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  1. Hey Reuben.... It's Reuben. I guess I'll just listen to Ascension to Cosmo Canyon in your honor.
  2. This one I liked, but wasn't sure I liked it enough to give it 5 stars. After a couple of months of having it on rotation, I found I enjoyed it more and more, feeling the relaxing, return to simplicity vibe, and the happiness of being able to chill. Homecoming. It moved me a little more every time I heard it, until I finally decided it was a favorite.
  3. uh huh. simply excellent. Did not disappoint. I saw bLiNd had a new remix out, got excited, then warned myself it might not be good, so I wouldn't be disappointed if it wasn't. Listened to it.... fantastic.
  4. I took this one on my road trip, one of my top 20.
  5. Oh fuck yeah. This is my type of stuff right here, Very electro-industrial. Boo YAH! Stomp it out! EDIT: This has rocketed to one of my favorites. Electroindustrial minus the sometimes annoying distored vocals.
  6. BLiNd!!!! Leifo!! My favorite ff vii track!! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Put your hands up! Put your hands up!!
  7. OMG I never gave you props for this one. This one, I always get up and jitterbug to, and pretend I can break. Mutagene... you are my favorite, bro!
  8. I have been listening to this one for over a year, and it has grown on me. I had it marked as a 4-star for the longest time, but today I switched it to a 5-star, because I love every second of it. It is rare when a song gets better and better and better, but this one does.
  9. It's been a long time, but I really fell in love with this piece very quickly. Good Job. Very lonely, alot like the game.
  10. I've been listening to this one for over a year, and put it on a cd of my top ten favorite remixes, to go camping with me. It really makes me miss the grass on the side of the road as you go to a far away place. My girlfriend likes it too.
  11. I have had this one in my mp3 rotation for at least a year. And I have grown very fond of it. To me it is very innocent and happy. The song reminds me of all my pets, past and present. strange eh? But it's true, every time I hear it, I think of tha animals I love or have loved.... hmm.
  12. Well I am a huge fan of industrial music, (like enough to name off a bunch of obscure bands no-one has heard of as my favorites.... Hocico, Wumpscut, Kevorkian Death Cycle...) so um, I know what Rammstein sounds like, I always wanted to get back and say, "yuh-huh, it does too sound like Rammstein, anyone who has heard alot of Rammstein knows it does!!!" Thanks for backing me up. Anyways... yeah, everytime I hear it, I still think Rammstein, and I still think it plays really well, and still sounds great, and everytime I hear it I get an itch to get back to these forums and post "yuh huh!!"... now that itch has been scratched...
  13. Ah.... just love it when upon the first listen of a remix, you love it. Of course, not surpassing Oakenfold yet, since I have never seen bLiNd on a stage spinning FF records... but get me a flyer for the party when you do!
  14. This is a remix I have had on my hard drive for a very long time, and it is still very enoyable to hear. After listening to this and a few others, I realized I needed to come back to this sight and give kudos to alot of songs I never mentioned and thanked the creator for the extra 5 minutes or so of bliss.
  15. Wow. The first time I heard this, I was about to write it off within the first minute, luckily I was busy. I remember hearing the ending and thinking... Huh? Did I just like that? Was that the same song? This reminds me of two other tracks I find similar in make-up: Howard Drossins "lava reach" remix and BLiNd's Mario Paint 'BLindisDahBomB' All three start, to be honest, fairly annoying, but end being exceptionally good. This is a yin/yang contrast to the dozens of remixes I find that have an awesome intro, and then sputter into banality. This track, and the other two I mention, start terribly in my opinion, but then somehow turn into a great piece. ANd by the third or fourth listen, I think... just one more play... ..especially this one, which I just discovered after the 4th listen, does have voices for the schizophrenic at the end...
  16. Wow, what a way to make an entrance, DistantJ!!!! Within the first 10 seconds, I knew this one was going to be great, and it did not let me down one second the whole way. Amazingly well done. No complaints here.
  17. I have had this one on my playlist since it came out. Like a fine wine, it just gets better and better with age. It seems to have broken so many music rules, and still came up smelling like roses. ...and that smooth ending is just fantastic, a perfect climax.
  18. Just another remix.... 'til it pulled me out of my chair, away from my computer, and thrashed my neck. This one kicks hardcore.
  19. Hell Yeah! I am seriously digging the past 8 new songs released from OC remix. This is one of them. It just sounds like it belongs in a video game... which is what I always want.
  20. That's a cool restaurant story. Reminds me of one not as cool, so I won't tell it. Lets just say it had sushi and and the perfect beginning to a great evening. I can't believe I forgot to post here and say how much I really like this one, I enjoy it every time I hear it, and I must have aready listened to it 200 times.
  21. So why did you pick this song to voice it as cliche? Or is that why you have such a high post count, just go around and tag songs that don't impress you as cliche. Anyways I love this piece, and I am not a big fan of symphonic pieces, but this one has a true melancholy edge to it.
  22. I think I'm going to have to say this is one of my favorites. Good Job Overcoat. And thanks for the trip.
  23. Hi Eradicate, Thanks man, that was great! Only metal remix so far that I've heard that I thought kicked ass. --NeOmega
  24. Nice call. This hella sounds like a Rammstein piece. Very good stuff Analoq.... I love it!
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