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  1. I believe Nika did send me the box folder. I will listen through it and send it to you tonight or tomorrow. Sir Nuts I would greatly appreciate that. Let me find the track list for you (stuff that isn't finished) again later tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Hey guys. So after over half of year of inactivity, it's pretty clear that the lack of interest in this project has brought it to a complete stand still. Not only that, but it seems Nika has disappeared from the face of the earth, which leaves me a little worried to be honest. I'm just gonna write here to say that if you've got a song on this project that you would rather not leave hanging, I don't think anyone will hate you if you submit it. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be a lot of tracks, seeing as most of what we have are WIP's and artist who no longer seem interested in working on them. I'd like some confirmation from @djpretzel or @Liontamer to know if this seems like the best step forward. I'd hate for the few artists who do have finished tracks to have to hold on to them, but without Nika's vision, and without interest in the project (lots of artists not getting back to us), I don't think this is going to go anywhere. I'm stepping out on this project as well. I'd like to work something else. I would say that someone could technically revamp this whole thing, and start fresh with the tracks we have (Maybe like an EP or something?), but of course this is not my decision, but rather the artists who have the WIP's sent in. I wouldn't mind fixing up my track as well and sending it in. Don't even mind re-doing the whole thing, considering my production skills have increased dramatically over the past year. I'll wait for a response from the admins, but I feel like they're pretty much going to say the same thing. But, they may have better ideas. EDIT: I want to say this is NOT a final decision. Again I'd like to know what DJ or LT think before anything rash is decided.
  3. Latest song written. Lemme know what you guys think. I'm going in aggressive with the tuning. Edit: Oh yeah the tuning on the last part is messed up. I will fix that ASAP. Edit 2: Lyrics, i forgot about them. Verse 1: She'd never leave me without fear She's like a poisoned well that keeps on giving And if she wants to bend my ear I'll give complete control, complete control Chorus: And it's another way to keep me alive She whispers in my ear to keep on breathing So let me tell you one last time She has complete control, complete control Baby, don't leave me now I said Baby, don't leave me now Verse 2: The inevitable sound of the apocalypse oh no The reversal of a mind that seeks to co-exist And if you find me on the floor with a new note on my wrist You'll know that she had given me one last kiss Chorus Bridge: Fuck what Lyndsey said she's trying to take my friend I'll take 'em all at once or flush 'em down the drain It's all the same But don't tell me she isn't there Don't tell me she isn't there And if I let her go I won't know what to think She tells me I'm the greatest but I know I'm not a saint She tells me to fucking die when I've got nowhere else to run So don't tell me she isn't there Don't tell me she isn't there (x4) Baby don't leave me now (x4)
  4. Experiment as much as you can. This was a trap i fell into early as a Remixer, where i would keep repetitive beats and chord structures throughout the entire song because i was so focused on the crafting aspect of music, and not so much the creative side. Kind of like, "this is how a song is supposed to sound" as oppossed to, "what would happen if i did this?" So yeah. Experiment experiment experiment. Oh and also, make sure you refrain from soloing sounds as much as possible. It doesnt matter how good a synth sounds by itself as long as it sounds good in the mix.
  5. I'm pretty much not gonna be happy with this if it doesn't get a live performance attached to it, so lemme know. If you're interested just to let you know I'm pretty much gonna give you free reign to do with it whatever the hell you want to do. I'll finish the arrangement on my end of course. Shouldn't be too hard. REMIX: Source: I took it from 3/4 to 4/4 also.
  6. Thanks for the update. I'm going to go through my track again with a new mic and vocalsynth 2 and see if I can add some grit to it. I think its gonna sound really good once I finish it.
  7. Lemme look into this, I'd def love to be a part of it. I'm a posted remixer but my updated works are located here:
  8. How's everyone's tracks comin' along? Anyone need help with anything?
  9. Nice stuff! This is my kind of JAM! Great drum development, great ambience, great instrumentals. Good use of reverb and delay effects. All I can say is fuckin' gucci!!
  10. The above advice is good but I would like to stress that having a teacher is a very good idea. Even if you only do it for around 2 -3 months, depending on the teacher you will notice a dramatic difference in your voice. Singing is not like other instruments and youll want someone in front of you telling what youre doing wrong. This will make you sound better but most importantly it will teach you how to sing in a healthy way.