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  1. I heard this source for the first time a few days ago actually. It was love at first listen. I actually forgot the monkey but I absolutely hated going back to get him mostly because this song stops playing. Color me surprised when I find a remix on this song! And by one of my favorite remixers. This has that aluminum feel to it. My only gripe is with a few of the samples, but it really doesn't bring the mix down that much.
  2. This song is great. It has a sort of beauty to it in my opinion and is one of my favorites on this site. I love the lyrics. This song is basically rap done right. It has a great message in it, but I can't completely relate to it. The beat is great to. I especially like the interlude or whatever around 2:40 followed by a sort of funky bassline (I'm not sure if I chose the right word there).
  3. I really like the orchestral / electronic feel it has to it. It's really epic to hear especially parts that come in like at 2:05. Great job with this one.
  4. I absolutely LOVE the synth in this one (probably my favorite synth work on OC overall). The song just sounds so beautiful and really evolves the source so it has the same feel to it but is actually listenable (I didn't like K.K.'s voice..) I'll be honest, I don't believe I ever heard the source on this even though I played the game a LOT. (Except maybe the aircheck but I wouldn't remember). I went back to listen to it and you did the source great justice OA. Keep up the good work. : ) There needs to be more Animal Crossing remixes. It's one of the few games I'd say that needs it. This remix is proof.
  5. Now how will I create musical greats? I'm a winner one day and a loser the next. Self-esteem = crushed. I really liked a lot of the tunes though. Except anything involving the vocals. Eww.
  6. I didn't expect to see Jam in here. o.o I just started listening to the vocals and I'm loving it. The lyrics are very inspired. Some sort of music revolution happened here today. It was pretty radical.
  7. Thank god, I thought I was actually going to have to buy remixing equipment.
  8. Man, reading through the comments made me nostalgic for CD's for some reason. Either way this is a damn amazing mix. Basically, this mix takes my 3 of my favorite instruments, and then combines them all into one glorious mix of an already glorious source. Probably my favorite from McVaffe, but then again I don't think I've heard all his stuff yet. I'm over half way there, though.
  9. Repetitive, but it sort of fits with what the songs going for. I guess. x.x From 1:00 and onwards the track gets REALLY good. This is going to my iTunes and iPod though. This mix absolutely destroys my speakers though. I'm surprised they didn't explode 10 seconds into the song.
  10. I'm really digging this song. Others complained about it but I was really happy with the samples. They sounded just right to me. The outro is one of my favorites. I haven't really heard this source yet, but something tells me I should go listen to it now.
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