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Status Updates posted by Anorax

  1. Mannheim Steamroller has some interesting sounds.

  2. Hey, dude. Trans-Siberian Orchestra meets Kingdom Hearts. Someone's gotta do it!

  3. Whoa, status feeds. What is this, OverClocked FaceBook?

  4. H̤̭̖͕͠͡A̯̟̣̬͉̙̟͘P̸̨͉Ṕ̻̘̮Y̖͉̳͎̱̫ B̴̢͍̥͖̦͍I͏͇̞͔R҉̦̥̣T͍͖͎̙̲̰͇̳HD̴̨̲̰̱̰̩͖͙̬A̧̙͈̫Y̡̻̹̗̟̱̻!̴̠͓͉capslock

  5. Nah, on the contrary, just starting it (relatively speaking). Looking at a Bach. of Music with a concentration of Commercial and Electronic Music. Who knew that existed in NC?

  6. Life is life, I suppose. Just got to make sure that college doesn't absolutely swamp me. How about yourself?

  7. Hey, it's just good to know that you're still out and about!

  8. Hey dude, any updates about RwtS? I'd love for this to start up again!

  9. Hey, out of curiosity, is there any intent to revive the Earning The Crown mini-project? I saw this recently in my "Projects to keep an eye on" subscription folder and was wondering if it has been officially dropped

  10. is anybody out there?

  11. Happy birthday! Here's to another year of PRC with you at the helm! Compos here on OCR wouldn't be the same without you!

  12. that it is. I need to get it changed, but so far no one at ThaSause has really responded to my request on the matter.

  13. No, I don't. In fact, I don't even know if my school has an indoor drumline.

  14. I uh, almost forgot all about that. Wow. You'll need to let me know when you get the chapter up, alright? I've been tempted to go in and do my own fanfic with him, buuuuut... I'm a terrible writer.


    How's it been dude?

  16. Really? Well that's just PEACHY.gif

    Those gifs were probably the only good things to come out of Homestuck.

  17. Hey Flexstyle, are you still up for directing darkesword's super cartography bros album idea? I've kind of been biting at the bit for that. I know you're a busy guy, I was just wondering if you've thought about it recently

  18. Hey dude, long time no anything. How's the fanfic going?

  19. Hey dude, do you ever plan on resurrecting "ReMixing with the Stars" compo anytime soon? While I only made one of them (because I'm just so observant of what's going on in the Competitions thread) I really enjoyed participating!

  20. you really think so?

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