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  1. First subject: Antonio Vivaldi example OF STYLE: Game: final fantasy VII *MIDIS ATTACHED rules: 1 source per person(for now) 2: if you need help understanding baroque music in general just email me. I don't bite. or here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_music 3: submissions due by July 31st 4: have fun prizes TBDff7-d1.zipff7-d2.zipff7-d3.zipff7-d4.zip
  2. I need people (if interested)for: sheet music transcription(Sibelius or notion) 2nd orchestration specialist mixing and mastering *I might need live instruments later. keep ya posted. *MIDI FILE ATTACHED E3 trailer: Ballad_of_the_Wind_Fish.mid
  3. sources in order: https://youtu.be/ycKVKyfCX1k?list=PL21BAA7C6EDEB63A3 transition to https://youtu.be/5ejTIgXexyg?list=PL21BAA7C6EDEB63A3 transition to https://youtu.be/yVGSvUhEHFY transition to transition to https://youtu.be/5OkfWy-Rqzk Transition to https://youtu.be/SyaA4HHq1fs Ending
  4. For Chrono's Concert Paraphrase: ...I need somebody to help with the transitions
  5. I think this one is it. *fistpump*The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden For Solo Piano WIP 8.mp3 Thank you for introducing me to virtual soundstage 2 @Jorito
  6. reworked into two Movements from this thread: this is the first movement: Also Thank you to @Jorito for recommending Virtual Soundstage 2. that helped this track a Ton.
  7. I've read fairly negative things about PT(learning curve, doesn't play nice with other Applications etc.) what would be a good DAW for Live Orchestra tracking/recording besides Protools?
  8. anybody here know of any good BAROQUE TREATISES ON MUSICAL PERFORMANCE? it's for this:
  9. The Sage Who Would be King For two Pianos full score.pdfThe Sage Who Would be King For two Pianos.pdf
  10. the original idea came from this remix: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01746 Sources: I'm Sooo Salty after Episode Ardyn. thoughts on the remix?
  11. think I got it this time sources used(in chronological order) The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden WIP 4.mp3 1 "life" 0:00-1:26 2 the "death" 1:27-2:33 3 the "Rebirth" 2:34-4:14 ...as well as using KH1's hollow bastion bass line throughout the first half
  12. "A fortepiano [ˌfɔrteˈpjaːno] is an early piano."(no pedals) this piece I wanted it to have a very early to mid 1700's feel (bach) and no vibrato on the violin & cello either. so it's a very "historical performance" remix World of Destruction For Piano Trio.mp3
  13. added dynamics. still needs compression reverb eq etc. The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden WIP 3.mp3
  14. The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden WIP.mp3boom(figured out how to humanize. derp... XD) thanks @JohnStacy
  15. it's supposed to. I just haven't found singers yet.
  16. @XPRTNovice what needs work?(besides vocals)?
  17. *unburies KH Arrangement*...I arranged this like 3 years ago.The Life Death and Rebirth of Radiant Garden for Solo Piano~2019.mp3 let me know what you think
  18. I'm Baaack…Curtain Call.mp3Curtain Call.pdf & sheet music
  19. Finally Approaching SOMETHING resembling the finished product. should I split this track in two like Cantata for Dancing? and which version do you like better? and sheet music for people who want it.World of Destruction For Piano Trio~chrurch organ Ver.~.mp3World of Destruction For Piano Trio WIP.mp3World of Destruction For Piano Trio ~Final~ - .pdf
  20. would somebody be willing to add the vocal/lyric line: like this: https://youtu.be/qv6aw5a8oY8 into this for me? sibelius is giving me the finger right now ugh...Stand-By-Me-Florence-The-Machine-MSMT.sib or Stand-By-Me-Florence-The-Machine-MSMT.mid
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