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  1. This would also be fitting theme music for the Shades in discworld. Well done all around and keep em coming!
  2. Definetely a different set of instruments and a good combo for all involved, keep it up!
  3. 3..2..1 IGNITION! A well-designed remix that just keeps giving. Keep up the great work! ...sounds familiar too, like Megaman X3 familiar, but for the life of me I can't figureout which boss theme. Gravity Beetle maybe?
  4. Stand up and take notice all ye would be composers. THIS is how to put lyrics to a beat.
  5. Please send in more. Made my day to hear this feast for the ears. ^^
  6. Well done throughout, here's hoping for more tunes from this one.
  7. Now there's a relatively untapped source for music: work the very sound effects of the game itself into the tune then go crazy. *Applauds
  8. This sounds of movie quality (very similar to the Disney Aladdin song 'magic carpet ride' in pitch and tempo (I Think that 's the name) , keep up the great work. *The lyrics section needs another listen to the song for a few typos to correct in the first bit.*
  9. By far one of the best mellow key tracks this site has to offer. Make. More. Please.
  10. A very nice rendition of a great set of tunes. Will be field-tested in a hospital to note ratio of calmed alzheimers veterans.
  11. Fast-track this guy's works when they come up for judging. Win thoughout; well blended, well versed and a good tempo for the whole tune
  12. Definetely one to play with the speakers full tilt. Excellent pacing and goood use or varied instruments forthwith.
  13. This is a great tune and very well played, Never once does the beat get jarring or off key. by all means post more! An aside for the judges, can ye put somewhere on the site the songs that DO NOT make the cut, even if its just in a heap somewhere, At the very least having other sources independent of the site able to listen to and comment on said works needing some tweaking/reworkng would go a long way to creating more quality music
  14. That Was Awesome. Increcredible work and attention to detail, more please ^^ both from artist and type
  15. Captures the beat of the game and modifies it into an epic melody. Keep up the great work!
  16. startropics music 'test of island courage' on ocremix site

  17. You wouldn't think that jazz would blend with a shooter. This proves otherwise. It has a nice use of various instruments throughout with the piano as a main focus. Definetely send in more of these
  18. Make more of these! Tis Awesome! Well blended and good use of themes+ yay for drums with metal, turn up the bass on ye speakers for this one!
  19. WOW , opening sounds like a cross between Artonelico 2's intro and a Gregorian chant, then it gets rockin while keeping the choir throughtout, great job all!
  20. oh boy there's a LOT of them, for downloads, odin sphere ending theme shanachie version for starters, have a listen to the LOT of that game, the first of the Artonelicos is up there lots of funky/good stuff on that, YS 6: The Ark of Naphistim has some good stuff, oh and Zone of the Enders: beyond the bounds, good intro song from there. Manakhemia's another one, specifically 'nefertiti' and 'run for your life'. Tales of Legendia 'the birds chirp I sing', 'guiding star', legend of dragoon 'if you still believe' the lyrical songs in lunar and its sequel, 'luna's song' and the intro for the first one and the ending theme for the sequel.*pant *pant there's most of it, also some funky tracks on www.rpgamer.com, though remixed themselves they're worth a listen

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