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  1. New update. I spiced up and polished arrangement a bit and did some mixing adjustments. I feel done for the moment and will probably not do anything with it until I get feedback . Update: http://tindeck.com/listen/eusm Thank you! Edit: I forgot to add the theme remixed is Water Ruins.
  2. I thought it was highly enjoyable! Did you record the guitars yourself?
  3. I thought it was pretty good. Nothing spectacular so far, but you really had something going towards the end. If you can expand on that into an even stronger crescendo I think it would be awesome. Perhaps some more percussion?
  4. Appearently I uploaded the wrong version, since the outro is still there... So for this song, ignore the outro. It is the part before that I'm working on that now ends at 2:10-something. Thx for listening
  5. Acoustic guitar played and recorded by myself. I hope you'll enjoy! Any feedback is welcome. Especially on the ending which I'm a bit unsure of. Original: Final version: http://tindeck.com/listen/ixxa
  6. Ok, thanks to The Radical Sifu, I decided to go a different turn with this and I made this into two ReMixes. One of starting with what is the outro in this song (a bit remade), thank you again Sifu for that idea. See the other thread for that song (I think it turned out great ;D). I still think this one has potential to become something so I'm posting what I have on this revised version of "War of Goldwood". If you have any ideas for it I'd be happy to hear . so, BIG UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/mppx
  7. Happy b-day one of my fav ReMixer
  8. Very good. I have no complaints. Production was slick. Nice samples. Do you use soundfonts or VSTs?
  9. Update already. I realized the piano got kinda out dominated in the crescendo so i re-EQed that a bit, also I made the entrance to the crescendo to a base drop and prolonged it. I think it turned out better. Comments? http://tindeck.com/listen/uelm EDIT: One idea is after the crescendo fades out now put some more action orchestra stuff then put both electric guitar and orchestra togeather then short fade out with a bit shorter acoustic guitar part. One of my friends listened to it and he said the beginning and middle was kick ass like he was getting ready for war, and then it was like he found out he liked boys. LOL. So... shorten that down and put some more kick ass stuff in there? What do you think?
  10. There is no ReMix of this game yet on this site, therefore I took on the task to make that right. I've worked quite a bit on this one so far. The style is pretty mixed and experimental and the song has quite a lot of elements to it. Is it too much? Does it need to be made more cohesive or does it work? Thanks for listening Themes ReMixed are: Character Select theme and Water Ruins. http://tindeck.com/listen/mhco
  11. Really nice sound design. What effect plugins do you mostly screw around with?
  12. I like this. I think the dynamics aren't as bad as Vagrance made it seem. For example I liked the part around 2/3 into the song where you build up and then just let the synth play for a second before bringing in the whole arsenal. Nice! There are a few things that bugged me though. Firstly, tone done the distortions you have on your instruments a bit imo, it's a little too much and it makes it muddy. Overall it's a bit crowded in the lower frequencies. The bass is perhaps a bit loud at some places, although it is drum and bass. The synths should get more room though, and be made more prominent.
  13. Very nice! Just one thing that bugged me: the transition at 2:43 (after the music stops) felt pretty weird when the violins started to play.
  14. Excellent ReMix, I'm loving every second of it. Brilliant sound design.
  15. I'm not familiar with the source, but I think it's not too bad. You got some pretty good harmonies going on at mid/high. But I'll give some critique to work with: The intro is a tad bit too long imo, but it's a nice transition when the piano kicks in. I agree with halc. you need some more low-end presence and the low piano notes kind of mesh into each other causing too much dissonance. The low piano notes you have are too high EQed. For example at 5:10 this is clear. I'm not really a fan of the dissonance you put on the kick at 1:40 around there. Good luck! I'm also determined to get a mix on this site someday
  16. You should try to find a better piano sample. Add some more reverb too possibly, and work with the dynamics as other have pointed out; vary tempo, sustain and volume basically. Check some of Shnabubula's stuff.
  17. Really nice idea and it's pretty damn good so far. My only qualms: The guitar solo is a bit weak sounding and I think it should be more attached to the source. I also agree with Emunator that the synth is too bland and should be more energized. If high end is crowded, just get the punchy snare down just a little bit (although I like it) and raise the meoldic instruments a bit more.
  18. I like it! Simple and straightforward. Probably a bit too simple a this point though. Percussion needs work. It would also be nice with some synth-fills/effect fills and some additional harmonics to add more complexity to the arrangement.
  19. Nothing wrong with the transitions imo. I think you're off to a great start here! Nice piano work.
  20. I'm not familiar with the source material, but musically I think this is pretty good, very nice for a first mix (I suppose you've done other things before though). There are some pretty nice things going on here, and mixing isn't bad at all. The bass pad coming in at 0:20 is a bit too thick and loud. It dominates too much. Overall (and especially in the end), it's a bit too much low-frequency dominant instrumentally. Btw, how did you make (or where did you get) that distorted sort of dragged out snare (I really need a similar for a remix of my own) xD. Also, the instruments are a bit too panned out imo. Try to keep dominating melodies fairly close to the middle, otherwise attention will be too much dragged to one end which makes you kind of lost over there so to speak. I'm not an expert, but those are my two cents. EDIT: It also ended kind of abruptly, some fading out stuff would be cool.
  21. This is a song that really grows on you, as others have pointed out. It's excellent in all ways!
  22. Rare Respite along with Backwards Room were my two favorites from the album. This track did an excellent job at enhancing the feeling of the original tune. Simply amazing.
  23. I was sort of expecting a D major chord in the end to round thing off, would have been nice. Perhaps the drums in the middle are a bit loud. Otherwise, great work!
  24. Love the panned percussive effects. A crazy synth solo would be cool to have after the current ending, in order to prolong the crescendo, followed by an outro similar to the intro, which I loved (incredible yoshi feel to it).
  25. The grammophone-player effect or whatever that is, is just too loud/should have ended after the intro. It's a bit annoying IMO. Other than that the mix could use some more treble frequencies or more prominent leads. No synth really stands out. Though I'm far from an expert, should be added, these are just my own spontanous reactions. Otherwise, pretty cool. Nice use of original samples, though possibly a bit too much. Good mesh of sounds overall. "Look so good, fantastic man". Nice lyrics ^^
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