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  1. I have experienced latency with the controller, but after a few optims in my code the lag was all gone. No delay whatsoever.
  2. Hey guys, my game is finally out on the OUYA store! It's "Shuttle Rush", in the Platformer section. If any of you have an ouya, go get it! It's free!
  3. OHMAHGAWD! I'd like to claim "Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming" please. I'll try to get a first WIP done asap Edit: also, if anyone needs, I can record Melodica I think it could be pretty appropriate for some of the tracks here.
  4. Oh, that's good news! I'm sure you can fix this. We all want that release!
  5. I'm really really interested, but I'm busy as hell x____x I might try something but I don't know if I'll make it
  6. I have one of those dev ouya consoles, and my game is playable on it it IS real
  7. Thanks for the fixes dude ^_^

  8. I KNEW it was just a matter of time for you to get posted Ruku. You has slick tricks Great job dude, keep it up!
  9. HELL! It's about damn time this one gets posted! One of my all-time WillyRocky favorites!
  10. Happy OverClocked Birthday everyone! ALL HAIL THE PRETZEL!
  11. Ok. PenguinLover, you crossed the line. First of all, you'd better know that OCR is a place of learning. I've learned here more than I have ever learned in any class. This place is filled with friendly, helpful, brilliant people that helped me grow not only as a musician but also as a person. You're not seeing this, because you just barge in and claim that the latest work of LOTS of people here is basically crap. If you want your feedback to be taken seriously, your feedback should be constructive. And trust me, constructive criticism is something we know about here. Examples of constructive criticism: The track is muddy in the lows/low-mids, watch your reverb and EQs The soundscape is too sparse, maybe you should add something like pads The sequencing sounds too mechanical. Have you considered using the velocities to humanize your track? This kind of feedback is accepted and encouraged here. Although you can't just say that a whole genre is BAD, and therefore any piece that even just contains references to said genre is automatically BAD. I myself am not a big fan of dubstep in general, but there are tracks with dubstep elements that just sound great to me, even if usually I don't enjoy the genre so much. And I have no problem at all understanding that other people enjoy it, because that's what taste is all about. It's subjective, and NOBODY can be wrong about their own tastes. And by the way, saying that a track makes you want to have your ears stapled shut is NOT constructive criticism. It's just plain old hate. You can have your own tastes, there's absolutely nothing wrong about that. But the minute you try preaching them to other people, I feel that it's unacceptable. Everyone has the right to enjoy any type of music.
  12. Thanks a ton! Fixes have been applied. I hope it's better this time!
  13. I can't claim anything atm, but I'm very interested in this Funky's track is really awesome and I'd love doing it, but I just can't now. If I ever get the time to make something for this I'll PM you
  14. I perfectly understand and respect your point! If YOU like it like this, best advice I can give is to stick with it. I just hope it suits the site's standards, if you plan on subbing it to the judges.
  15. Nice source choice This game has some of my favorite battle music evar. Your cover is nice, but first thing I have to ask is: do you intend to try and submit this to OCR? Because as it is now, this is very close to the original and is definitely not in the site's standards. If you know that and you're just making it for fun, no problem it's a cool cover. Just making sure you know that for a ReMix to pass, it has to be more interpretive than that (re-think the structure of the song, re-write the melodies, add in harmonies, counter-melodies, add some twists to the chords, etc.) I think some parts of the track feel a bit too empty (I'm thinking mainly around 0:14-0:25), but that might be just me. I also think the drums could use some more action. The samples sound good, but maybe you could spice up the writing? I like the idea of using slow-attack synths for the part at ~0:06 it's original and very interesting. I also like the subtle ambient pads throughout the track, it's a nice addition.
  16. Relax man, c'est juste un raccourci pour dire que je parle principalement français
  17. This is nice! I'm not familiar with the source at all so I can't really comment on that First thing that comes to mind is that this is very quiet, I had to boost up my volume to hear it. I know that it's a wip though ^^ My only comment about the arrangement though is that there could be more strings in there. It's probably just a personal preference thing, but I think that it might be interesting to try and add some parts in the strings sections, or even just to boost their volume a bit so we can hear them more Otherwise I think this is cool
  18. Welcome to the boards! This is really original! I agree that it's a great concept. I'm pretty sure playing the 2 tracks back to back would be acceptable, mainly for the reasons you already mentioned The writing is definitely good in my opinion. Everything fits together well, even the more "unusual" chords (which are awesome ). My only suggestion, even though I'm no expert about organ, would be maybe to have fun with the different sounds an organ can make. What I'm talking about is something like the parts at ~1:44 and ~4:39 in this video. Maybe this would be an interesting way to add variety to your track, though I don't really know how you can achieve that with synths. Just thought I'd share the idea
  19. Hey hakstock This is pretty cool man! I like how your guitar sounds. Watch out for the slight timing issues though nothing big, I'm just being nitpicky I know that this is a wip, but I feel that when the drum comes in there should be much more things fillings the soundscape. Maybe pads or synth arps, maybe guitar chords, "ambient-y" instruments (if that makes sense xD )... I think this has great potential and you should probably explore with ambient stuff to add in there. Please keep going!
  20. I love the idea! The playing is great, and the arrangement is nice! I'm not the biggest fan of the sample that's used though. I'm sorry, I can't really point you in any better direction myself x_x I suggest maybe PM Doc Nano? I really really like how his piano sounds, maybe he'd be willing to discuss about it with you. Oh and maybe it's not an issue at all xD haha I'm just saying what comes to mind Looking forward to hearing more from you!
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