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  1. How's everyone's tracks comin' along? Anyone need help with anything?
  2. love it! should have more comments, it's a gem. really digging the arrangement on this one.
  3. Nice stuff! This is my kind of JAM! Great drum development, great ambience, great instrumentals. Good use of reverb and delay effects. All I can say is fuckin' gucci!!
  4. ad.mixx

    OCR03860 - Quake "Slipgate"

  5. ad.mixx

    1. work-in-progress Majora's Mask: Zora Band Lounge ReMix

    I love it! Please arrange this and finish it!
  6. ad.mixx

    What the Heck is that chord?

    It honestly sounds like a mistake lol.
  7. ad.mixx

    How can I improve my singing?

    The above advice is good but I would like to stress that having a teacher is a very good idea. Even if you only do it for around 2 -3 months, depending on the teacher you will notice a dramatic difference in your voice. Singing is not like other instruments and youll want someone in front of you telling what youre doing wrong. This will make you sound better but most importantly it will teach you how to sing in a healthy way.
  8. ad.mixx

    Having Trouble with FLStudio

    There's also rent to owm plugins out there that sound amazing. FL Studio has good synths but there is so much out there worth checking out. I just got Sylenth1 and am spending $10 a month on it and it is freaking amazing. Serum also has options similar to this.
  9. Don't update it! Let their curiosity fester make them go crazy, as it has already done to me!!
  10. Nice trance. I could definitely rave to this. I really like the buildup around 2:30. Builds nicely.
  11. ad.mixx

    An intense bit of nostalgia in my musical life

    Omg i remember this thing. I didn't know how to read sheet music (still can't sight read) but i would screw around with this thing a lot in high school. I actually put it on a flash drive and took it to school so i could mess around with it there.
  12. Nice sounds here. Everything is developing nicely, dynamics are pretty awesome. Don't have much to say about the mixing really, a lot better than my old stuff. Honestly not much to say here in terms of production and arrangement. Maybe bring back the guitar for around 3:25? Or somewhere around there? I think that would make things perfect. Other than thatput it through review before you submit it if you want more detailed feedback. I think it has a chance on the panel though.
  13. Love it. The arrangement on this is especially good. It's very creative and does a lot with the original that I would have never thought of. Good shit!!
  14. i think it'd sound really cool if you faded out some instruments around 3:34. The mix kind of gets static and you won't to make sure there are dynamics to ensure the listener doesn't zone out.