime. I'm really digging the authentic Genesis sounding bass around 0:45 too. I've been really impressed by the synth and bass processing on all your tracks in the compo, but this one really seems to take the cake. This is such a killer arrangement too: a really clever and fresh use of Marble Garden and the Metropolis B melody bits at 1:45 were just perfect IMO. Sweet Marble Garden synth noodling afterward too Transitions are good and I think the whole song actually flows together great, and that ending really caps it off. This is probably my favorite track of yours from the compo, nice job! As much fun as I had making my MJ track, I'm honestly hoping you win our match-up cause I think you hands-down had the better & more complex arrangement and I want to hear at least one more Amphibious tune this compo Plus I'm kinda running out of Metropolis mix ideas at this point, hehe.
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