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  1. Experiment as much as you can. This was a trap i fell into early as a Remixer, where i would keep repetitive beats and chord structures throughout the entire song because i was so focused on the crafting aspect of music, and not so much the creative side. Kind of like, "this is how a song is supposed to sound" as oppossed to, "what would happen if i did this?" So yeah. Experiment experiment experiment. Oh and also, make sure you refrain from soloing sounds as much as possible. It doesnt matter how good a synth sounds by itself as long as it sounds good in the mix.
  2. I'm pretty much not gonna be happy with this if it doesn't get a live performance attached to it, so lemme know. If you're interested just to let you know I'm pretty much gonna give you free reign to do with it whatever the hell you want to do. I'll finish the arrangement on my end of course. Shouldn't be too hard. REMIX: Source: I took it from 3/4 to 4/4 also.
  3. Im a fucking genius and i dont even know how this works
  4. Thanks for the update. I'm going to go through my track again with a new mic and vocalsynth 2 and see if I can add some grit to it. I think its gonna sound really good once I finish it.
  5. Lemme look into this, I'd def love to be a part of it. I'm a posted remixer but my updated works are located here:
  6. How's everyone's tracks comin' along? Anyone need help with anything?
  7. love it! should have more comments, it's a gem. really digging the arrangement on this one.
  8. Nice stuff! This is my kind of JAM! Great drum development, great ambience, great instrumentals. Good use of reverb and delay effects. All I can say is fuckin' gucci!!
  9. The above advice is good but I would like to stress that having a teacher is a very good idea. Even if you only do it for around 2 -3 months, depending on the teacher you will notice a dramatic difference in your voice. Singing is not like other instruments and youll want someone in front of you telling what youre doing wrong. This will make you sound better but most importantly it will teach you how to sing in a healthy way.
  10. There's also rent to owm plugins out there that sound amazing. FL Studio has good synths but there is so much out there worth checking out. I just got Sylenth1 and am spending $10 a month on it and it is freaking amazing. Serum also has options similar to this.
  11. Don't update it! Let their curiosity fester make them go crazy, as it has already done to me!!