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  1. I have switched some of the sting samples and also real time automated attack and volume. I definately think it's better now, question is if I should submit it as it is or if you have any more crits or ideas
  2. Thanks for the crits and comments . I've been working a bit on a new version, with some remakes in the section halc mentioned. Not sure it'll be good though, but I'm experimenting a bit. I'm a bit suprised about the string comments, since my samples are from EWQLG orchestral ;p. Perhaps there are better samples. I could try finding some. Anyways, I'll soon be gone for a few weeks on vacation, but update will come when I get home
  3. Definately big improvements, very nice energy throughout. I'd say the track is done except for one part where I see potential for improvement. When the melody raises up after the boom towards the end, I think you should double that part and add some crazy synth soloing before retiring back to that familiar beat afterwards . It feels a bit contained in this part. That's my only idea for improvement. I think it does work as it is now though
  4. Any further comments? If not I guess I'll just post this and see what the judges say
  5. This song sounds so carefree I love it . Very chillout. Really well done for a first mix, I hope you continue to make more
  6. I like it! Nice synths and cool arrangement. Just keep it up! Suggestion: when the song stops, drop it down a notch and then bring in the full arsenal again with some more variations to the arrangement! Some instrumentation switches would be nice too
  7. Phantasia approves. I just love the sound more than anything in this mix. Great work on that.
  8. Damn, listening to this again, it's so awesome. Adding whispers is a good idea. Making the melody a bit more promenent as the mix develops is also a good idea. Wheeere are youu? ;D
  9. This is a great track. Great sound quality. You must have a really good guitar, and recording equipment for that matter. Personally I found the strumming a bit loud compared to the melodic content in the end. That's my only complaint about this mix. The first half is my favorite. Great use of four guitars. I will definately make something like this in the future. You my friend are an inspiration.
  10. It is a bit empty overall. Could use some thicker pads or some synth fills or whatever to fill up some sonic space. Bring out the choir as Roz said is a good idea. There is a backing synth that feels kind of thin (the slightly distorted one). Perhaps it would work with some other more filling stuff. Alone it sounds weird. Snare drum is a tad bit loud imo. Another kick sample is a good idea too. The outro was cool ^^. The track is a bit slow and it sort of never lifts off imo. I don't know the source though. My two cents. Sry if I came off too hard. There is stuff I liked in there but I focused on the critique to help you =). The track has potential.
  11. Allright. Here's what I think. Your mixing sounds pretty good now. Though I think the crash that was heard in the beginning sounded a bit too fakey. You added a great break a bit after the middle of the song (didn't download so don't know what time) section with some melody changeups and interesting sounds going on. I really liked the panning pecussive effects. After this section there is a raise and a change in melody. It sort of hits you in the face too much. I would enter that section normally, and then expand on the melody towards the end to give it more power. Also I think your song should end on an absolute climax without the outro that you have now. Work on building that climax which is like a repetition of the main part. It should be made more powerful. You could probably fit some more treble stuff in there. Perhaps you'd have to tone down the hi-hats though (which you might consider changign up a bit more, dunno). Overall, significant improvement. Good work! Definately potential for OCR.
  12. Thank you Darksim for your comment, I agree with you. Therefore - another update where I added some pretty crazy mining fx percussion for the solo and outro to connect those two. I hope it worked out. Critique away! Good/bad/ulgy/cool/awkward/odd/awesome/pro/newb/lulz. Whatever comment you have, it's welcome. http://tindeck.com/listen/wkem Thx. (btw, original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji8OG3KwoHA)
  13. I very much enjoyed this although I've never played the game. It has the AnSo trademark sound all over it . Bra jobbat! (= swedish for Nice work)
  14. This is sonic ear-rape of pure orgasmic win. Period.
  15. Hey, what do you think of the other JFG-wip mix? (that emerged thanks to your comment)

    / Emil :D

  16. This is one of my OCR favorites. Great percussion. Great acoustic guitar. Great piano. Great track. Who doesn't get happy listening to this.
  17. I always get happy when this tune starts to play on my ipod. Awesome beat.
  18. Hey thanks for the comment, what do you think about the new version?

    / Emil

  19. *Floating away* Piano orgasm of pure awesome heaven I can't even begin to say how much I love this track. THANK you for making it. People will listen to this even 100 years from now. 1000 years. Seriously.
  20. I've been enjoying this on repeat for a while. Love the uptempo parts and the bitey lows especially.
  21. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't hear anything besides a 3 second long flute. Then it's nothing.
  22. This remix s pure auditory awesomeness. Nothing less would you expect from such an epic artistic collab.
  23. Huge update. I added some pretty crazy guitar stuff I recorded (some pretty loose from the source, but at least Liontamers 50%-rule is followed), and also tried to sort of connect with the beginning of the song. Don't know if that was redundant. What do you think? Many thanks for listening and commenting! EDIT (important transition fix): http://tindeck.com/listen/cuir
  24. I have two Jet Force Gemini ReMixes in the making right now, you could check them out in the WIP-section, they are in need of feedback ;D. Themes ReMixed are Water Ruins and Character Select theme.
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