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  1. Thanks for the awesome feedback dude. I got bumped to the originals forum, but check out my last post. I'll gladly critique your track as well. I would love to compete with a posted Remixer as long as it's not Sixto :-P. Thanks Cyril!

  2. Hey Darkesword, I put this in my thread, but sorry for posting in the wrong forum. I appreciate that you simply moved it rather than deleting everything. Again, sorry and thanks at the same time.

  3. Dude thanks for your critique. It confirmed some doubts about what I had posted. I got bumped to originals forums, but I'm glad I got some good feedback before that. Thanks!

  4. Hey Jade,

    I thought I had responded to your inquiry about my mastered track... I guess I didn't. Just hit up my e-mail with any questions you have. Thanks Jade!

  5. It's fine dude. You can take some time, because I have a lot of mias on my project. Seems like you're doing work over on your end, so I won't bug you. Thanks for getting back to me :-)

  6. Hey Jade long time no talk. I'm currently failing at an attempt to create a project for an old N64 game called Flying Dragon lol. I'm beginning to see why it takes so long to do these things. I'm also trying to find a drummer for the track I submitted to the Wild Arms project just to vamp it up a little. So far very sub-par results.... I need better musician friends lol. I hope everything's still running smooth over there. Can't wait to hear Blind's mastering skill on my track ;-)

  7. Brandon, long time no see. I hope you're just finishing up your 1st WIP.. or I will be coming for you. Just doing my civic duty as project director :-) So is it really going to be a 40 BPM harp arrangement?

  8. I'm sendin an e-mail your way in a few minutes. Good stuff :-)

  9. Can I please know your name lol? It's mega hard to refer to your posts because I can never remember the little tongue twister user name you have.

  10. Good enough. Thanks man!

  11. No problem dude. I hope it gets in. I have a few WIP's waiting for review too (Though yours is prob better), so let's keep the fingers crossed.

  12. Heard your EP stuff. It's well done. I'll look forward to workin with you :-)

  13. Welcome back bro. I'm glad you worked things out. I'll look forward to working with you

  14. Thanks for the criticism on my song. Sorry to bug you again, but I have another song up for mod review that I think you guys missed. Give a listen when you get a chance.

    *Edit* I'm a clown, and I missed your post saying you would get to it. Thanks dude!

  15. Hey Emunator, I posted 2 songs to Mod Review in the WIP forums, and I'm trying to catch some feedback. Whenever you get a chance, if you could give them a quick listen with a little feedback.

  16. Hey Halc, I posted 2 songs to Mod Review in the WIP forums, and I'm trying to catch some feedback. Whenever you get a chance, if you could give them a quick listen with a little feedback.

  17. Check out my feed back...

  18. Just to keep you posted, I am working on Shining Sword...I just need to put some pieces together. Just so you know, I only intend to cover 0:43-1:09. It's my favorite part of the song. The rest is going to be heavy rock, Guilty Gear style. I think you'll dig it.

  19. So uh no response... Partner didn't like?

  20. Thanks Iliad. I got it and I'm working on it now. I'll shoot something your way when it's finished (Or at least substantial).

  21. Hey I'll cover Shining Sword, but do you have a copy of the song you can send me? It would def make my life easier

  22. Well I got tired of waiting so I'll post it here and wait for your response. It's not bad


  23. Dude your mix was absolutely sick. It's probably better than mine. On an engineers note, I would say keep your pans more centered. Hard panning (more 50% left or right) is usually used for doubling effects (the same track twice). Also, your intro piano needs to either have some strike taken off (around 2-4KHz) or some reverb added (I would set the cutoffs at 200-1000 Hz). I would experiment with the two until something sounds natural. Regardless, we should definitely collab sometime. Shoot me your e-mail and I'll send you something nice!

  24. Hey Jade,

    I ran into a few revelations about Lady Harken-A Moment of Tension. The first was that there is only like 34 seconds of source, so it's not going to be extremely source driven. The second is that I thought this song was a battle theme, so that's how I've been creating it. I basically have an intro and a little more done, but I wanted to swing it by you first, because it's not sounding much like the original.


    At the part where I begin fading the track, that's where I would be covering the section of 0:11-0:22 of the original song. I could probably stretch it some more in the outro, or maybe just use some of the reoccurring wild arm's theme (i.e. you'll never be alone no matter where you go). I just think that I have an awesome intro and I would hate to have it shot down after I put even more effort into it. Let me know what you want me to do.

  25. Hey David, I was wondering if it was too late to submit for the Badass: boss theme album. I have a song that covers two boss themes from Ar Tonelico and Atelier Iris 3 that would definitely make a good contribution to the album. I'll send it to you if you reply. My e-mail is If you get me there I'll just attach the song to the reply