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  1. I like this track a lot - yeah sure it is pretty "stereotypical electronica" but I don't care, it's got a good beat and there is a nice blend of source usage and personal touches / arrangement variations. Nice job!
  2. Ooooh yeeeeeeeeah. I was a huuuuge C&C and C&C Red Alert fan growing up. My friends and I used to play the game over LAN for hours on end, so the game and the soundtracks really hold a special place in my heart. This remix gives 'Radio' a more modernized feel, but I think it still captures the atmosphere of the original and the vibe of C&C quite well. The attention to detail throughout the mix is really nice; and I agree with Larry, I really dig that buildup section after the drop circa 2:00. I've always been a fan of Klepacki's work and I think this mix does it justice. Well done!
  3. This is some really awesome stuff! The performances are stellar and this perfectly captures that jazz ensemble feel. I particularly enjoyed that sax solo and the transition into the piano solo bit. The noodling in the piano solo was smoooooth. I am a huuuuuuge fan of jazz and we really need more stuff like this!! Bravo to all involved!!! And this reminds me - Wiesty - I need to follow-up with you regarding that jazz arrangement I sent you a looooong time ago. I'd love to see it come to fruition if the OC Jazz Collective is now officially in the house
  4. I'm really proud of Corey for this track. There were a handful of artists on Temporal Duality that really transformed from the beginning of the project up to its' completion; KingTiger was one of those. The track always had a lot of potential, but Corey was always really open to feedback and probably got sick of my endless critiques but the end result was this awesome track that I think really showcases his abilities. I do really love how the track progresses and continues to drop and add elements throughout, adding to the complexity and nuance of the song. There are several 'signature' moments throughout the track that really help make it shine. Nice work!!
  5. OK! So the BONUS TRACKS are now available! We actually have FOUR new tracks to check out!! The aforementioned mixes from DjjD and Rexy, and the epic SZRC 2014 megamix from Sir Jordanius. Sir J also included a revised version of his SZRC 2012 compo megamix, featuring mash-ups of the original 2012 compo tracks! Make sure you check them all out, they are each amazing! Drop some comments here in the thread and let us know what you think! I've also released the COMPLETE competition in one zip file (all compo tracks plus the four bonus tracks). I've updated the tags a little and fixed some filename inconsistencies from the original release. Both links are over in the first post now as well. Get on it!
  6. Cool! I'm glad people are thinking it's a good idea. I think for first steps, I'll probably go through the entire competition track list and pick out which songs I think will work best in a "Best Of the SZRC" style compilation: based on 1). current song quality, and 2). diversity of artist and source (e.g., not 10 Death Egg remixes). I'll then reach out to those artists to see if they are interested in being included on the compilation and want to make any edits. Alternatively people can still express their interest here too! The good thing is we already have a large amount of high quality tracks from the compo - so I'm really hoping there will be minimal work required for this. Considering the compo had nearly 60 tracks, trimming that down to around 25 - 30 seems very reasonable, also considering we had some people that made it far into the compo with 3 - 5 high quality tracks each. I'm going to find out a little more info and wait for others to weigh in here too, but this seems like a good place to start. I'll probably spin this off into a Projects forum thread too if we move forward Yeah, I think I'm going to be one-and-done after Temporal Duality. Albums just take waaaaaaaay too much time to organize properly. I think I can sneak this in though
  7. OK! So the SZRC 2014 has come to an end! It was a close battle, but TheGuitahHeroe edged out ladyWildfire in the finale, making him the SZRC 2014 Champion! Congratulations! My thanks to everyone who participated in the competition and helped make it a thrilling success! Similar to the SZRC 2012, there were a handful of people who have made some 'bonus' competition tracks for us to check out! I'll have these tracks available as part of the final competition zip file later this afternoon/evening. To pique your interest though, I'm happy to share we'll have 3 additional tracks to check out: A Mystic Cave remix from DjjD and ectogemia. You may recall Mystic Cave was DjjD's original chosen source before he had to prematurely drop out of the competition A multi-source remix from Rexy mixing together Jungle Joyride (Sonic Unleashed) and the final 4 competition sources (Aqua Plant, Death Egg, Marble Garden, Aquatic Ruin) In similar SZRC 2012 fashion, an epic 2014 SZRC compo track megamix from Sir Jordanius! Last, but not least, I wanted to share my thoughts and gather interest in pursuing an OCRI album release for our SZRC 2014 compo tracks. As many of you may be aware, the OCR Cid album was recently released under the new OCRI catalog series, which is generally intended for smaller releases, EPs, or previously released material. This catalog series also doesn't get custom trailers, webpages, or extended OCR coverage like the typical OCRA albums get. With this in mind, I was thinking OCRI might be a perfect way to highlight some of our awesome compo tracks and allow them to get some additional exposure, all with little additional work. I was thinking it would be something like "The Best of the SZRC 2014" - where I would handpick the tracks that are of the best quality and might work best within the compilation. Additionally, artists that wanted to make some minor tweaks and/or clean-up some things in their tracks would be able to and I would include these revised compo tracks in the album release. I'm thinking I'd give people about a month to make edits if they want. What I DON'T want to happen is for this to become a long and drawn out process. We have roughly 60 tracks from the compo, so (arbitrarily) I'm thinking around 30 would be an appropriate number for the "Best Of" release. In most cases, I'd try to include at least one track from most participants (assuming they are close to OCR quality standards); with the farther you got in the compo getting proportionally more tracks included. Thoughts? Anyone interested in this? If so, respond here or PM me!
  8. 24 hours left for voting on the final match-up! I may have some more compo-related musical surprises to show off in here soon too!!
  9. Well I partially just meant that figuratively to demonstrate that I was surprised with how well the two songs seemed to flow together. Your song is the first in the track list though, so I've actually only ever listened to them in that order, with yours playing first and then TGH's.
  10. I like how both songs feel like a natural extension of one another. Oftentimes the songs are so different, but in this case they feel like they could really be a part 1 and part 2, they flow together quite well. Great job both of you!
  11. OK! Since I have both entries for the final round, I've got the music up a little early! Grab the FINAL ROUND tracks here and get to voting! Voting on the final round will remain open the normal time - until next Sunday, April 13th at 12pm (noon) ET, at which point we will crown the SZRC 2014 champion! ladyWildfire and TheGuitahHeroe both brought their all (and some special guest appearances ) this week for the final round! Congratulations to you two for making it to the finals and thank you everybody for participating in the SZRC 2014 and making it a great competition! I truly had a blast participating and hosting the compo and enjoying all the great music each week! I'll be posting some details over the next couple of days regarding my plans for a final competition zip release. Stay tuned!
  12. About 24 hours until the SZRC 2014 comes to it's stunning conclusion and final tracks are due!!!! I've already got TGH's and I know ladyWildfire is hard at work on her's. This should be an exciting final match-up!
  13. One more week until the the SZRC Final Round tracks are due!!! Next Sunday, April 6th at 12pm Noon ET! BE THERE!!! Similar to the 2012 SZRC competition, I'll be compiling a final zip file shortly after the compo wraps up, which will contain all the compo tracks, (most likely) a handful of bonus tracks, and any revised versions of tracks if anyone is feeling so inclined to clean up any of their compo entries!
  14. Sweeeeeet. Let me know if you want me to have a super tiny cameo in your mix too
  15. Here's an example of what I mean from 7:12 pm ET today: Example A: Example B: It looks like it's displaying some of the threads and timestamps correctly, but not all of them. Odd.
  16. From the homepage, looking at the 5 most recent updated threads under "competitions", it doesn't appear to be displaying them accurately. I know this because we've had recent updates in the SZRC Compo thread but I don't see it showing up on the homepage. Those homepage buckets used to show the top 5 most recently updated threads, but it doesn't appear to be doing that now.
  17. Hey guys, I just talked to Pete for a minute on Facebook and yeah he unfortunately never got the chance to start on a track. So with that in mind we'll just move ahead with the final round between TheGuitahHeroe and ladyWildfire. Tracks with be due on Sunday, April 6th at 12pm (noon) ET! So you two have roughly two weeks to work on your tracks. Let's end this thing with a bang! Go all out!
  18. Oops, double-post, cause I just saw your EDIT. I like that proposition, as it aligns with what I was just proposing as well. Like I mentioned in the post below though, I'm not sure if Pete will be able to complete something by the end of today or tomorrow anyway, but we'll see. Once he states his intentions here in the thread (or if I hear from him via Facebook), we'll go from there!
  19. Hmmm... I'd be ok with that if you are. We could just bump the timeline out a little. My only concern was when I talked to Pete yesterday, he hadn't even had the chance to start a track yet and then he was doing a show last night and another one tonight. So it might not be a matter of giving him time to 'finish'; in the sense that if he only needed a couple of hours to finish up what he was working on, but more of I don't think he ever got the chance to even start something. So I'm not sure how that would impact the timeline, nor do I know if he'd even have the time these next couple of days to do something. Hopefully he'll hop online here in a bit and share his thoughts. In the event he's not able to do anything, then I think I'm inclined to let you and ladyWildfire begin working on your tracks this week and have them be due 2 weeks from today on Sunday, April 6th. If you two are both cool with that.
  20. Well it's been an hour after the deadline and I haven't heard from Pete, so I'm assuming he wasn't able to complete a track. So here is the Robotnik Round 4 track from TheGuitahHeroe! Even though there is nothing to vote on, make sure you still check out his track, it's really good! So now the finals are set between ladyWildfire and TheGuitahHeroe. Normally we'd be voting this week on the Robotnik Bracket finals, but because of the drop the final match-up is already known. The mixing week for the finals would've been Sunday, March 30th - Sunday, April 6th, but I was thinking about extending the final round to a 2-week mixing period to give the finalists plenty of time to make 2 awesome knock-out tracks. With that in mind... A question for ladyWildfire and TheGuitahHeroe: do you guys want to start mixing this week and have the final tracks be due 2 weeks from today on Sunday, April 6th, or would you prefer 2 (or just 1) weeks from the original March 30th date? So having tracks due on Sunday, April 13th? Since no one was planning on having to mix this week (since we'd normally be voting), I want to be respectful of each of your time. Let me know your thoughts on what you prefer!
  21. Voting is CLOSED on the Sonic Bracket Finals: ladyWildfire narrowly advances over Amphibious 9 - 8 to the compo Finals. Regarding the Robotnik Bracket finals, I have not heard from Pete yet this morning. I talked to him the other day and I know he hadn't started a track yet and was concerned with time cause he was doing a show last night and again today and was prepping for that. I'm going to wait a little longer, but I'm afraid it looks like it's going to be a drop. If that's the case, TheGuitahHeroe will advance by default to the compo finals to face off against ladyWildfire. I'll have TGH's song up soon (assuming Phonetic Hero is a drop) and we'll discuss timing for the final round. Stay tuned.
  22. There is still about an hour and 45 minutes left to vote on the Sonic Bracket finals! For the Robotnik Bracket finals, I have TGH's track but still need Phonetic Hero's track.
  23. Just a little over 24 hours till the Robotnik Round 4 tracks are due! I hope TGH and Phonetic Hero are making good progress!! EDIT: also, shameless plug, I worked on a little revision of my round one entry where I addressed some of the issues people brought up in here (mainly that snare sample), in case anyone wants to check it out! http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=961123
  24. Thank you both for the thoughtful feedback. Timaeus, I think I address most of your concerns. It's mostly subtle, but I think it's made a big difference already when I compare. Urban Renewal (rev 2 - 03/21/14): https://app.box.com/s/ig4lj1oxic6r84on7o91 Dialed back those resonant frequencies on the hats. You were pretty much right on with the ranges. There was something odd going on there. That first lead already had a bit of a chorus effect - I messed with the parameters a little bit and toned down the high shelf freqs a little. Beefed up the kick a bit A few of my instruments were panned for a stereo effect, but I'll admit I didn't do a very good job at this the first go round. I pushed a few to a bit more of the extremes L and R and I think it cleared up the center a bit more Fixed that portamento at 1:35 and the sustain at 3:00 I think the only thing I didn't address was the bass and that's cause I honestly thought it was getting a bit loud at parts already, so I didn't want to thicken it up any more. Thanks again!
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