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  1. Congratulations Boss! Moar Pretselz!
  2. I'm pretty sure that's the point. Great, great game. Best usage of a narrator I've ever experienced.
  3. Holy crap, great job on the trailer! It's DEFINITELY badass HYPED!!
  4. I understand your point Will, but I think Ash is right. It all comes down to "Don't worry, be happy". Less negativity, moar happy people! Also, BGC rocks
  5. Now THERE's a good decision! That's great news. I hope this helps them pick up the pace!
  6. I'd like to add that the OUYA is incredibly fun to play with friends
  7. I think that you shouldn't assume that indie game = bad game and games by more established developers = good game.
  8. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I meant OUYA in our case. I think that is very debatable. And I don't understand your c) point. If the consolemaker controls the store display instead of filtering the games before their release, isn't the end result quite the same? Or are you suggesting that even filtering the games that can be released wouldn't be enough? EDIT: Oh, well maybe I misunderstood Apple's procedures. When I looked into it, it seemed much more restrictive and complicated than Google's procedures.
  9. Well yeah, but honestly I got bored after like 2 minutes. I don't think that's the kind of game that deserves a front page. Well, not in their current state. Maybe it's just me though.
  10. User feedback is not the only way, because the number of downloads is also available. Also, I think the Google Play Store for android is a great example of what I said. It's not that much complicated, it's simply about presenting the right data in the right way. It's also possible to find a happy medium by having automatically sorted lists alongside "Featured" games, or "Staff picks" that are the publisher's favorites, to boost the visibility of specific games. In that case though, I think the publisher has to choose carefully, because putting uninteresting games in the "Featured" section just gives the message that the console really has nothing in store, even if that conclusion is not necessarily true. I think this is OUYA's biggest problem. When you search long enough in the store, you can find very nice hidden jewels, yet they put games like The Amazing Frog and No Brakes Valet in the featured games (which in my opinion are some of the least polished games I've ever seen).
  11. I disagree. I've found plenty of fun games and interesting apps on the android store simply by browsing the Top lists and featured apps. Maybe that's just because our global tastes diverge in some way, but I wouldn't think so. I don't think having a "barrier for entry" is a good way to filter out "bad" games. In order to run pre-release procedures that filter out bad games (such as with Apple), the publishing company has to spend lots of resources for every single submitted app or game. If you let the filtering be done naturally by using popularity statistics to organize the store, you don't have to filter out "bad" games, because they just won't be put on the forefront and won't bother anyone. So instead of spending large amounts of resources for every single game, the good practice in my opinion would be to focus on having an adaptive store system that automatically ranks games and apps (like the Play Store). Also, Totally agree (especially with the part in bold), except that Apple does have a barrier. It's much simpler to release on Android compared to iOS, because of Apple's pre-release procedures (testing phases and such). Well, last time I checked anyway.
  12. I don't think filtering the games is a good solution. I think they should simply promote games that are actually interesting, instead of promoting stupid games that get boring after 2 minutes.
  13. To be honest, I've been more and more disappointed by the company's decisions since the release of the console. I think they've got a great concept, but they aren't exploring that concept correctly. They clearly don't mind at all what the games are about, they just want MOAR GAMES, which is quite stupid in my opinion. I still hope that they get their shit together, and I'll be releasing the full version of my game on OUYA anyway (it's already finished, so why not), but if they don't start making better decisions soon, they'll definitely be losing yet another OUYA dev. x__x
  14. ALL HAIL THE PRETZEL! I think this is a good opportunity to say that I owe a great deal of who I am to OCR. I may not post very often, but I love every single one of you guys :'D All thanks to DJP! Congratulations, thank you so much for everything, and happy birthday!
  15. I generally think that overusing samples isn't an interesting way to make music, but I don't think there's a line. In my personal experience, sometimes it feels right and sometimes it doesn't. I think that the most important thing though is that the artist should use the samples in order to achieve something *different* than the source, to really make a track of his own. Not to take the original directly and try to make it "better". It's a very interesting topic though, because someone who doesn't know the source can't even know if a track has been sampled, so objectively it doesn't really make a difference. o___o Hmmmm
  16. Happy WillRock day to all!
  17. Hey guys! Just so you know, I started working on my track and I think I got an interesting concept for a DnB-ish remix. I'll do my best to get something substantial done for the deadline
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